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Toppik Hair Building Fibers Reviews

Toppik Hair Building Fibers Reviews 2023

The Toppik Hair Building Fibers reviews will delivers such a phenomenal, cosmetic transformation to your thinning hair that the amazing hair results after a quick application of the fibers need to be seen for yourself to be fully appreciated. Literally within thirty seconds of applying the Toppik hair building fibers, your hair looks visibly thicker.

In fact it looks like you got thousands of tiny hair transplants done in a matter of seconds. The Toppik hair building fibers are specially charged with electricity, so they automatically merge with your existing hair so that you see almost instantly a fuller head of hair than you could ever have thought possible.

This is truly a unique marriage between scientific research in the area of dermatology and hair cosmetics. Before we dive into what Toppik is, let me tell you what it is not. It is light years away from the traditional hair spray or hair cream that deliver tacky results that can be easily noticed or worse, can even damage your hair.

The Toppik Hair Building Fiber System does not help your hair to grow back, nor will it stop whatever thinning is already taking place. Simply put, Toppik hair building fibers create the cosmetic appearance of a full head of hair. The Toppik hair building fibers are at the heart of the Toppik hair building system.

Toppik hair building fibers are available in eight (8) colors: black, brown, dark brown, medium blonde, blonde, auburn, gray and white. You can also mix various colors so that you get as close as possible to your natural hair color.

Here are some before and after pictures from customer reviews on Amazon:

before and after pictures Toppik Hair Building Fibers Reviews

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Let us take a closer look at how the entire Toppik hair building system works.

The Toppik hair building fibers are tiny microfibers that are the building strands of the system, and they actually look like real, natural human hair. It is not at all surprising that the Toppik hair building fibers so closely resemble human hair because they are both made from keratin. Keratin is the same protein based material found in your own hair which is responsible for the growth of your hair and nails.

Indeed, one of the hallmarks of the Toppik Hair Building Fiber system is the heavy use of natural inputs such as keratin, vitamin a and vitamin c in the manufacturing process.

The use of these organic materials in the development of the Toppik hair fibers makes the product safe and natural. If you were to put the fibers in one hand and your own hair strands in another hand, once you have chosen the correct color Toppik hair fiber, you would have to look very closely to see the differences . Toppik is available in eight (8) different colors can be mixed together as needed so that you can get as close as possible to the actual color nuances that you have in your own hair.

The Toppik Hair Building system has been called hair confidence in a bottle because it so quickly and easily fills in your balding or thinning areas. Once you have selected the correct Toppik fiber color that is close to your natural hair color, the Toppik fibers are almost undetectable even if someone is less than ten inches away from you. Toppik hair fibers will not “run” because they are resistant to perspiration and rain. The hair fibers will stay put and can be easily styled. They will wash out with shampoo.

Here is the official Toppik demo video!

Toppik Hair Building Fibres

How To Apply Toppik

Towel or blow dry your hair, hold the Toppik bottle, with the opening facing towards your scalp, approximately two inches above your balding or thinning areas and shake the bottle well. In a matter of seconds those thinning areas will be covered with the Toppik hair fibers, merged with your own hair.

Toppik Hair Fiber System Accessories

What makes these hair fibers so resilient when merged to your natural hair? Toppik hair fibers are charged with static electricity so they bond securely with your own hair and stay put when you pass your hand or a comb through your hair.

Toppik Hair Building System is doctor recommended as well!

Many dermatologists, hair loss physicians and hair transplant doctors strongly recommend the use of Toppik hair building fiber to their patients. For example, hair transplant surgeons suggest that their patients use the Toppik hair fibers to cover the thinning or balding areas as their transplanted hair grafts grow.

Please note that the manufactures of the Toppik Hair Builder System, Spencer Forrest have clearly stated that the Toppik system does not support or harm the growth of your own hair.

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Toppik Hair Accessories

There are three (3) accessories that allow you to fully optimize the performance of the Toppik hair building system.

1- The Toppik Spray Applicator

The Toppik spray applicator can be used to evenly spray the fibers precisely where you want them to go on your scalp. The Toppik spray applicator easily attaches to your Toppik hair fibers container. The spray applicator gives you greater control over the fiber distribution than is possible by just shaking the container over your thinning spots.

2- The Toppik Hairline Optimizer

The Toppik hairline optimizer is used to achieve a natural looking hairline when applying the hair fibers. Two optimizers are sold per pack.

3- Toppik FiberHold Spray

In the area of hair loss, where so many products promise incredible hair restoration solutions but deliver disappointment, Toppik hair products line has been a welcome breath of fresh air. There are thousands of videos and case studies documenting the results that persons from film stars to stay at home moms have got after they used Toppik Hair Building Fibers.

