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Even though the balding cap doesn’t really apply as flawlessly as it appears in the photo, I believe it’s an excellent and not fake bald caps. 

I should mention that I am not an expert in the field of bald head costume makeup and that I just used this bald cap during my Halloween costume. 

I have long hair that reaches midway down my back, even Though I was able to pin it all to my head and cover it completely with this balding cap. 

 The critical challenge with the bald cap is that it has a natural propensity for tearing when stretched. 

After trying cutting the bald cap to fit around my ears, which you will have to do because the cap does not have ear openings, it got ripped around the ear region. 

I was able to basically glue it back together, but the rip made it appear less appealing.

 Other than the problem of it ripping, I have no more complaint about rather than choosing the right glue to avoid ripping.

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I added spirit gum, which is a type of costume cosmetic glue, to keep the cap in place, and it took several coats of the gum to keep it in place.

While the glue was drying, it began to ripple around the edges. 

Others may not have seen it, but it bothered me since I am a costume perfectionist. 

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  • Other Fibres: 100 percent
  • Hand Wash Latex Bald Cap
  • One Size Fits All Made in the USA and Imported
  • Only the most common Balding Cap is supplied; additional things necessary for application are not included.
  • Greasepaint is required for application.
  • Use Spirit Gum to apply it. 

Ab0ut Balding Cap

These hand-formed latex bald caps have incredibly thin edges and are a decent size for simple application.
For the most smooth fit, liquid latex (available separately) is suggested.

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