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Justin Timberlake Trichotillomania

Justin Timberlake Trichotillomania (2022) | Stop Habit of Pulling Hair

Justin Timberlake trichotillomania!  Yes, you hear it right. Justin Timberlake was diagnosed with the trichotillomania in 2008. The American singer, entrepreneur and songwriter, share in an interview about living with trichotillomania condition. The celebrity confessed that he always had a habit of pulling out is hair.

But how did Justin Timberlake cure trichotillomania and stop the pulling hair out?

How did he get is hair to grow back and if Justin Timberlake had trichotillomania what does he pick? He was interviewed by Michael Parkinson, where he said, “I have the trouble of pulling hair out”, and also said the same thing on the UK TV show call Jude Law and Kate Winslet. 

There is not a lot of speculation around this topic: “Justin Timberlake trichotillomania“, so continue reading if you have trac­tion alope­cia and tri­chotil­lo­ma­nia disorder problem and want to treat it.

Like any other celebrities with trichotillomania condition, I guessed the famous actor was worried that is hair won’t grow for the rest of is life.

Female celebrities with trichotillomania

Not only Justin Timberlake was suffering from disorder (OCD), other young celebrities women like, Katy Perry, Victoria Beckham and Charlize Theron, that have “trichotillomania”, which causes them to pull out their hair when they are stressed or anxious which lead to severe hair loss.

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Lucky stages of balding specialize in treatment for hair loss issue.

How much hair people with trichotillomania pulled out

Depending on the person, how much hair should be pulled out, although there are individual differences, there are cases where the hair is pulled out at once. In that case, the hair in the removed part will look like alopecia areata.

Normal alopecia areata will grow in a few months, but it may not grow because it is peeled off from the roots by yourself. This is because the hair root itself may be damaged.

Originally, even if the hair is pulled out, the hair-producing cells called hair matrix cells in the skin remain. However, the act of pulling it out will damage the scalp, so if you repeat it, there is a risk that hair will not grow in the first place.

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Justin Timberlake trichotillomania treatment

For normal hair growth, one method is to use a hair growth agent called minoxidil, which has a vasodilatory effect, but this time it is unclear whether it will be effective because the hair is pulled out. Psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine are essential to treat trichotillomania from the ground up. However, in this case, first ask the dermatologist to see the situation.

What kind of treatment is required

  •  Is the hair root damaged?
  • Is there a possibility that Trac­tion alope­cia will grow back?
  • What kind of treatment should I receive?
  • Is their a Trichotillomania cure in 9 minute?

1. One of the ways is to buy a book on Amazon about cognitive behavioural therapy and train yourself, so if you are interested, please see below.

Reference book: “Illustrated and easy-to-understand cognitive behaviour therapy

2. Let’s have a dermatologist see these things. First, see a dermatologist, and when the condition of the hair roots has settled down  then treat with a psychiatrist to improve the trichotillomania itself. They will treat you so that you will not pull out your hair.

laser hair therapy device
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In addition to the background of psychological anxiety, there are many cases in which the brain function and the way of grasping things are distorted, so it is a feature that comprehensively provides necessary care for trichotillomania.

3. There is no need to be hospitalized, and the image is that you go to the hospital once every two weeks.
After that, I usually take medicine and take care while receiving counselling.

4. Wear wigs, most female and male celebrities who wear wigs every day with trichotillomania are covered up by toupees and hair extensions for alopecia, also regular people and young girls in their teens to 20s are reluctant to wear a wig. The trichotillomania image is that too expensive to get out of hand.


I hope you joyed this post on Justin Timberlake trichotillomania, if you what to read more here is a full article about Trichotillomania symptoms and causes.

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