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Best Laser Hair Growth Devices

11+ Best Laser Hair Growth Devices | Compared Reviews 2023

So, you’ve tried every product out there claiming to stop or even reverse hair loss, but none seem to be working? It’s time to look at the best laser hair growth device for hair growth coming down the line.

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Wait, wait. What are you thinking right now? Do lasers really regrow hair? Yes, they do! But not all laser hair growth therapy devices are created equally for the best results.

Understand Low-Level Light Therapy?

In short, LLLT is one of the newest approaches to non-surgical hair restoration. This process involves directing red and infrared wavelengths from near-infrared lasers at the scalp, where these follicles can be rejuvenated. Though this method has few side effects, LLLT has various other benefits, including stimulating hair growth, making it the best option for those seeking to regain lost hair.

Note: There are important factors things to consider when buying low level laser therapy (LLLT) devices off the internet rather than just cheaper pricing.

Important factors are:

  • The number of quality diodes used in the device, from the lowest 82 to the highest 282, shows its effectiveness in stimulating hair growth.
  • The number of energy for stimulating hair growth promotion is wavelength of 650 nm.
  • The laser cap contains a powerful 5 milliwatt (mW) laser that emits light through the medical-grade diode for noticeable, safe results to stimulate hair follicle growth.

But don’t worry; we’ve done all the research for you and found five of the best laser hair growth devices clinically tested and recommended by medical professionals proven to do (i.e. speed up hair regrowth).

So continue reading if this sounds like something that could interest you!

In this article, we offer laser light therapy for hair loss treatment. This non-surgical approach uses cool laser light to induce hair growth. Red light laser cap therapy is one of the most popular methods for treating hair loss, and we are proud to be one of the leading websites people choose for the best laser for hair growth.

Best Laser Caps Table: iRestore vs Theradome vs Capillus vs Kiierr vs HairMax

Laser Caps Comparison Report. iRestore Laser Hair Growth System Capillus laser cap Kiierr Laser Cap Hairmax Regrow Md Laser Cap 272
Products iRestore Pro Capillus Pro Kiierr 272 Hairmax Md Laser Cap 272
Product Review 4.1 Ratings ★★★★☆ 3.2 Ratings ★★★☆☆ 4.9 Ratings ★★★★★ 3.9 Ratings ★★★☆☆
Price $795 $2999 $875 $1899
Light technology 282 Lasers + Dual LEDs 272 lasers 272 lasers 272 lasers
Total light energy output 1410mW 1360 mW 5 mW 1360 mW
Scalp coverage Top + Back + Side Top only Top + Back + Side Top + Back
Suggested Use Frequency 25 mins/session 3 days a week 6 mins/session 7 days a week 30 mins/session alternating days 15-30 mins/session 3 days a week
Battery power pack with a visual timer ✅ Yes ❌ No ✅ Yes ❌ No
Durable, long-lasting build ✅ Yes ❌ No ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
Website to buy from Go to Irestore Go to Capillus Go to Kiierr Go to HairMax

What Are The Best Laser Hair Growth Device?

Can a laser cap really work to help stop and reverse hair loss? The good news is that, yes, a laser cap can be an effective treatment option for hair loss, thanks to the best red light therapy for hair growth that it uses.

laser hair therapy device
No matter how much hair is gone — it CAN come back.

Stimulate growth safely and comfortably with FDA-PROVEN (LLLT) LASER THERAPY CAP. Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Vikram Jayaprakash and Dermatologist, Dr. Russell Knudsen speak about how hair loss happens and why a laser cap is their preferred laser hair therapy device to help restore hair growth.


However, it’s crucial always to purchase a laser therapy cap from a reputable source to ensure that you’re getting a safe and effective product.

