alternative to hair transplant

Alternative To Hair Transplant (2021)

There are best alternative to hair transplant for women and men , but although hair transplant are permanent it can cost a lot of money.

Hair follicles are taken from the back of the scalp where they are programmed to grow for life. But there is Alternatives options here for people interested in non surgical hair replacement sevice below so continue reading.

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alternative to hair transplant

A Healthy, Natural Looking Head of Your Own Hair.

It is unrealistic to expect to regain the thickness of your hair as a youth. Additionally, there is no such thing as a perfect transplant. However, the laser-assisted transplant process results in the best possible coverage of balding areas because the doctor can use more micrografts to create a natural look. Because of the speed at which this can be done, the laser assisted transplant procedure is more economical and entails less discomfort than ever before.

Our consultation with you includes the creation of realistic expectations. The adequacy of your donor area and the extent of baldness are the two key points that determine the degree of coverage you can expect.

The extent of baldness determines the number of sessions required to achieve the desired look. The number of sessions is determined on an individual basis and ranges from 1 to 4.

Alternative to hair transplant

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  • Thin Hair and Baldness – Some people are completely comfortable with the gradual loss of hair and not looking for any alternative to hair transplant. 


  • Hair Systems – There is a wide range of materials used to create a full head of hair and attach it to the scalp. Synthetic material doesn’t fade, but often looks fake.

Human hair wears out, but can achieve a natural look. All hair systems must be attached to the scalp in some fashion. Some of the more common techniques include weaving the base of the hairpiece using the customer’s own hair. As the hair grows, the system must be rewoven. Other systems are glued and taped onto the scalp. Hair systems can achieve a completely full and thick head of hair. There is one major drawback – hair systems are not your own hair. 

Other Medical Advancements.

Advancements in the scientific community make the eventual cure for hair loss likely. New pharmaceuticals available today are resulting in the regrowth of hair for some people.

The Hair & Scalp Laser Clinic offers the latest developments in medical treatment for hair loss. We are using medications exclusively with certain clients and also in conjunction with hair transplants. The precise method of treatment needs to be determined on an individual basis. One thing we can say after having been in the business for over 25 years – products advertised to be “near miracle” cures for baldness, do not work! We will only advise you on treatments that will achieve results for you.

Hair Cloning

Recently, progress has been made in the field of hair cloning. Global Head Office (GHO) of the Netherlands has discovered a way of making several hairs out of one. In this process, the donor’s hairs are removed from the back of a patient’s scalp. From these few hairs, stem cells are isolated from the follicular unit and are duplicated and grown in the laboratory. Later, they are injected or implanted into bald areas on that person’s scalp. If this process gets approved by the FDA, it gives great hope to men and women who have significant balding and limited donor area.

Jahoda of Britain has isolated stem cells and transplanted them into the forearm of his wife. These grew hairs and have proven that stem cells from one individual can be placed into a genetically different individual. However, we feel this has limited applications. If a person has a very limited donor area, their own hair can be grown and duplicated in the laboratory and placed in their own scalp.

This is indeed exciting and may change the field of hair transplantation forever. It may be several years until it is approved for general use in the United States. We are dedicated to researching this topic in full and will bring you all new information as it becomes available.

The Laser-Assisted Hair Transplant Before and After the surgical technique is nearly undetectable! 

This procedure results in minimal trauma to the scalp and results can usually be seen beginning 12 weeks after the procedure. 

Below are some sample photos of hair transplant before and after.

Hair Transplant Before and After

About Laser-Assisted Hair Transplant Technology

The newest surgical development for hair restoration uses laser energy. There are significant benefits to this technique over the more traditional surgical techniques. These benefits include:

  • Less time required to complete the surgery which means less post surgery discomfort, and a quicker return to normal activities. 


  • Laser technology is considerably faster than conventional surgery. This allows the Hair & Scalp Laser Clinic to perform this procedure for $6 – $9 per graft while achieving superior results – GUARANTEED TO GROW! 


  • Because the laser beam can focus to the width of a single human hair, there is never any damage to neighbouring hairs at the transplant site. 


  • The laser ablates bald skin, which is replaced with growing hair. Slit grafts (even micro and minigrafts) are done by jamming the donor hairs into narrow slits, which commonly results in crowding and bumps.


  • The depth of the laser application is computer controlled, therefore, sparing the deep blood vessels which nourish the hair. 


  • CO2 Laser Recipient Sites are prepared using a CO2 Laser. This type of laser causes the vaporization of tissue due to its attraction to water that is in our skin. This laser causes the evaporation of tissue to create either a small slit or hole. This method requires the correct type of CO2 laser to ensure success. A pulsating CO2 laser helps prevent thermal injury when used by an experienced physician. Unfortunately, there are not currently any structured training programs. I have found the CO2 laser to be quite helpful when partial-thickness vaporization is performed. In this method, the subcutaneous fat does not encroach. A small 0.8-mm hole is made in the epidermal/dermal region. This is then advanced into the subcutaneous fat with a blunt end probe. The prepared graft is then placed into this site.


