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10 Balding Celebrities | (Balding Actors) You Should Know

In the world of famous balding celebrities 2021 personal grooming often calls for a little bamboozling, even if the truth is obvious. 

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Famous balding actors who lose hair it can happen to all of us; even female and male celebrities bald. Elton John has worn a wig for decades, Bruce Willis embraces his own male pattern baldness as do many other celebrities like Vin Diesel who happily refuses to dress up his bald head. Andre Agassi has also been wearing wigs for the last few years (but now he’s resorted to shaving off what little was left). Times are changing – going bald or sporting closely-shaved heads is now seen as fashionable and stylish among young bald people.

So before you seek a hair transplant surgeon or waste money on wigs and “hair loss” potions, try shaving your balding head of hair clean and be confident like many Famous Bald People.

Today we’re exposing the picks of the top 10 celebrities balding.

Balding actors who tried to hide going bald, having a hair transplant done or wearing a wig and toupee to cover up the bald head.

For this list, we are taking a look at balding male celebrities who appear to be trying to mislead their fans about the sporadic strands of hair loss, receding hairline, thinning crown and bald spot. 

Balding Celebrities

The 10 Male Celebrities With Bald Heads

1. Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie famous balding celebrities

Before his eighth season run on Fox’s hit series, House this English gent wasn’t necessarily a recognized name in North America, but Hugh Laurie career actually stretches all the way back to the 1980s and there’s plenty of visual evidence that Dr. Gregory House is kind of a fake at least in terms of hair. In reality Laurie is balding just a little on the upper back region of his dome, but such a look would potentially convey a different vibe for his b-roll television character. 

And so Mr. Laurie was given the faux messy treatment for his network gig, breaking the hearts of real-life balding doctors everywhere.

2. Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven famous balding celebrities

Back in the day, this entourage bald actor displayed a most prominent forehead, both in television and film, and that’s because Jeremy Piven was losing his name, not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course, unless you’re a Hollywood name with a bro like personality who wants to continue lending younger roles.

The only thing that makes sense for this, to be is a scar used for hair transplantation surgery.

So it’s become evident that Piven has evolved quite a bit from his Seinfeld episode to his run as ARI Gold on HBO, for whatever reason Jeremy sports a more subdued hairline these days, one that affords him more versatility.

3. Steven Segal

Whereas some celebrities take a sudden approach to hide male pattern baldness, this action icon seems to have been painted on his own hairdo, in his younger days Steven Segal had just a few strands left on top, but his presence alone was enough to sell tickets.

As time passed however, it appears that hair plugs made their way into Steven’s life, and in a dimly lit setting, you might not be able to notice his aggressive likely to be faux hair. In fact, you might even be impressed, but for modern film rolls well Steven Segal’s hair seems to blend fact with fiction, however it does seem to make him happy.

4. Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi

I’ve never prayed for results in my life, but I prayed that day for that wig to stay on. 

In one of the bolder attempts to an actor that hide male pattern baldness, this tennis champ sported a massive blonde wig at the 1990 French open, during his prime Andre Agassi’s impressive locs only elevated his fame, while he continued to dominate on the court. Sadly Agassi’s hair maintenance admittedly affected his play as the world watched in confusion and refusing to believe the obvious.

Ultimately Andre would embrace his baldness even if the public wasn’t quite ready for it, and so early 90s Andre Agassi represents a pivotal moment for balding celebrities. When this guy decided he was done with his epic but artificial hairstyle. 

5. William Shatner

William Shatner

By 1966 this Montreal native had celebrated his 35th birthday, the age of balding men typically realized the truth about their follicle future. William Shatner, his career was taking off in 66 as he landed the role of James t kirk on the now-classic television series Star Trek, and while the gig demanded some heavy-duty acting, he also actors who wear toupees, meant loads and loads of toupees, it’s been reported that Gene Roddenberry expressed concern over the number of bad toupees being worn by Mr. Shatner, of course, bills hair or lack thereof didn’t ruin his career in the long run even, so he’s never quite embraced his baldness, perhaps unwilling to shatter the memories of Trekkies everywhere.

6. Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage

Say what you will about the acting ability of this gentleman, but he’s managed to build quite an impressive resume, and for the first 15 years of his career Nicolas Cage was just another quirky man with a great head of hair playing quirky roles. 

 It’s unclear exactly when the balding commenced, but one can argue that late 90s Nicolas Cage reveals a noticeable shift in hairstyles. Some characters require different looks, yet this noted Elvis enthusiast still refuses to give the public bald Nicolas Cage, staying loyal to his fluffy and random locks perhaps he’s just hanging on to the Convair years, and that’s fair, but it may be time to let go.

7. Jude Law

Jude Law

Now here’s a unique case of a celebrity who doesn’t necessarily hide his obvious baldness, but rather maintains the same look time and time again. We’re talking about the patch of hair near Jude Law’s forehead region, that pesky little grouping of hair that men hold onto, it only because it reminds them of what could have been. If you’re not familiar with this actor, is type of receding hairline could make you a bit uncomfortable, however, film goers and Mr. law himself have seemingly accepted the dwindling head strip, whether it’s trimmed down to nothing or just blowing in the wind.  

 8. Elton John

Elton John

In 1969 this music legend released his day view album in the UK and despite the questionable nature of his cut back then, the guy certainly had it going on up top. By 1973 though, Elton John was noticeably balding in a time when such a look just wasn’t hip despite all his performance bravado.

And so Elton John balding head went through a serious hat phase before turning to faux hair in his later years, while Elton would stray from a completely bald look, even Rod Stewart with later sing him for his sewn-on hair despite the fact that rod’s own hair is a beast all its own and arguably problematic in its own right.

9. John Travolta

John Travolta

Even with his great resume, it’s been a bumpy road for this man over the years in the hair department, like his acting peers John Travolta’s look changes depending on the role, yet his public appearances can be thoroughly confusing at times.

While not quite as aggressive as Steven Segal’s hair maintenance, Travolta’s Oscar appearances reveal a man that still thinks he can swindle the public, evidenced by the awkward fluff cut year after year. In the age of Google, one can easily find a male pattern balding picture of Mr. Travolta which makes the attempts at hair redemptions so agonizing. 

10. Donald Trump

Donald Trump

As the public concern about Donald Trump balding. It’s not easy to find another human being with the same hairstyle as Donald Trump, love him or hate him, the guy’s hairline is thoroughly a head scratcher. According to Gawker, Trump’s legendary hairdo is actually a week created by Edouard Atari a hair stylist who charged his clients a whopping $60,000 of course there have been plenty of politicians known for their standout cuts but when trying to determine if Trump should stick with his blond mane or go bald it only makes sense to choose the lesser of two evils.

Meaning a completely bald Trump is theoretically more visually troubling than fluffy Trump, and he surely has considered this. As a result Trump continues to conform to societal expectations through exactly how he does it is still a mystery even, so we’ll probably figure his hair out before he releases his tax returns. 

Do you agree with our list of which balding celebrity do you think is hiding his baldness comment below?

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