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crown balding stages

Crown Balding Stages

Worrying about advanced hair loss progression or is your bald spot treatable in its early stages;

  • Balding Crown Stage 1 – Spotting of crown balding on top of the head.
  • Balding Crown Stage 2 – A widow’s peak or a receding hairline usually comes with temples hair loss that can be noticeable.
  • Balding Crown Stage 3 – Spotting a “horseshoe” or “cul-de-sac” creating Vertex shape hairline.
  • Balding Crown Stage 4 – Receded hairline, triangle hairline and vertex of the scalp area begins to get thinner, at this stage its call male pattern baldness. In crown balding female, hair is loss normal in the middle part of the scalp separates in both side.

To get the complete diagnosis of the (balding crown stages), click the button below. Doctors and surgeons use the Hamilton-Norwood Scale to measure the type of male pattern baldness stages and the Ludwig Scale to measure the kind of female pattern baldness stages for hair loss treatment to be effective for the regrowth of hair.

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Bald spot on crown: Recent Post

If you spot on the crown bald spot, it could be a early signs of male pattern baldness, but it doesn't mean you'll lose all of your hair on the crown of the head, however it does imply you'll continue to shed more hair over time.

Can you regrow hair on crown?

crown balding
Yes! Stages of balding have sourced a variety of only the best herbal hair growth supplements (Vitamins), liquid formulas, laser therapy, capsule, and topical solution for treating balding crown stages with FDA proven to help you regrow natural hair. You will find unique, safe, and effective products that stop hair from falling. Money-back guarantees!!
It is our goal to provide our consumers with proven products made from the finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients available and are proven to work. All of our products have help treated signs of balding crown on the head and have been proven, because we conducted investigations into each manufacturer or distributor about each product before listed here.
The products have to work to help reversed balding and the manufacturer has to prove it. Products and service reviews are completed very week by us, either sending out a survey and getting customer feedback on the products effectiveness or requesting actual audit results from the manufacturer or distributor.
We review the information and decide if the product and services meet consumer expectations, If they do, they are listed, if not, they are not listed to stop signs of balding at crown.

Best Listed Products For Hair Growth

Understanding The Most Common Causes why am I bald on top of my head!

What causes balding crown of head?

The balding crown of the head or thinning at crown causes can be from many different things including; Hormone DHT and Stress which can even lead to permanent hair loss if not treated early or right away with a proven crown balding treatment. A successful oral and topical treatment to regrow hair fast when noticing bald spot on crown, requires a natural proven solution, and we have found them for you listed here.

bald spot

What does a balding crown look like?

Always appear thinner than every area of the hair, and noticeable bald spot but no receding hairline at times. So, as an example, look at the picture of a balding crown.

Common early signs of a balding crown

Here are some common early signs of male and female pattern baldness that could easily be spotted that display a balding crown:

crown bald spot

Ringworm or Bald Spot

  • Ringworm is a common fungal condition when you notice a random bald spot and can be mistaken for signs of balding on the crown of the head that may infect the scalp and other parts of the body. The after-effects can cause a bald spot where the hair cannot grow back. Ringworm of the scalp is very contagious and will spread if not treated. It is characterized by bald spots, itching, redness, and blisters. Other infections may include bacterial or yeast infections that target the scalp or hair follicles. Many skin infections that cause bald spots are treatable with topical or oral solution.
bald spot on crown

Widening part

  • The hormone is responsible for female hair loss, known as (DHT) dihydrotestosterone. Hormone changes may cause permanent or semi-permanent hair loss, widening parts, thinning hair, and bald spots in females. Increased or excess testosterone plays a significant role in most hormone-related hair loss causes. For women, the hormonal changes with menopause may cause hair loss. Hormonal imbalances due to oral contraceptives and pregnancy may also cause hair loss, but these two types of imbalances will usually correct themselves over time. A proven solution for women to trigger hair growth is using a topical solution like Profollica can help.
thinning crown bald spot

Receding hairline

  • The National Institutes of Health reported that male pattern baldness affects 25% of men by age thirty. But you can start to see early signs of balding at 20. Pattern baldness is more common in men but also affects women through thinning hair and widening parts. Men can tell when they are balding by noticing the thin crown, receding hairline at the front of the forehead, temples, or vertex area of the head. Women will usually notice thinning hair at the peak. Pattern baldness usually runs in families of both men and women and can be treated with really works vitamins.
crown hair loss

Bald Spot on Crown

  • Once you have a spot or notice bald hair patches at the back of your head, you want to take action early, looking for balding crown treatment. It’s an excellent time because you can find options here to prevent hair loss. There are various choices if you’re looking to treat the signs of men’s pattern loss of hair. But, none of them require you to undergo the knife as hair transplants do. Instead, there are simple, painless, safe treatments with FDA-approved Laser caps for hair growth.
thinning hair at crown

Thinning hair

  • Dietary changes or poor nutrition are linked to balding crown and thinning hair causes. Severe protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin deficiencies are common culprits in dietary hair loss. Balding due to malnutrition is common in North America, but individuals on low-calorie diets after weight loss may experience hair loss, thinning towns, or bald spots. I recommended taking a hair vitamin.
balding crown

