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Bono Bald

Bono Bald | Bono Hair Loss Is Revealed

Is Bono Bald? Yes, Bono is finally losing his hair, However, he still has plenty of hair left to go around, so he probably won’t miss those few hairs on his head too much.

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Those who are great at their chosen profession have dedicated themselves to the perfection of their craft. They understand that they have to keep on practising and perfecting their skills.

The surrounding industry is constantly changing. To stay relevant, they constantly come up with ways to maintain that edge. Everything about them needs to be in line with the image that they want to project to themselves and to others.

There is a good example of a great individual in his craft. This man is the lead singer of the multi-awarded rock band, U2. He was formerly known as Paul Hewson. The world however knows him more as a rock legend, Bono.

Overall, let’s start the Bono hair loss discussion about the celebrity balding problems.

Bono, lead singer of the band U2, revealed in his latest video that he was losing his hair. He said he had intended to keep it secret, but it was getting harder and harder to cover up the bald spot on top of his head. Bono has not yet said whether he will undergo treatment for his hair loss or continue to keep it hidden from fans and audiences around the world.

Who is Bono?

U2 burst into the music scene in the 70s, singing songs based on political and religious issues. They were young back then. Though they already knew how to draw in the crowd. This slowly grew into performing at sold-out concert halls. Eventually, they were hitting the top one spot on the rock charts.

They struck a chord in the hearts and minds of music fans all over the world. This has stayed with them to this very day. Nothing much has changed for U2 and Bono. They still play at sold-out concerts, only at bigger venues. They also still have their fan base, which still keeps on growing. The only thing that has become different through the passage of time is their age and quite understandably, their hair.

Bono bald

Focusing on Bono hair loss and balding crown in particular, one may appreciate how male pattern baldness has affected him. Looking through file photos, it is easy to see the many changes in his hairstyle. He used to sport very long hair when he was starting out in the 70s.

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Is bono bald and bono hair loss

He then had a shorter version in the 80s. As the 90s came around, one could notice that not only was his hair getting shorter, his hairline was receding as well. His temporal area seemed to be most affected. This looked to be quite normal as Bono was in his mid-thirties at that time. What is exceptional though is how he managed to keep his hair intact at the age of fifty-four.

Celebrities with androgenetic alopecia

Celebrities men, such as Jon Cryer, Heartthrob Mel Gibson, and Gordon Ramsay that undergo the different phases of androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness have different remedies available to them. The common usage of products begins with shampoos, moisturizers, or other topical products such as concealers.

This helps nourish the scalp and stimulates blood circulation to encourage hair growth. Medical drugs and supplements are taken as the condition progresses. The next stage would probably be a surgical hair transplant. Those that are balding have been able to benefit from procedures such as follicular unit extraction (FUE) and scalp micropig mentation (SMP).

Bono hair transplants

Bono, it seems, may have been able to curb his receding hairline through the use of a scalp micropig mentation (SMP) post hair transplantation procedure. This method allows the patient to receive a denser look on one’s hairline as well as the overall scalp. The way it works is that the specialist applies pigments directly unto the scalp, one by one to form a pattern that resembles hair. The process might take two to three hours to complete, but the benefits are astounding. The patient is able to achieve a look that is low maintenance and permanent at the same time. There is an option, however, to erase the pigments through laser removal technology.

Conclusion to Bono balding

Being a rock legend is a lot of work in itself. One would need to continue creating songs that people could relate to. They also have to perform in front of legions of fans that love their music. As a celebrity and musician, Bono hair has an image he has to maintain. Getting treatment for Bono bald condition is not only for himself, it is probably for his admirers who view him in a certain way as well.

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