Even if you do not want to use Toppik hair fibers on a daily basis, it is perfect for gaining the appearance of a fuller head of hair for important social occasions like weddings and class reunions or photo portraits.

TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers

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See What The Experts Say about Toppik Hair Building Fibers Reviews:

FOX News:
“We decided to put it to the test.
On top, you may have a complete appearance.
Say goodbye to terrible hair days for good.
It’s one of the best-kept secrets in Hollywood. ”

NBC News:
“This really begins to look like my hair grew back .”

Eyewitness News
“In little than a minute, you can looked years younger.
As the bald spots faded, it looked that more hair was being produced.
Toppik delivers on its promises. .”

Dr. Dow Stough M.D.
Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dallas, TX
“In my medical practice, I suggest Toppik.
This product is safe, simple to use, and very natural in my opinion.
Hair loss patients should use it in combination with surgical and medicinal solutions. ”

How Does it Work?

Toppik consists of organic protein fibers with the same organic make-up as your own hair.
You simply shake Toppik into your thinning areas. Toppik intertwines with your own hair, making it look up to 10x fuller instantly. You will see amazing results the very first time you use it.

Why Should I Try Toppik:

  • It is quick and easy to use.
  • You’ll feel younger and more attractive from the very first time you use it.
  • It’s totally undetectable, even by a trained eye from as close as 2 inches.
  • Toppik stays on through wind, rain or sweat. Yet it shampoos out easily.
  • Toppik works great with Rogaine*, Propecia**, or any other hair growth treatment. You’ll see immediate results while awaiting possible regrowth.

See What Satisfied Customers Have to Say About Toppik reviews:

Your products have allowed me to maximize the results of my hair transplant surgery. I could fill in my hair immediately post-operative, and now I can add the equivalent of another thousand grafts with Toppik in a few seconds.

Tom Harrison, Montclair, NJ

After only one hair follicle sprays, Topikk has changed the way I feel about myself.
I’m very pleased I have this amazing product to help me change my life.

Christine Hawley, Santa Barbara, CA

I absolutely love this product. Toppik gives my hair such a natural appearance. It has totally restored my confidence. I love using this product, it’s so easy to apply. I especially like that I can apply it just where I need it. It lasts all day, but shampoos out so very easily. Most of all, it works exactly as you state in your ad, and it’s affordable.

Brian Kelly, Deerfield, MI

For the first time in years, I don’t spend my time worrying that someone to look at my hair is looking at how thin it is. Thanks for creating products that men and women can actually use with such ease and confidence.

Susan Barklem, Bellevue, WA

Toppik is also another funny product for the sensitive, balding male when I purchased it. I was amazed at the difference. Everything they say when watching the ads is true.

Pat McWhorter, Lansing, MI


  • thin or fine hair
  • thin hair
  • Age, hormonal, disease-related or circular hair loss
  • stress- and diet-related hair loss
  • Hair loss during pregnancy and menopause
  • thin vertebrae


  • Does not come off, either during sport, rain, or wind?
  • Can be easily washed out with shampoo at any time?
  • Is compatible with other agents (such as minoxidil) against hair loss and is used after hair transplants?

Convince yourself of the sensational Toppik effect: The keratin fibers can not only bring more density and volume into the hair, they are also uncomplicated to use! Within seconds, you can transform your thin hair into a head of hair that is really impressive. Full and beautiful hair not only makes you look brighter and better, but also gives you new self-confidence and thus lets you go through life much more confidently. Results can vary from person to person.


Hair thickening with Toppik is so effective because the nanoparticles used consist of keratin – the same material as real hair! Regardless of whether you suffer from alopecia (hair loss) or alopecia areata (localized hair loss), the quality products from toppix can make your hair appear fuller and more voluminous again.

TOPPIK before and after

TOPPIK  frequently asked questions (FAQ)


TOPPIK hair fibers consist of microscopic microfibers that, like hair, consist of the organic protein keratin. During the application, the microhairs bond firmly to your own hair due to their electrostatic charge. The microfibers blend so perfectly with your hair that even a trained eye will not discover the areas covered with Toppik.


The use of loose hair is very easy: The hair fibers are simply applied directly from the can to the affected, thinned hair areas, where they connect directly to the scalp hair through their electrostatic charge. The special Toppik spray applicator can be used for an even more even distribution. Then the applied hair fibers should be fixed with the own hair with the fixing spray specially designed for this purpose. The spray ensures a strong and elastic hold of the fibers and ensures that neither weather influences such as rain and wind nor sweat can harm your new hairstyle.


