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Hugh Laurie Balding

Is Hugh Laurie Balding | Definitely Have a Bald Spot

Is Hugh Laurie balding? That seems to be one of the most-asked questions about the celebrity actor who plays Dr. Gregory House on the television show House M.D. Let’s find out, shall we? And put this rumour to rest once and for all.

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We’ll look at his current hairstyle and determine if there are any hints that he’s currently losing his hair, or if he could be about to lose it in the future. Let’s get started!

Hair is an important part of our bodies, and this is why many people care about it a lot, especially men. Yes, you’ve read that right. If women decide to have their hair colored when they spot some white strands as they age, men face a much more difficult problem: baldness.

This is usually an inherited trait and if you have it, there’s not too much to do available other than hoping the process will be a slow one. Some people are luckier than others, and they might go bald at a rather old age, while others experience these issues at a young age.

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Hugh Laurie Bald

If you are a celebrity in Hollywood, you need to care about your hair even more. Paparazzi are always on duty, and they do their best in order to take a compromising picture of the celebrity they are following. Sometimes, they are successful, and they delight the viewers, while sometimes, things might not go as planned. Exposing a male actor that goes bald is a pretty big thing in Hollywood, or is it? Let’s take a look at Hugh Laurie and find out if the famous actor had a hair transplant or not and balding as promised.

Hugh Laurie

Many people are fans of the cynical Dr. House and if you are reading this, you surely know him even if you do not actively watch the series. He’s a cultural icon for many that identify with his character, but how many of them are paying close attention to the fine details of the actor impersonating House?

It seems that Hugh Laurie does not benefit from the fanciest hairstyles in Hollywood, but he doesn’t really care that much.

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Does Hugh Laurie have a bald spot?

Dr. House’s hair is full and even darker than the natural one of Hugh Laurie. In comparison, a couple of years ago, Laurie was seen to feature a bald spot at the top of his head. The area was covered with hair coming from the side, but there’s only that much you can do when you face this issue and Hugh Laurie could not have covered it completely.

This means that Dr. House has an ace on the sleeve. Has he discovered the secret of hair loss and how to get it back? Maybe, he’s an excellent doctor that saved countless people throughout the show. Or is this the merit of the make-up artist that works with Laurie? We tend to believe it’s the second option.

The full hair of Dr. House is undoubtedly the result of a great make-up process, as Laurie himself can be seen with a bald spot at the top of the head and a receding hairline, while his character looks much better.

However, we are sure that Hugh Laurie did not undergo a surgical procedure in order to solve this problem and benefit from a hair transplant. One thing is for granted, Laurie is not ashamed of this fact, as his hair has been leaving his head one bit at a time starting 20 years ago, and we’ve yet to see the actor hiding his head under a hat to conceal this issue. Just as his character, the actor is a Stoic when it comes to this issue.

What Balding Celebrities Do You Know?

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