  • The laser currently offers the best alternative and most advanced method to standard surgical techniques.


  • It is important to realize that every time a laser hole is made, bald tissue is removed, thus decreasing the total surface area of the bald scalp. This advantage is not obtained when using a flat scalpel or needle to prepare recipient sites.


  • Other advantages include no postoperative epidermal inclusion cysts are seen. Also, there is no chance of tearing out healthy hair in the recipient region. Due to negligible thermal effect, postoperative pain is decreased and more rapid healing ensues.


  • It is also important to know that since no reusable punches are used, there is no risk of contamination from improperly sterilized equipment.


  • Recently there have been many National and International articles about this new technology. Some hair transplant centres have given out inaccurate information in hopes of keeping their clients from investigating this new option. 



There are tremendous advantages to using the Dissecting Microscope to dissect the donor strip into micrografts.

The microscope provides much greater magnification and brighter lighting conditions compared to the naked eye. Instead of cutting through the donor strip and damaging hairs in the process, the “microscope” permits us to work between and around each hair shaft and its vital structures, such as the sebaceous glands and hair roots. We have found that since using the “microscope” we can harvest 10 to 20% more hairs from the same sized donor area than with the naked eye.

A View Through The Microscope of Trimmed Hairs in a Donor Strip

View Through The Microscope

Hair Transplant One Day Procedure

And accommodations if you need them.
All for $6 – $9 per Graft


  • 1 – 2 weeks before surgery, blood work is completed to confirm there will be no medical complications. 
  • One week before surgery, the use of aspirin and vitamin E should be discontinued, as these cause thinning of the blood. 
  • The use of any other drugs – legal or otherwise, may affect the results of the hair transplantation and should be discussed at the time of your blood work.

Day of Surgery

  • We encourage you to eat a meal prior to your arrival.
  • Upon arrival, we will review and finalize the design of your hairline.
  • Medication is then provided to result in a relaxed state of mind, along with a selection of current videos for your enjoyment.

The Day After

  • The next day, you will return to our office, where your hair and scalp will be shampooed and styled.
  • Your presurgical hair can be styled in the normal manner, with reasonable caution exercised near the surgical areas.

How much does hair transplant cost?

Good hair transplant cost or other terms, hair plugs will cost you around $5,000 for several treatments. This rate must cover all of your hair plugs expenses. If a doctor attempts to charge you more, make certain you have done your research for other physicians in your location search, “hair transplant near me”. You simply don’t wish to pay way excessive for your hair plugs when you can get them elsewhere at a lot more affordable hair transplant price.

Exactly what if I pay less for hair plugs, what will hair plugs cost?

You will most likely pay the $2,000 rate if you pay less. Naturally, this is cheaper, however, you will not get as terrific of a hair plug transplant. You have to bear in mind that you will get what you pay for. Then it probably is, if you think your hair plugs expense is too low-cost.

Where is the very best place to obtain a great hair plugs expense?

If you get your hair transplant in the UK and the United States of America, you can get a good worth for your cash. They are famous for providing low-cost surgery at an excellent rate. Plus, you can escape for a holiday and get a good cost for your hair plugs cost.

Hair Plugs Transplant Expense

When you need to decide about what to do with your loss of hair you require to know exactly what hair plugs cost. The essential thing to know is that depending upon which medical professional you pick the hair plugs expense will differ. The price will vary due to the fact that different doctors will utilize various treatments and methods of doing your hair plug implant.

Hair Transplant Infection / Side-Effects

Ladies normally suffer from a scattered type of hair loss and for that reason do not make very great hair transplant candidates.
Given the minimal supply of donor’s hair, the hair transplant cosmetic surgeon must be able to utilize the little hair he can use to produce the optical impression of a full head of hair. Other side effects, an infection can impact and typical dangers happening during and after hair transplant surgery include; extreme bleeding and scarring, the lengthy recovery of wounds, scalp pins and needles and stress, the deal and ultimate death of lots of implanted hair follicles, post transplant shock hair loss, which, though short-lived, can affect your newly-implanted hair as well the hair in the donor area, and the more development of hair loss post surgery that can lead to unnatural patterns of baldness.

Finally – If  your considering and a bit scared there is no need for hair transplant surgery and if you having a diagnosed hair loss condition that may well be permanent, such as male pattern baldness, or permanent hereditary hair loss, there can still be some other options to consider. The first option is to do nothing. Don? laugh. Hair replacement treatments, and particularly hair transplant surgery, can be exceedingly expensive. Try these option from


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