About Me

This website: Stages of Balding, provides detailed information about the various hair regrowth products available today, complete with ratings and comparisons to help you find what suits you best. I want all our readers to make an informed decision when it comes time to invest in hair loss products that will either stop, reserve, maintain, or regrow their healthy hair. Therefore, I strive to keep up-to-date records of every released hair loss treatment that provides results.

So, Who Am I?

Hi there, my name is Anthony. I am the website owner and the content author of stagesofbalding.com.

In my early teen years, I had thick, curly hair that everyone in my community adored. Full, thick hair makes you feel more confident and appears younger.

But as I got older, my hair began to thin out. Finally, as I entered my late teenage years, I noticed that the top of my hair was getting thinner. It’s also taken its toll on me because I find losing hair at this age difficult.

My hairline gradually started to recede as I entered my early 30s, and the thinning of my hair got worse. Thinning at the crown caused me to reflect on why this was happening. I was so full of uncertainties and questions the problems of hair loss. I tried various oral and topical solutions, and I will share my personal experiences and the knowledge I have gathered about hair loss on this website. I AM NOT A DOCTOR OR A MEDICAL SPECIALIST. However, I’m just a person who has experimented with different hair-improving techniques and has some knowledge of hair loss thanks to the medical professionals I’ve consulted.

I am not an expert on “why am I losing my hair” topic, but I would love to learn more about it. So if you know anything else about hair loss, and have any successful results, please share it with me! Contact me, and I will also add your testimonial and hair loss story here.