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Best Hats for Bald Men

The 10 Best Hats for Bald Men | ( 2023 Updated!)

Here are the 10 best hats for bald men, ranging from beanies hats for guys to trucker caps and everything in between, so you can find the best hat to cover your bald head while still looking stylish and staying warm in the process.

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The only thing worse than going bald is wearing the wrong hat. The wrong hat can draw attention to your shiny head, making you feel self-conscious and less sure of yourself. Fortunately, there are many types of hats that are ideal for bald men, so you don’t have to worry about people looking at your head instead of into your eyes as you make an important pitch or deliver an important speech.

Plus, wearing the right hat can actually improve how people perceive you, allowing you to build trust and credibility with clients and consumers as well as helping you to build confidence in yourself.  Luckily, there are tons of options when it comes to hats for bald men that will help you pull off the look in style and confidence!

Although these are some cool hats for bald guys there are maths about wearing hats cause balding.

10 Best hats for bald men

After the initial shock of losing all your hair wears off, you’ll need to figure out how to dress your hat for a bald head, so you can show it off proudly and not feel like you’re hiding from the world. Here are our top 10 best hats for bald men.

1) Flat Caps

icehao Men's Adjustable Newsboy Hat Beret Hat Driving Hunting Fishing Hat Genuine Leather Ivy Cap Fashion Beret Hat Flat Cap

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A flat cap is a more casual style that’s become popular with men of all ages, from teenagers to octogenarians. The main benefit of flat caps is that they can be worn at any time, making them one of our favorite hats for bald men. Although you have your choice of colors and styles, we recommend a simple black hat with or without an attached hood. Headgear fans who like to be stylish can wear a flat cap with jeans or chinos while those who are just looking for protection from the sun will find it difficult to find a more functional hat than one that comes in basic black.

2) Kangol Caps

Kangol Tropic Player

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A Kangol cap is a perfect hat for a bald head because of its versatility. It can be worn with both casual and formal clothing, and has a unique, interesting design that draws attention to your face. These hats also come in many different color combinations. Most importantly, Kangol caps are made from wool-like material, meaning that they are not only comfortable but stylish too. They can be worn any time of year, so you never have to worry about leaving your house with an awkward hat on your head!

3) Fedora Hats

Vintage Fedora Firm Wool Felt Panama Hat Classic Rancher for Men Women

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Fedoras are classic hats for bald men and a great hat to have in your arsenal. Many have that old school mobster look, but you can also find fedoras with a more modern flare. The fashion statement is subtle, but it’s there. If you’re looking to pay homage to a certain period of history or just want to be dapper, you can’t go wrong with a nice fedora hat.

4) Cowboy Hat

BRANDSLOCK Leather Cowboy Hat for Men Women Lightweight Handcrafted Western Shapeable Wide Brim Durable Cowgirl Outback Hat

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The cowboy hat is a staple of western fashion, and it’s also one of the best hats for bald men. Cowboy hats are known to hide receding hairlines—they’re wide and have a tall crown that can easily cover your hairline or thinning hair. The simple design means you can pair any cowboy hat with anything; a casual outfit can work with an open-weave straw version while a tailored suit looks great with a felt version. If you want to look like Tom Selleck, do what he does and don’t break up your pattern: wear your cowboy hat whenever you’re not wearing another one. And if anyone asks, just tell them Indiana Jones taught you well.

5) Boater Hat

 Boater Hat Men Women Straw Beach Hats for Summer Wide Brim Skimmer Costume Accessories Bowknot Braid

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For a more casual hat that says I don’t take myself too seriously, try a boater hat. It’s a classic hat style with a traditional design, so it won’t look out of place even if you wear it to fancy events. The lightweight canvas helps keep your head cool in hot weather. If you want to bring some flair to your outfit, consider one with a red band and lining—it’ll give off an old-fashioned vibe that looks great when paired with an all-black outfit. Plus, unlike some other hats on our list, it comes in multiple sizes, so you can find one that fits perfectly no matter how big or small your head is.

6) Trucker Hat

Goorin Bros. Trucker Hat Men - Mesh Baseball SnapBack Cap - The Farm

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The trucker hat is a perfect example of a masculine accessory that’s both fun and functional. Most trucker hats are made of mesh which keeps you cool and helps your scalp breathe. Plus, you can match them with just about anything from t-shirts to button-ups to help create an effortlessly put-together look. The only downside to trucker hats is that they don’t offer much protection from sunlight—but if that’s not a concern for you, then there are certainly worse choices than keeping your bald head covered with one of these bad boys.

7) Bowler Hat

 Levine Fleming Firm Felt Derby Bowler Hat 100% Wool (3+ Colors)

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A bowler hat is a great option because it both keeps your head warm and helps you maintain a sense of style. It’s also one of those hats that can be worn just about anywhere, so it makes sense to have one in your collection. When choosing a bowler hat, look for ones made with high-quality materials. The type of wool or fur used matters, as does construction. Look for bowler hats that appear high-quality and durable rather than flimsy and cheap. Quality will help ensure that your hat stays fashionable as well as functional.

8) Aussie Breezer

Australian Outback P-Leather Felt Mesh Breezer Cowboy Aussie Jacaru Golf

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The Australian-made Kangol Aussie Breezer is a classic and practical hat that’s perfect for bald men. The longer length offers more sun protection and a flat bill eliminates glare. At $25, it’s also one of the cheaper hats on our list, but you don’t need to sacrifice quality. The wool is soft and breathable (read: it won’t make your head too hot) and users rave about its durability. One reviewer calls it the best golf hat I’ve ever owned, no question. Australian companies can get away with showing off a sense of humor — like their rugby team — and Kangol did so by putting Aussie Made right on their beanie. Score!

9) Baseball Cap

47 New York Yankees MLB Brand Clean Up Adjustable

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One of these should be in every bald man’s arsenal. The classic white cap with a simple logo makes you look unassuming, which is a nice change of pace from looking like an extra from Little House on the Prairie. Throw it on your head, and you’re ready to run errands, drop off kids at school or go grab a beer at your local dive bar. Just don’t put it on in front of clients until after work hours are over. It’s kind of hard to take yourself seriously when sporting a trucker hat with an oversized logo and no hair to back it up. Also, avoid fitted caps that fit too snugly on your head—they call attention to what isn’t there (you get my drift?).

10) Bucket Hat

Kangol Men, Women Washed Bucket Hat

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The summer hats for bald guys, if you’re looking for a go-to hat that provides full head coverage, but doesn’t look unhip, then consider investing in a bucket hat. These hats are great in both hot and cold weather. They can keep your head warm when it’s chilly outside, or they can help to protect your scalp from sunburn when you’re outside on sunny days. Plus, they look good whether you wear them with a suit or jeans. The best part? If you’re wearing a well-fitted suit with long pants, no one will even know that you’re wearing it—so there’s no need to worry about people giving you strange looks!

Conclusion – best hats for bald men

A hat can help any bald man look good, regardless of his face shape. To determine what kind of hat is best for you, consider your lifestyle and why you might want to wear a hat in general. If you’re looking to just keep your head warm, buy a cosy beanie or watch cap and call it a day. For anyone who wants to take their head out into public, though, it’s time to do some shopping. Go in with an idea of which hats work best for your lifestyle so that you can quickly find what you need and then get back to enjoying yourself!

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