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Bald Eagle Skull Shaver vs Pitbull

Bald Eagle Skull Shaver vs Pitbull Skull Shaver Review

I introduce to you the skull shaver bald eagle vs pitbull.  Are you one of those people who do not like hair and instead love the free feeling of baldness? or if you’re looking to purchase a new skull shaver, there are many options available to you.

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These three popular products – the bald eagle skull shaver, the bald eagle razor, and the pitbull skull shaver – are all highly rated and reviewed products from major brands that know how to give you an accurate shave, whether it’s bald or bushy. With so many options available, though, which one should you choose?

This guide will help you decide between pitbull vs bald eagle shaver which skull shaver is right for you based on your budget and what you’re looking for in terms of other features like blades and accessories.

Bald Eagle Skull Shaver Review

You might never expect this from a company known for its electric razors, but the Skull Shaver is unlike anything you’ve seen before. With five thin blades instead of the usual few blades, it looks nothing like other electric shavers on the market today. Is this just marketing hype or will the Skull Bald Eagle really take you bald eagle smooth?

bald eagle skull shaver

Skull Shaver has dominated this industry since 2012. There was a lack of electric shavers in the market at the time, so they were able to capitalize on it. Head blade arrived shortly after with their own unique design – however if you’re looking for an electric shaver then it’s slim pickings out there.

When it comes to propellers for covering or hiding your bald spot, nothing can beat the Bald Eagle Smart. This model has never been seen before, and we can’t find any competitors that are similar to this one. It has double the battery life of its predecessor – making it cheaper in the long run – because it runs on Li-Ion batteries rather than triple AAA ones.

Does the Skull Shaver live up to its promise of being effective? Keep reading below and decide for yourself.

EDIT: In the process of writing this bald eagle skull shaver review, I just found out that Skull Shaver has released another new product, the Pitbull Skull Shaver. It comes in 3 different colors; Silver, Gold, and Platinum. It seems to be an updated version of their Bald Eagle razor, so I think it would suit my needs better.

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pitbull vs bald eagle shaver

Please note: This is a completely unsponsored review. I was not gifted anything free from Skull Shaver to alter my judgment, and have bought everything at full price because shaving is important to me!

Opening the Bald Eagle Skull Shaver

The way the product was made and packaged is worth mentioning. For starters, it has a very light weight and sturdy design to it- coming with its own case for travel purposes (which I use often). You’ll find that most electrical outlets throughout UK don’t match up to U.S. standards so unless you already have one at home or happen to be in America- you’ll need an adapter which the company does provide free of charge!

What the Bald Eagle Skull Shaver Can Do?

As mentioned, bald eagles have some very powerful talons. With their razor-sharp blades, you can quickly and easily remove unwanted hair on your arms, chest, back, legs, and head. Unlike other bald eagle razors that only shave a little at a time before requiring a recharge or replacement blade set, our all-inclusive bald eagle skull shaver allows you to shave an entire foot of hair in one swoop!

Using the Bald Eagle Skull Shaver

The Skull Shaver is perfect for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of an actual wet shave or might suffer from irritation issues due to sensitive skin. You can easily use it anywhere – at home, at work, or even just in between vehicles while driving!

bald eagle razor

I will admit that the Headblade can give me a closer shave than what my regular razor does; but in all honesty, I prefer to use my electric shaver. My very favorite thing about this particular device is how easy it makes everything when compared to my previous method of grooming. Even if I am wet shaving every day (which is something I usually don’t do) – it never takes more than 5 minutes for me to finish up with my Skull Shaver instead of 10-15 minutes using a manual razor.

One immediate downside I noticed about shaving my head for the first time was that my skin felt irritated, coming off in thin layers during each shave. (This phenomenon is predicted in the manual, and it turned out to be true.) My scalp became sore after a while too – really easily so that every time I would touch it, flakes would fall off like dandruff – but as they say, ‘prevention is key. So make sure you just take care of your mane post-shave by lathering up in lukewarm water, applying some conditioner or lotion, and patting down gently with a towel, so all moisture will evaporate.

Cleaning your Bald Eagle Skull Shaver

This tool offers a quality many other shavers can’t offer: ease of use. Simply running water through it from your faucet cleans this shaver without the need for special cleaning solutions or expensive brushes – saving you time and money in the long run.

In my experience, the skull shaver made all of the hairs easy to clean out. But I had never tried any other brands before and always just used the bald eagle skull shaver when no one was looking. So I don’t know how this compares to Pitbull skull shaver  and others on the market, but from what I’ve seen online from people who use different Pitbull models – they seem to hold up about as long as mine did.

Can I use my Bald Eagle Skull Shaver elsewhere?

If you’re looking for a clean, smooth shave, then the Skull Shaver might not be perfect. It leaves some stubble which may or may not work depending on what style of beard/mustache you want to achieve. I recommend also using another type of electric shavers like an additional blade or something different because it can start pulling hairs out after a while when shaving your face.

You would think that because of its size, it would be perfect for shaving larger areas such as your chest but I don’t find it to work very well. I prefer my regular electric razor over the Bald Eagle Smart or any other big shavers because they don’t seem to do much when it comes to the pubic region anyways. However, if you are looking for something suitable for your bald head then Skull Shaver is perfect!

Negatives of the Bald Eagle Skull Shaver

One disadvantage that I found with the specifically is that while the battery life is stated as 2 and a half hours, when I use it with less than 100% power- it isn’t as effective. You could say that this is to be expected from any product like this, or that it really isn’t much of an issue. Though I disagree because if the advertised battery life is 150 minutes – then there shouldn’t be any reason why it wouldn’t last for 150 minutes at 100%.

There are two drawbacks to those who may sport a full beard: firstly, some find it hard to differentiate between stubble and facial hair. My preference is Gillette Styler which helps me with this dilemma. Secondly, there are some that may want more than one tool for their grooming needs; if this sounds like you then please do look elsewhere!

The Conclusion

This skull shaver will keep your skin smooth without irritating it. It also saves time because you can’t do much better than every few days–as opposed to once a day or worse, daily. One of the things we love about this product is that it doesn’t hurt; we put together this review to show how effective and unique our product is for people who want extra convenience when shaving off those pesky hairs. You’ll find all sorts of useful tips here that go well beyond what other reviews cover!

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