1. Kiierr Laser Cap: Does Kiierr Work?

Kiier Hair Growth Important Factors Kiierr Laser Cap
Product Names Option At-home laser cap therapy:

  • 272 Premier Complete System
  • 272 Premier Laser Cap
  • 148 Pro Complete System
  • 148 Pro Laser Cap
  • 272 Premier Laser Cap + vitamins , DHT blocker shampoo, and conditioner.
Best Price Check Prices For Laser Cap Options
Reviews Ratings      ★★★★★– 807 Reviews
The number of energy            650 nm
Power behind the laser beam Cap light at 5 milliwatts
Number of Diodes 148 or 272 Diode In Laser Helmet

If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution to help your hair grow, the Kiierr Laser Cap System For Hair Growth is worth considering. Not only does it come with a discreet 272-laser diode cap, but the package also includes a shampoo specifically designed for people trying to encourage hair growth.

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Kiierr has been very successful. The reviews are positive, and customers are happy with the results they get from using this product. Many say it is worth investing in because it can help improve your hair and scalp health.

Unfortunately, the laser hair growth device cannot be found on Amazon or other well-known e-commerce sites. In addition, we could not find any authentic customer reviews or testimonials on these sites, which may be because there are no negative customer reviews.

During this Kiierr Laser Cap reviews, we also watched some Youtube Kiierr reviews, and most people who have used it seem happy with the product, yet they are affiliates of the best laser cap for hair growth and might be pushing their own promoting it.



  • Hair loss prevention at its finest
  •  FDA-cleared hair caps to boost existing hair strength
  • Versatile, flexible, and portable
  • 100% hands-free and comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Use Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) LED light
  • For faster results time, combine therapy with Minoxidil.
  • This product may only work for something other than shiny bald heads.



Check Prices For Kiier Laser Cap Options

2. Hairmax powerflex laser cap 272

Best laser hair growth device consumer reports

The revolutionary HairMax PowerFlex Laser Cap 272 gives you access to clinically-proven laser light treatment from the comfort of your own home or on the go (even if it’s just for one day). TRACKED BY CLINICAL TRIALS: This advanced technology has been tested in 7 different clinical trials, 14 international medical device licenses, and 6 published articles written by doctors.

Hairmax laser cap pro Important Factors HairMax PowerFlex Laser Cap 272
Product Names Option




At-home laser cap therapy:

  • Hairmax regrow md lasercap 272
  • Ultima 9 Classic LaserComb
  • Ultima 12 LaserComb
  • LaserBand 41 – ComfortFlex
  • Flip 80 Laser Cap
  • PowerFlex Laser Cap 202
  • PowerFlex Laser Cap 272
Best Price Check Prices For Laser Cap Options
Reviews Ratings      ★★★★★– 107 Reviews
The number of energy            650 nm
Power behind the laser beam Cap light at 1360 mW
Number of Diodes  272 Diode In Laser Helmet

The results speak for themselves—HairMax lasers grow an average of 129 more new hairs every square inch after six months in these studies alone. GROW THE LOOK YOU WANT: Our patented laser cap stimulates hair follicles, reverses thinning hair, encourages hair regrowth, and provides greater density than ever before while also ensuring that both men and women can take advantage of this incredible power against baldness.

HairMax Review

HairMax offers hair loss sufferers a range of laser devices designed to treat different types of alopecia. The company is best known for the LaserComb, one of the very first low level laser therapy (LLLT) devices for home-use.

As the name implies, LaserComb is a comb-shaped product that is outfitted with 8 to 12 laser modules, depending on the model. HairMax also offers a full line of hair care products, dietary supplements, and topical hair loss foam (Minoxidil) to encourage better results during use of Hairmax Regrow Md Laser Cap 272.

3. HairMax Laser Hair Growth Band

LASERBAND 41 ComfortFlex

HairMax Laser Hair Growth Band

The HairMax Laser Band has seven FDA clearances and fourteen medical-use licenses – which makes it one of the top laser hair growth devices in the market. It has forty-one medical-grade lasers which can be adjusted to target bald patches on your scalp precisely with ease. It’s also easy to move around – all you need to do is focus the laser for thirty seconds at a time, so you’ll never have anything to worry about again!


  • Stop hair loss without the need for drugs
  • Hassle-free hair loss prevention
  • FDA cleared approved laser caps for both men’s and women’s hair loss treatments
  • Laserband 41 comfortflex have helped over 500,000 people
  • HairMax laserband 41 comfortflex can be costly
  • Products that offer low-level laser therapy as a hair loss treatment may only work for some, and the effects of this treatment can take some time to become visible.


