Free Hair Transplant Consultation

Get back the original density of your hair in 1 day and save thousands of pounds on your hair transplant!

Our clinic is one of Europe’s leading clinics in the field of hair transplantation and we help every year more than 200 British patients to solve their hair loss problems.

We can achieve undetectable natural looking results


1. Free treatment plan in a simple and fast way!

Send us 7 photos of your hair via email and our specialists will establish you a detailed treatment plan within a day. This way you will know – without any risk – how much a hair transplant costs at our clinic. The preparation of the treatment plan is free of charge.

2. Natural-looking result and maximum density guaranteed!

During the transplantation we take into consideration the original direction of a hair’s growth, thus the implanted hair looks and feels natural.

3. 10-year guarantee for every hair implanted at our clinic!

We only employ specialists having several years of experience, so you can be sure that the hair transplant will be a success. We offer our patients 10 years of guarantee, in writing.


4. Hair transplant does not leave any scars on your head!

The punch we use to harvest hair follicles on the donor area is visible only under a magnifying glass and will leave no visible scars on the back of the head.

5. Pain free procedure

During the hair transplant procedure we use local anaesthesia so patients have a pain-free experience.


We always try to provide the best price-to-value ratio to our patients. Due to the help of our team hair transplant has become available for everyone!

Do not hesitate, to click the button to complete the form below and let our colleagues help you solve your hair loss problem as soon as possible!

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