Sylvester Stallone Hair

Is Sylvester Stallone Hair Fake or Real?

What do you think about Sylvester Stallone hair loss and how he got his signature hairstyle? Did he just wake up one day with long hair, or did Sylvester Stallone have a hair transplant? And does he wear a hairpiece? Let’s take a look at the facts…

When it comes to hair, no man can get insurance about the fact that his hair will remain in place for the rest of his life. More than half of men worldwide will be affected by hair loss sooner or later and the unluckiest ones will have to deal with this starting with their 20s. If you are lucky, you might end up going bald when you are 50 or beyond, but there’s only a slim chance you won’t be affected sooner or later.

Hair Loss Secret Of Hollywood

You should be aware of the fact that not only average individuals are affected by hair loss. Celebrities have this issue, as well, and Sylvester Stallone hair is a great example when it comes to hair loss. However, it’s more difficult to exactly find out what is going on with his head and hair, because the pictures featured on the internet show that his hair is really different from one year to another.

There are some who say that this is the case of a toupee or wig, which isn’t put in place too well, while others throw the card of the hair transplant.

Sylvester Stallone hair

Stallone always had a head full of hair, and we all remember the follicles that Rambo and Rocky had at the time of those movies. It’s difficult to know for sure what is happening with Sly’s hair, but there are some things you can take for granted. The first one is the fact that his hairline has been receding for a long time now. He had an island formed even when he was younger, 20-30 years ago, but the thing was not really obvious, sometimes being masked by the overall haircut.

In time, the island had disappeared but surprisingly enough, not because of a hair job. In fact, his whole hairline receded, and he displayed a much higher forehead. In the 90s, it seemed that some of his hair disappeared again, as his temples went even emptier. However, in the past few years, the hairline is going lower and lower, looking similar to the line that he sported when he was really young. This isn’t something bad, not at all, because the hairline is still natural, and the hair looks pretty good, maintaining the line that we’ve been used with.

Sylvester Stallone hairpiece

However, there are some conflicting photos out there. Some show a clean forehead, while others feature different colors when it comes to his skin around the hairline. This led to speculation that Stallone might wear a wig when going out in public.

There is still strong evidence that Sylvester Stallone actually had a hair transplant, because the so-called wig is too neat to actually be a piece. However, in 2013, while filming a movie, Stallone was spotted behind the scenes with grey hair, while in the movie he has thick, black strands of hair. He was also photographed while having the wig put in place. However, his natural hair isn’t thin either, and the hairline remained pretty low, so there is still room for speculation about a transplant done in the past.

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