How to Cover Up Bald Spots On Crown

How to Cover Up Bald Spots On Crown | 4 Ways To Simple Hide It

Ways how to cover up bald spots on crown are becoming a new concept in the hair fashion world today. Balding men are getting into the trend of sporting micro-pigmentation and semi-permanent hair tattoo that adds flair to your balding crown.

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While women experiencing thinning hair, widening part , and hair loss have taken it as far as covering up hair loss with makeup fixes.

How to Cover Up Bald Spots On Crown

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A popular trading step of hiding bald spots on top of a head is tattooing a bald head. Scalp micro pigmentation is quickly becoming an alternative for wigs, hair extension for balding men, and other balding crown fixes as a solution for men and women.

So, lets first start our list how to cover up bald spots on crown with:

1. Scalp Micropigmentation

A popular trading step of hiding bald spots on top of a head is tattooing a bald head. Scalp micro pigmentation is quickly becoming an alternative for wigs, hair extension for balding men, and other balding crown fixes as a solution for men and women.

Medical tattoo for hair loss procedure to mimic hair follicles, the specialist SMP practitioner, produces remarkable natural-looking results in one day for your crown balding.

laser hair therapy device
No matter how much hair is gone — it CAN come back.

Stimulate growth safely and comfortably with FDA-PROVEN (LLLT) LASER THERAPY CAP. Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Vikram Jayaprakash and Dermatologist, Dr. Russell Knudsen speak about how hair loss happens and why a laser cap is their preferred laser hair therapy device to help restore hair growth.


Whether your skin is light, dark, or in-between, and no matter what your hair color, the SMP perfectly matches your natural hair and skin tones.

You are using a microneedle and specialized inks to create formulated pigment dots to cover all of your bald scalps. SMP skilled techniques guarantee to look natural for years, without turning blue or green.

2. Microfiber 

Microfiber products are known as crown hair loss cover-ups for your hair replacements. Microfiber products like Toppik and Nanogen seem to be the field leaders here. There are others; still, but they generally fall into the alow-ran section, being slightly inferior to the top two. As far as we can tell, Nanofibres products give good coverage for all types of hair colors and look good even when under lights, etc.

One or two small things to note is that in the U.S., hair fiber spray covers balding around crown spots, especially; Toppik is a bit cheaper and has gigantic value pots of the stuff, which make for fewer embarrassing purchases.

Nanogen’s Nanofibres have a definite edge quality-wise, which is why they’re slightly more expensive? They seem lighter and give a better natural cover-up of thinning crown. They claim to have a patented coating and delivery system that makes the product superior, and cruising the hair loss forums shows that most people seem to agree.

The company also produces a locking mist that works well, and the tube doesn’t mention “hair replacement,” so you can keep it a secret, unlike Toppik, which is a little blatant! Best of all, Nanogen has a 30-day trial with no catches and a customer services department that understands and even puts up with our surveys.

3. Balding Wigs And Hair Pieces

How to cover up a bald spot on a crown for women We would love to say at this point that we’ve found the perfect one, but, umm, no. But you can look at some best hair extensions for men balding. At the same time, we are finding some fancy hair systems for women.

4. Hair Loss Concealer

We tried the traditional Couvre and the extremely popular for people with thinning hair, Dermatch. Hair spray to cover bald spots using Couvre. We found it messy, and to be honest, and it’s no surprise that Spencer Forrest, makers of Couvre, have moved on to producing other things. Dermatch we found impressive; it worked well after some practice, covering the thin patches well; the only small drawback was that my hair color, being a bit of an indeterminate brown, couldn’t find a color that didn’t look like paint.

Also, beware! It is only a scalp dye, so in bright sunlight or backlit, you can find your hair still looking very thin! We couldn’t decide whether H₃ or Hair cubed was a spray or a microfibre product, so it’s here; while confused about what it is, we used it as per instructions and sprayed everyone. We found that it does add volume to hair that’s not very thin, but doesn’t cover thin areas, certainly not as well as the shake on microfibre products.


So how to hide bald spot on top or back of head advice would be to use Nanogen’s to conceal your balding. All the information in this article is the opinion on bald spot cover-up and a bit of professional medical advice. Stages of balding recommend that people concerned about hair loss or any other medical problem consult a GP.

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