Check Prices For Laser Cap Options

4. HairMax Biomax Laser Comb

HairMax Biomax Laser Comb

The HairMax Laser Comb for hair growth is one option at your disposal if you don’t want to wear laser caps or helmets. The comb comes with nine medical-grade lasers that provide stimulation to the follicles and thus stimulate hair growth.

Some users find that as the teeth of the comb separate your locks, it makes it easier for the lasers to penetrate them.

Brushing also helps blood circulate in these areas – making this an excellent natural way to promote healthy and fast growth. For those who are worried about holding up such a large device while they brush their hair – fear not! You only need to use this product once per day (in as little as 11 minutes).

In our opinion, this HairMax product may be the best laser comb out there when it comes to stimulating natural growth; whilst being very affordable too!



  • The introduction of laser hair restoration caps
  • Treats hair loss and stimulates new hair growth
  • Virtually painless, FDA-approved treatment
  • Millions of dollars in print and TV advertising
  • HairMax® LaserComb products are arguably the most difficult laser therapy device to use.
  • The devices are small (about the size of an ordinary hair brush) and must be combed through the hair and held over the scalp during use.
  • Patients may experience stress, strain, or ache in the arm while trying to maintain treatments 3x per week. This deters regular use, which ultimately hinders results.


Check Prices For Laser Cap Options

The Bottom Line. HairMax® offers a variety of laser hair restoration products that begin at as little as $295. No company provides a cheaper laser hair growth devices, making HairMax® the #1 choice among consumers on a tight budget.

5. Capillus

Capillus laser cap pro Important Factors Capillus laser cap
Capillus Laser Cap Cost: Starting at $799 to $3,000
Product Names Option


At-home laser cap therapy:

  • Capillus82™
  • Capillus272™ Pro
  • Capillus272™ OfficePro
Best Price Check Prices For Laser Cap Options
Reviews Ratings             ★★★★★  – reviews
The number of energy  
Power behind the laser beam  
Number of Diodes  

Click Here To Visit Official Website

Capillus® is a US-based medical device company located in Miami, Florida, where all products are manufactured domestically. The company is best known for its line of physician-managed laser therapy caps and in-office LLLT domes.

Because the company provides laser therapy through an international network of dermatologists and hair restoration surgeons, Capillus caps is a well known and respected brand among medical professionals and hair loss clinics.

what is the best laser cap for hair growth

In addition to laser therapy caps designed for at-home use, Capillus® manufactures a laser hair therapy dome that is a top choice among dermatologists and hair restoration surgeons in North America and Europe. Capillus® also offers clinical hair therapy products to improve the health and vitality of the scalp. These include a clinical strength shampoo and conditioner, both of which are sulfate and paraben free.


  •  All-natural, FDA cleared hair loss treatment
  • 100% safe and painless hair regrowth
  • Over 100 top surgeons endorse Capillus
  • The company’s flagship product, the Capillus272TM Pro, retails at an expensive price of around $3,000.00.
  • Those who are experiencing hair loss might not be able to afford it because of its high cost.

Check Prices For Laser Cap Options

The Bottom Line. Capillus, LLC was the first company to obtain FDA clearance for a wearable laser therapy cap while also participating in independent clinical trials to substantiate product effectiveness. This makes the company a favorite among physicians and hair loss clinics with strict safety and quality standards.

Although the original Capillus272™ Pro retails for about $3,000.00, the company has introduced a new laser therapy cap called the Capillus82™ that is available to patients for just $799.00, making laser hair therapy accessible to a wider range of patients.

Capillus offers patients the most options out of any laser therapy brand reviewed on this website, thanks largely to their 1) large product line with an affordable entry point, 2) OfficePro in-office laser therapy hood (for clinical, physician-guided laser hair restoration), and 3) extensive line of clinical hair therapy products.

6. iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

iRestore laser cap pro Important Factors iRestore Laser Hair Growth System
Capillus Laser Cap Cost: Starting at $695.00 to $1,195.00
Product Names Option


  • iRestore Professional
  • iRestore Essential
Best Price Check Prices For Laser Cap Options
Reviews Ratings ★★★★★ -2591 reviews
The number of energy Cap light at 1410 mW
Power behind the laser beam 50+ medical-grade
Number of Diodes 282 laser diodes

iRestore Essential

★★★★★ -2591 reviews

With 120 medical-grade lasers, 600 mW total output, and FDA clearance – this revolutionary device has already transformed the hair restoration industry for both men and women. Modern, sturdy, comfortable, and easy to use – expect results in 3 to 6 months. To ensure maximum benefits for yourself or a loved one suffering from hair loss – ttry this product with its full treatment kit!

iRestore Professional

★★★★★ – 538 reviews

The iRestore Professional top-of-the-line clinically approved system for fighting hair loss and thinning. This device features 282 laser diodes that emit 1410 mW of total power – making it more robust than any other device available on the market. In as few as three to six months, you’ll notice increased density and fuller locks when using this product in conjunction with our head-strengthening treatment option.

Is iRestore the best laser for hair growth?

Unlike other best laser hair growth devices, the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System is surprisingly gentle and painless. More so than many of the other products on this list- it doesn’t even hurt! This helmet boasts 50+ medical-grade lasers that penetrate deep into your follicles for maximum growth potential.

So if you lose some hair within those first few weeks (which is entirely natural), don’t worry about it too much. Old, fragile strands are fading, and new, thicker hairs will take their place. You’ll start seeing incredible results after just 6 months of use– or a full refund is guaranteed!




  • It can thicken and lengthen hair, even if hair loss is not an issue
  • For men and women alike, it stimulates cells responsible for regrowth
  •  Scientifically proven results in 3 minutes per day
  • Restore hair thickness and volume
  •  Powerful enough to penetrate the scalp tissue
  • Activates cells responsible for regrowth
  • No fake iRestore reviews
  • The device is ineffective for people who are completely bald and want to get their hair back.
  • It is mainly for receding hairline and to stop hair loss. 
  • The device uses LEDs that emit low-level laser light. 
  • The results of the device take time to show. 

Check Prices For Laser Cap Options

Are iRestore Reviews Fake?

Some say that the iRestore reviews are fake, but this is false. The iRestore is an FDA-approved laser cap clinically shown to promote hair growth. If you are sceptical about the iRestore, I encourage you to look at the reviews on Trustpilot and other reputable review sites. Many people have used the iRestore and have seen positive results, such as more robust and thicker hair.
2 00

7. iHelmet The ONLY 88 Diodes Cap

iHelmet The ONLY 88 Diodes Cap

Click Here To Visit Amazon Official Website

This may not be the best laser hair growth device of 2021; it’s just too early to tell. But one thing is certain – this high-tech helmet will definitely turn heads! It uses Bluetooth technology to connect to an app on your phone which includes details about your specific hair loss troubles. From there, the customizability of this sleek gadget becomes clear; with 82 LED lights embedded inside and adjustable straps that fit both men and women alike.

8. Illumiflow 272 Laser Cap

Illumiflow 272 Laser Cap

Check illumiflow 272 Pro Laser Cap Price

One of the best laser caps we found is this one by Illumiflow. The laser hair growth device promises quick and noticeable results in weeks. The 272 LEDs emit light to stimulate your scalp’s follicles, which then grow new strands of hair. It can be worn for hours at a time without much discomfort because it weighs about 20 grams; the company recommends that users wear it 3 times per week for up to 30 minutes each session.

Plus, there’s no need to worry about timing when putting on or taking off the illumiflow 272 Pro Laser Cap – a built-in timer will automatically shut off after 60 minutes so there are no mistakes. Despite being lightweight, it will still fit most head sizes – though some may prefer another model if they’re experiencing trouble adjusting or finding one size fits all doesn’t work well enough.

Full Review Comparison: Kiierr vs Illumiflow

9. Theradome PRO LH80 Laser Hair Growth Helmet


Click Here To Visit Amazon Official Website

If you don’t want to wear a big helmet, try the Theradome Pro LH80. This laser-stimulated hair growth system is portable and powered by rechargeable batteries.

