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Gordon Ramsay Hair

Gordon Ramsay Hair | The Bad Days Before Hair Transplant

Gordon Ramsay hair transplant represents the idea of what a before and after undergoing a hair transplant procedure looks like.

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Gordon Ramsay is definitely not shy of the spotlight, and we all know that he has a hot temper. However, recently, it was not his temper, but Gordon Ramsay’s hairstyle that has given him the looks that got his fans noticed and in a bit stranger way than usual.

He was one of the persons invited to the 40th birthday celebration of Victoria Beckham and after going out of the place where the party took place, Ramsay had a different haircut which much shorter sides and back hair. Without a doubt, something happened to his hair aside from this thing solely.

Did Gordon Ramsay have a hair transplant?

Gordon Ramsay, one of the most well-known chefs in the world, has recently undergone a hair transplant procedure to address his thinning hair and balding problem. While many people do not understand the motivation behind the surgery. The Daily Mirror published the photos on their front page and the Daily Mail published them online as well, events that led to speculation about a hair transplant performed by Gordon Ramsay.

We can only rely on speculation when it comes to the hair enhancement that Ramsay received, but if we take into account that the looks are usually associated with a surgical procedure of this kind, we can also talk about the way in which he decided to have the thing done: he opted for a follicular united extraction procedure, instead of the strip method.

While many people do not understand the motivation behind the surgery, some key factors led to his decision to undergo the procedure. Let’s take a look at Gordon Ramsay’s hair transplant procedure in detail.

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Gordon Ramsay Before and After Hair Transplant
Gordon Ramsay Before and After Hair Transplant also showing Gordon Ramsay facelift

Gordon Ramsay hair transplant procedure

The FUE procedure implies that the back and side areas of the head are shaved prior to the removal of hair follicles. After this part is done, individual hair follicles are extracted from the shaved area, and then they are implanted wherever they are needed, usually around the front hairline. This is a reason why his fringe has been moved forward – so that the recipient area could be covered and the marks of the surgery can be hidden.

This is probably one of the biggest advantages that FUE has against other hair transplant procedures – a patient that undergoes this procedure is able to disguise the process with ease afterward so that an untrained eye is not able to see the difference and know something is different. However, Gordon was not able to fully pull out of the hiding process, especially because his head shave was much more radical than in other cases.

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Combine this with the fact that he made use of a product in order to camouflage the process.

Gordon Ramsay hair

This occasion, however, is not the first one when Gordon Ramsay hair becomes a topic of some discussion. Three years ago, while in Beverly Hills, Gordon was photographed while leaving a hair transplant clinic and his head was bandaged at that time.

It is possible that the moment represented the beginning of the treatment, and it should not surprise us that three years later, he decided to have a new surgery.

This is because male pattern baldness stages occur continuously, unfortunately. The hairline that is created following the surgical procedure might recede afterward so that only the transplanted hair remains in place. This is when a new procedure is required so that the hairline is kept in place and remains nice.

Conclusion to Gordon Ramsay hair

Gordon should take our word of advice and be a little more subtle when it comes to camouflaging his hair. As an alternative, he might try and fancy hats for bald men next time when his hair isn’t at its best, otherwise, he just risks looking silly.

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