Alopecia Areata (Hair Loss)

  • Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that affects children as well as adults. With this condition, a body’s immune system targets an individual’s hair follicles, causing bald spots on the head and in some cases, hair loss on the body. There is no known cure for Alopecia areata, though physicians may treat the disease with common hair growth products.
balding at the crown

Shock and Stress

  • Physical shock or stress from a serious illness or surgical procedure may cause bald spots or hair loss. Emotional stress may also cause or exacerbate hair loss. In most shock-related hair loss cases, the hair grows back over time. Individuals with stress-related hair loss may benefit from stress-reduction therapy.
bald crown spot


  • Autoimmune and thyroid diseases are common causes of disease-related bald spots and hair loss. Diabetes, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, lupus, and Addison’s disease may all contribute to hair loss. In most cases, hair loss from these diseases is temporary as many diseases that cause hair loss can be treated or controlled with proven hair loss products.
    In most cases, a crown bald spot can be prevented from getting worst if you treat it early enough. How to tell if you’re balding… Read the early stages of balding crown if notice any signs of balding.
hide bald spot

How to hide a bald spot on crown

How to cover up and hide bald spot on top of head from been noticeable without considering sporting a bald head, or to shaved your head off.

  1. Buzz cut – There are various hairstyle used to hide bald spot, a popular one is buzz cut for balding crown.
  2. Hair extensions for bald head men 
  3. Hair fibre bald spray is also a good choice for covering up and hiding bald spot on the crown.

How to stop the crown from balding?

We have successfully stopped thousands of people from the balding crown worldwide and have made these natural treatments available to you internationally. All these treatments can prevent balding, thin crowns and stages of male pattern baldness. Hair loss in females can be due to stress or hormonal DHT.

Hair Growth Supplements

The benefit of taking hair loss supplements is to promote hair growth and strength. Whether you’ve heard of them or not, they can also help with other things, such as stress reduction, while giving us a boost of keratin protein. Even though vitamins are vital for hair growth and good for the overall body, there are other substances that we need, e.g. zinc, vitamin B7 (Biotin), and minerals such as magnesium – but these aren’t good enough on their own.

Some supplements contain bioavailability aids that enhance the body’s absorption rates, so you’re guaranteed to get more from what you take. Hair Loss Brands have noticed this recently, utilizing the little-known benefits of a pervasive substance called glutathione – an antioxidant which functions inside our bodies and out; able to control toxic agents while helping us produce healthier skin cells for hair growth.

Side effects


  •  An irritated scalp is a known side effect when using Rogaine (Minoxidil). 
  • It can cause severe itching 
  • Burning scalp. 

I always suggest taking Profollica or, if you have the cash investing in Keeps brands products because it contains more natural ingredients like vitamins, plus 5% minoxidil and azelaic acid.

Profollica and Keeps are very effective for hair regrowth. A Treatment for reversing the bald spot on the head, thin crown, balding, and receding hairline. 

What is the best treatment for balding crown and hair thinning at crown?

The first suggested treatment for balding at the crown is Minoxidil and Azelaic acid because they effectively treat crown hair loss by increasing blood circulation in just that spot. Also, Minoxidil almost always comes with a small topical solution similar to an eye dropper applicator that can apply directly to the scalp or bald spot on the head. Although it is very effective, it does have side effects for some people.

How to reverse balding?

Some might say they are no cure for balding, but that’s not true because not all hair follicles are dead. Hair growth issues arise when the hair has reduced to a short, thin, or light strand that is hard to see – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give up hope. Suppose you want to know how to reverse male pattern baldness naturally. In that case, one must be proactive about nourishing your hair follicle and ensure it has everything it needs for healthy strands of long-flowing locks to grow there once again instead of having bald hair patches or bald spots on your head.

Natural Hair Loss Treatment That Regrowth Hair Reverse Balding

These four hair loss supplement treatments below are specifically made to block DHT. They help support or boost any treatment method you choose and can work well and on their own for fast hair growth. To reverse hair loss naturally and restore hair, you must supply the required nutrients to stimulate hair growth and blood flow directly to the hair follicles in all the affected areas.

ProFollica can be used by both men and women and is a three-part system that supplies the hair follicles with the required vitamins and uses an all-natural shampoo that can prevent the bald spot from spreading. It also comes with an all-natural topical solution that safely increases the circulation in the bald spot helping the hair grow back faster.

Folifort hair growth was specifically engineered to regrow hair in the receding hair line for men but proved to be very effective in expediting the hair growth in bald spots for both men and women.

Tress Anew for women supplies hair follicles with the required vitamins for healthy hair.
100% free from minoxidil but containing ingredients that treat bald spots to help increase circulation.

Women suffer from androgenetic alopecia, or female pattern hair loss, just like men. Divine locks with DHT blocker ingredients for women. Divine locks are specifically designed to boost the body with vitamins preventing the bald spot and widening parts from spreading.
It contains vital all-natural nutrients designed to regrow hair.

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