This laser apparatus has 80 lasers with a wavelength of 680nm. It’s really simple to operate and can be turned on and off with the press of a button. The theradome evo laser hair growth device, like the majority of the items on our list of the top laser hair growth devices, is FDA-approved.

We only found one flaw with this item. The top and middle of your hair are covered by the bicycle helmet-like structure, while the sides are left uncovered.

If your hair loss does not extend to the sides, this is an excellent choice. We loved Theradome since the firm gives a money-back guarantee. So, if you are dissatisfied with the goods within 6 months, you are entitled to a refund. Because of alot of positive Theradome Reviews, it has quickly become one of the most widely recognized laser helmets for hair regrowth, thanks in part to a futuristic design that is not hard to forget.

A California company, Theradome, Inc. gave the LH80 Pro™ a swift and aggressive push into the cultural spotlight this past year, selling through Neiman Marcus, Bosley Hair Centers, and a variety of other online outlets. Like iGrow® and Capillus®, Theradome LH 80™ is available for under $900, providing a viable hair loss treatment option for men and women who cannot afford high-priced therapy products like the Lasercap LCPRO™.

Theradome Pros and Cons

PROS: Theradome has managed to reach a specific target market of hair loss sufferers with a quality product that retails for under $900.00. Theradome is incredibly accessible as well, available for purchase through several vendors online. As a wearable laser therapy product, Theradome LH80 Pro™ provides ease of use that keeps patients comfortable and consistent with their hair loss treatment plan.

CONS: Theradome LH80 Pro™ has a clunky design that rests on top of the head, rather than conforming to the head like competitors (Capillus82™, iGrow®, and Lasercap LCPRO™). This limits mobility while using the Theradome LH80 Pro™, with the best results typically achieved when sitting in a chair or standing still.

For many, the biggest downfall of the LH80™ Pro lies in its design. There is nothing discrete about using the laser helmet, which may add to the shame and anxiety most patients feel when treating hair loss.

The Bottom Line. Theradome LH80 Pro™ falls short in terms of aesthetics and overall value, despite a successful media outreach program and competitive pricing. The laser helmet has just 80 laser diodes, whereas the FDA-cleared Capillus82™ has 82 diodes in a design that many physicians regard as more ergonomic. Moreover, Capillus82™ retails for $96 less than Theradome LH80 Pro™, giving patients additional value when choosing Capillus.

10. iGrow

igrow light therapy cap hair regrowth

Click Here To Visit Amazon Official Website

The iGrow® Hair Growth System is a wearable laser therapy product designed for in-home use. iGrow® is perhaps best known for advertisements on the shopping channel QVC, where the product is promoted as an effective hair loss treatment option for men and women.

Despite television commercials and limited Internet advertising, the iGrow® Hair Growth System commands a smaller market share compared to competitors with similarly priced products, like Theradome and Capillus®. Aside from obvious aesthetic pitfalls, one of the biggest complaints from customers is that the iGrow Hair Growth system must be plugged into an A/C outlet during use, thereby limiting patient mobility during treatment.

iGrow Pros and Cons

PROS. The iGrow® Hair Growth System is a hands-free low-level laser therapy (LLLT) option. Unlike comb devices, iGrow patients can work on the computer, draw, read, and do other activities while using the product. iGrow® also features headphones with a built-in iPhone and MP3 player interface so patients can enjoy their favorite music during use.

CONS. iGrow uses an outdated design that lacks ergonomics, aesthetics, and laser output. The iGrow® Hair Growth System has just 51 LED lasers, whereas similarly priced competitor products like Theradome and Capillus82™ have 80 and 82, respectively. From an aesthetic perspective, the design of the iGrow is far from discrete, potentially increasing the anxiety and shame most hair loss sufferers feel during treatment.

The Bottom Line. With a retail price of $695.00, the iGrow Hair Growth System is the lowest-priced wearable laser therapy product. Patients must decide whether or not the savings justify the dated aesthetics, clumsy fit, lower laser count, and necessity to be tethered to an A/C outlet during treatment. As alternatives, patients may consider the Capillus82™ or Theradome LH80 Pro™, priced at $799.00 and $895.00, respectively.

