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Is Brett Michaels Bald? Yes And Accepting His Balding Head

Rumors are spreading about the celebrity Brett Micheals Bald head, so let’s clear up the gossip.

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80s Brett Micheal, more commonly known as the lead singer of the band Poison, is usually recognized for his distinctive bandanna. But seeing Brett Michael without a bandana or his hat, you can tell that Brett Michael hair line is receding ..He recently revealed that he would lose his hair at 53 due to alopecia areata. This condition does not affect just men; approximately 5 million women in the United States also suffer from this genetic disease that causes your immune system to attack your hair follicles, making them weak and fall out over time.

What Caused Brett Michaels Bald?

There are many possible causes of hair loss, but in Brett Michael’s bald head case, it’s most likely due to genetics. Androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness, is the most common type of hair loss affecting men and women. Pattern baldness is thought to be caused by a combination of hormones and genetics. While there’s no cure for pattern baldness, there are crown balding treatments that can help slow down the process.

Bret Michaels was born and raised in Pittsburgh and has gained prominence as one of the famous rock superstars throughout American history. Although he is regarded by many to be legendary as the singer who leads Poison has had to battle many medical issues. At the age of just six, Bret Michaels was diagnosed as having diabetes. It is a long-term disease that forced him to consume insulin and monitor his blood sugar levels during tours. As a true rock star, Michaels did not allow his illness to hinder him from pursuing his musical goals and achieving one of the best acclaimed and well-known American rock-era performers.

Does Brett Michaels Wear a Wig?

Who! “Brett Michaels, no Wig.” Believe it or not, the songwriter/singer has admitted to wearing hair extensions, signature bandannas, and cowboy hats to cover up his balding. While his attire and toupee could have allowed the singer to conceal his baldness for a while, 53 years old, Bret Michael’s balding is a symptom many men can relate to hair loss.

However, to make peace with hair loss, the Poison star has been relying on his hair bandanna and hats to cover his bald head for a few months.

Because his image is integral to his fame, he’ll likely have to confront his receding hairline earlier than later. The truth is that baldness isn’t something that should be ashamed of, as it is a standard trait many men face as they grow older. He is an inspiration to many who are struggling with hair loss.

He Could Go Through With Hair Transplant Surgery

The truth is that baldness isn’t something that should be ashamed of, as it is a standard trait many men face as they grow older.

While people are awed by being bald, There are plenty of options for those looking to achieve to look fuller with a hairstyle. Celebrities usually can pick among the top options offered. While they may be able to access the most recent technology to fight hair loss, many celebrities who suffer from baldness are compelled to go under the knife to undergo surgical procedures such as hair implants. Some try to hide their hair loss with wigs or hairpieces, but they are known for causing fashion malfunctions on or off red carpets. To get a more contemporary look, Scalp Micropigmentation is becoming more popular with celebrities who wish to create a natural hairstyle that is in place without surgery.

Which one Bret Michaels chooses to go with is still to be seen. Still, no matter if he decides to opt for cosmetic surgery, an extravagant wig, or an alternative option such as micro scalp pigmentation, sooner or later, the bandana will have to be taken off.

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