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Toppik hair fibres spray came to UK – an instant-action cosmetic product against bald patches and rare hair. As you know, the appearance of bald patches is associated not only with age and heredity, the cause can also be the frequent stressful conditions of the body: malnutrition, poor ecology, hereditary predisposition, bad habits … All this leads to the destruction of the hair follicle and leads to hair loss; psychological disorders; exposure to the scalp of chemicals (chemotherapy), cancer. This is where Toppik thickener comes to the rescue. Then you can go for a walk or work and be confident in your attractiveness. You do not need to do an expensive hair transplant, purchase wigs and hairpieces, you can just fix this problem in 30 seconds with Toppik thickener !!! 9 shades! Ease of use! Great result! Acceptable price!

We are the exclusive Stages of Balding recommended Toppik Hair Spray. The Toppik thickener has become the world’s # 1 anti-baldness product! Toppik UK provides anti-hair loss solutions for thousands of satisfied clients, including people undergoing hair transplants or hair treatments. The hair fibers thickener products are universally recommended by doctors and trichologists, often used in film and television, many actors and singers use Toppik masking thickener.

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Toppik hair fibres spray is a product used for covering areas of thinning hair. Billed as a 30 second hair transplant, it fills in thinning areas with its hair building fibers. The product comes in 8 colors (auburn, black, light brown, dark brown, medium brown, blond, gray, white), and colors can be mixed so that the best match to your natural color can be achieved. For instance, someone with salt and pepper colored hair, could apply the white first and then mix in the black. However, it takes some time and practice to get the right method and look down if you are mixing colors. Additionally, it is still possible that not every person can find the appropriate color or mix of colors to make this product work a workable solution to their problem. Basically, you’ll need to be a fairly accomplished paint artist to make it look natural on you.

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Toppik is not part of a treatment of thinning hair, but it does provide a way to deal with it. Of potential spray on products to cover up thinning, this one is a promising option. As Toppik does not interfere with the natural growth of hair and is compatible with hair loss treatment options, it can be part of a strategy to recover your natural hair over time without announcing to the entire world that you’ve got a hair struggle.

Toppik hair fibres spray Ingredients

Toppik is made from keratin protein, which is the same as human hair. The maker indicates that the fibers are charged with electrostatic energy, which attracts them to your natural hair. No chemicals or additives are part of the product.

Toppik hair fibres spray Usage

Like similar hair loss coverage products, Toppik is applied onto the thinning area. Electrostatic energy bonds the Toppik fibers to natural hair. If using the product at the front of your hairline, use your hand to keep fibers from going onto your forehead or into your eyes. Within 30 seconds, the thinning area again appears full. The fibers can be shampooed out when desired, but the maker indicates that strong wind and rain are nothing to fear. Additionally, Toppik can be used with products such Minoxidil and Propecia that treat hair loss.


From their 2.5gm travel size to a 50 gm giant size, Toppik is produced in a variety of sizes. Prices and sizes are as follows:

  • Travel size – 2.5 gm – $6.50
  • Regular size – 10.3 gm – $21.95
  • Economy size – 25gm – $43.95
  • Giant size – 50gm – $76.95

Toppik offers additional products that can be purchased for use in effectively applying the product. For example, the Toppik Hairline Optimizer is recommended for use along the front hairline to achieve the best looking application of the product.

Toppik is a viable option for most people with thinning hair. While it does not work for everyone if you purchase it directly through the maker, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee on their product. Such an offer makes it pretty painless to try this product and see if it works for you! However, unless you want to use this product for life or until you begin balding, it is also necessary to incorporate a treatment option for the cause of your hair thinning. As a suffer of thinning hair, toppik hair fibres spray isn’t the answer to your problem, however, it may allow you to more bearably find a long term solution.

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