The hair fibers make clad hair sections look absolutely natural. The fibers fuse so perfectly with your own hair that even a trained eye will not discover that you have thickened your hair with Toppik. If you are still not 100% satisfied with the result, you can return the product to us within 30 days. We will then immediately cancel your invoice.


Of course. Toppik can be used at regular intervals and as needed. Due to its excellent skin tolerance, which was recently confirmed in clinical tests, the hair fibers can be used without hesitation. Against this background, TOPPIK is also recommended by many doctors and dermatologists – especially after operations on the head – as a hair regeneration system and for concealing scars and scabs. It can also be used safely after hair transplants. It makes the transplanted areas appear fuller and is ideally suited to effectively conceal postoperative hair loss.


In order to determine the right color of the TOPPIK hair fibers, it is best to first take a very close look at your own hair color, especially around the hairline.

The hair fibers are available in a total of eight different, completely natural-looking hair colors. To choose the most suitable hair color, you can use the color table as a guide. To achieve an even better result, you can also combine several shades with one another.

For example, if you want to achieve a “pepper and salt” or a highlight effect, we recommend using two different colors. Simply apply the hair fibers in the appropriate hair color to the affected hair areas and then consciously set a contrast, by using a lighter shade at the ends of the hair.

If you inadvertently ordered TOPPIK in a color that did not match perfectly when you placed your first order, this is not a problem. Simply send the opened can back to us and we will send you a new can in the right hair color, of course at no additional cost.


No. The hair fibers can neither stop hair loss nor stimulate new hair growth. It is a purely cosmetic preparation with which thinning hair and light sections of hair can be concealed and thus appear significantly more voluminous and fuller. The application of the loose hair from Toppik only works if there is still residual hair in the relevant areas of the head with which the hair fibers can connect. If, on the other hand, the area is completely bare, TOPPIK cannot be used.


The hair fibers can of course also be used in sports. It is completely irrelevant which sport you are actively involved in. Even if you work up a sweat, the fibers won’t peel off and you don’t need to be wary of a light shower of rain. To be on the safe side, it is recommended that you fix the hair fibers again with the help of a spray before exercising.


Toppik’s hair fibers can easily be combined with hair restorers such as Minoxidil. To do this, first apply Minoxidil or a comparable preparation to the affected areas of the scalp before using Toppik and then leave it on. After it has taken effect, you can apply the Toppik hair fibers.


You will achieve the best and most natural result if you use TOPPIK without a styling product. However, if you do not want to do without gel or a comparable product, you should use this before applying the fibers. Please also note that wet-look gels or hair wax in particular can cause individual hair fibers to clump together.


The duration of use depends on the size of the area to be covered and the individual consumption requirements. The length of the application period can therefore vary widely. With daily use, experience has shown that the following average values apply:

3g: approx. 8-10 days
12g: approx. 20-30 days
27.5g: approx. 60-80 days
55g: approx. 120-180 days


The hair fibers can easily be washed out again by washing your hair with shampoo. You will achieve particularly good results in this context with our high-quality haircare shampoo, which also strengthens your hair thanks to its high protein concentration and supplies it with valuable nutrients.


No. The hair fibers from TOPPIK do not stain clothing, upholstered furniture, carpets or bed linen. If, after use, a few non-fixed hair fibers fall on the floor or on your clothing, you can simply wipe them off or remove them with a vacuum cleaner.


ABSOLUTELY NATURAL WITHOUT EFFECT In addition to its absolutely convincing mode of action, hair thickening with Toppik is safe and natural: In contrast to many drugs and lotions against hair loss on the market, the use of Toppik is not associated with any harmful side effects for the hair and scalp. Our customers report time and again about the good skin tolerance and the problem-free use of Toppik hair fibers.


The Toppik hair regeneration system is based on a simple and ingenious principle: Toppik hair fibers consist of microscopic, electrostatically charged microfibers, which, like human hair, consist of the organic protein keratin. Due to the electrostatic charge, the extremely small nanofibers bond with your own hair immediately after use and instantly make it appear much more voluminous and denser. The following figure illustrates this principle:



Results can vary from person to person.

As you can clearly see from the following pictures, thinned sections of hair can be given significantly more fullness within a few seconds with Toppik, because each individual hair looks much stronger thanks to the use of loose hairs.

Convince yourself of the sensational Toppik effect: full and beautiful hair not only makes you look more radiant and better, but also gives you a confident look like you did when you were young! Try it now for 30 days with no obligation!

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