How to go Bald Permanently

How to go Bald Permanently | Can You Stay Bald?

Can you stay bald permanently? Yes! Many men want to know how to become bald permanently, but it’s not as easy as shaving your head every day as you do now. There is laser hair removal for your head and other ways to go bald permanently and each option comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. In order to choose the best approach, you must first determine why you want to be and stay bald permanently in the first place, but let’s take a look at the most common one available right now laser surgery for hair removal on the scalp of your bald head.

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How to go bald permanently?

 Hair laser removal for your bald head – To remove all of your hair permanently, you need to make sure you go through a series of scalp Laser hair removal sessions according to a surgery Dermatologist. Laser removal can work by intensely harming your hair follicles – over time they get too damaged and no longer provide hair growth. This might be best for people who are mostly bald because those with thinning on top may not want to completely lose what little hair they have left.

Hair removal can be done in a variety of sessions depending on how much hair you want to be removed. A Dermatologist will usually recommend 8-12 sessions to ensure it is removed for good and over that time, you’ll most likely end up with permanent head hair removal.

You’ll notice the change immediately. But don’t expect it to be as effective as you’d want. Laser hair removal on your head often leaves patches on your scalp. See this video for a specific update on how many sessions are required from this gentleman. See How to make my hair stop from growing?

As you can tell from the video, this laser removing hair from the head has its ups and downs. Just remember though; if you do it improperly, you’ll never have to shave again! If not done properly, however – it could lead to some risk of breakouts. This is why seeing a professional that specializes in laser surgery for hair removal on your bald head such as a licensed Dermatologist.

Laser Hair Removal Bald Head Cost

A permanent head hair removal costs vary wildly depending on what you want to be done and where you go for it.

Conventional prices for hair removal procedures start off around $1000 per session, yet they can range up to around $3000 when performed at a reputable company. You might be able to find cheaper rates if you ask around but expect it to cost more per session– say 3-5 times what you would pay elsewhere.

You can search for the term” best laser hair removal near me” to see a list and cost in your local area.

Scalp Hair Removal – Should you consider one?

Unless you really despise shaving your head, I wouldn’t recommend laser hair removal for your bald head because it can potentially do more harm than good. There are a few ways that people go about this process which generally depend on the person’s personal preference.

  • Sensitive Skin? – If you’re constantly red and itchy from shaving, then you might want to get laser hair removal. It’s hard enough finding the right razor or shaver without the added hassle of a rash – so why not save yourself some time? Just apply some aftercare balm, and see if that helps clear up your issue.
  • Horseshoe Haters? – Some people, including myself, despise the horseshoe – the shaved bald top combined with long sideburns. It doesn’t work for many men because it’s an old man haircut, and it makes them look like Geordi La Forge from Star Trek. But if you want to make a statement while also covering up your neck or anything else that needs shaving – then this might be right for you.
  • Those people who hate shaving? – Some people may not like the idea of shaving. But I totally understand why you would want to invest in laser hair removal treatments – it saves so much time!

These are just a few reasons why you may want to consider it.


As someone who read this blog, I don’t think it’s an option for me either. It sounds great in theory, but every person has their own priorities and choices. I wouldn’t blame anyone for making this decision if they don’t want to spend extra time maintaining their hair or want to just go bald. This would be the way to do it too – because at least you’re accepting that you’re going bald rather than lying about it with a hair tattoo!

Now, here’s something important you need to know about the surgery: take your time before you go ahead with this; it’ll cost you a lot of money, and it’ll take up all your free time.

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