12. Lasercap

LaserCap LCPRO

Operating as Transdermal Cap, Inc., Lasercap offers only one product for laser hair therapy. Called the Lasercap LCPRO™, this device is the primary product for which the company is known. In recent months, the company has sought celebrity endorsements to increase exposure for the product. With a retail price of about $3,000.00, Transdermal Cap, Inc. has positioned the Lasercap LCPRO™ as a premium-priced laser therapy product for men and women who suffer from androgenic alopecia, or hair loss. Having just 224 lasers, many physicians and patients feel the Capillus272™ Pro is a better buy, offering 272 laser diodes for the same price.

Lasercap Pros and Cons

PROS. Lasercap is a physician-managed approach to laser hair therapy, which requires patients to find a physician through whom products can be purchased. Seen also with Capillus®, this model encourages patients to visit a licensed medical professional who often provides a hair loss evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment guidance. Physician-managed solutions, like Lasercap and Capillus®, are often associated with high rates of success and patient satisfaction.

CONS. Lasercap lacks depth in the products available to men and women who are battling hair loss. The only product available is the Lasercap LCPRO™, a unit that may retail for upwards of $3,000.00.

The Bottom Line. Lasercap is a viable option for men and women who are willing to spend upwards of $3,000.00 on a laser therapy device. However, physicians caution patients against “paying more for less” when purchasing the LCPRO™, since the competitor Capillus272™ Pro offers the same wearable technology plus an additional 48 lasers, all for the same price. For those who want a wearable product for a lower price, competitors iGrow®, Capillus®, and Theradome offer good alternatives that begin at $695.00, $799.00, and $895.00, respectively.

Read more about How To Choose The Best Laser Cap For Hair Loss.

FAQs – Best Laser Hair Growth Devices

What are the laser treatment for hair loss side effects?

All the laser cap for hair loss we have featured on our list are FDA approved and clinically tested. The most common side effect of using these laser hair growth devices is the shedding of hair, which is both normal and expected – as it indicates that newer, stronger hairs are taking over. Apart from these most minor side effects, these laser hair growth devices can be used without fear.

What is the best wavelength for a hair growth laser?

The best laser hair treatments are those which operate with wavelengths in the range of 650-900 nm. These wavelengths happen to be the optimum, or even better – the best wavelength for hair growth. Photons at these wavelengths will get absorbed by cells more so than any other wavelength – and if they do, there’s a greater chance for them to affect hair follicles positively.

Does laser cap work?

Yes, it does! When considering home medical laser hair growth devices, reviews and studies agree that they have made a difference in hair growth. These devices work by using photons of a certain wavelength to push into the follicles – this encourages ATP production which leads to new hair growing. Beyond this function, these laser light therapy devices are also able to increase blood circulation on the scalp – which makes hairs thicker, fuller, and healthier while encouraging new hairs to grow out from those same roots.

What is the fda-approved for hair growth laser?

In compliance with United States Food and Drug (FDA) regulations and Federal law, companies that wish to sell products that “are intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions,” like hair loss treatment, must be evaluated by the FDA.

A fda-approved for hair growth laser devices or warning letter from the FDA simply means that the FDA has followed up on that request, detailing instances in which the company may need to adjust operations in order to achieve compliance. Warning letters from the FDA are a formality, and they are made public to comply with accessibility and public safety standards.

Hair loss is a progressive disease of the spirit, causing immense mental and emotional strain among the men and women who suffer from this lifelong condition.

We believe it is unconscionable to use misleading quotes, statistics, trial results, and FDA correspondence to promote inferior products that may ultimately harm patients. This community exists to cut through the clutter, offering an unbiased of each major brand and product in the non-surgical hair restoration and laser hair restoration industry.


Is hair loss troubling you too much? Stop beating yourself up just yet. The best laser hair growth devices from the list mentioned above may be able to do some amazing things for even the most desperate cases.

There are actually clinical pieces of evidence that show low-level laser light or LLLT treatments can work well against hair loss.

So no need to worry about it being fake! Test out a new laser hat for hair or use one of those laser combs for increased growth and transform your bald spots into lush, green fields of flowing locks.

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