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Polysorbate 80 Hair Loss | A Treatment Claims to Regrow Hair

You’ll discover what polysorbate 80 is, how to use it, and where it originates from in this article. Following that, I’ll go over the study on polysorbate 80 usage for hair growth development and what it means for men with male-pattern baldness. Finally, you’ll learn about the availability and pricing of polysorbate 80, as well as how to purchase it for your personal usage.

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What is Polysorbate 80?

Vitamin research a products call Polysorbate 80 for hair loss, it is a liquid topical that claims to have the exact same effect as the ultra-expensive early balding stages treatment that come from Finland. The company recommends that the product be used on a regular basis before shampooing for maximum results. The product is said to gently remove DHT from the scalp, which will result in the halting of your hair loss. While ridding your body of DHT would definitely help you stop your hair loss, DHT is not on the surface of your scalp as this product suggests and therefore cannot simply be removed.

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How it works

According to the company’s website, the product should be massaged into your scalp and left to do its work for five minutes, and then it should be washed out. What supposedly happens in these five minutes is that the inactive hair follicles are re-energized and reminded to start growing again. The product is also said to gently remove DHT from the surface of the scalp during these five minutes, but again, DHT does not reside on top of the head and cannot be whisked away like dirt on a tile floor.

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Vitamin Research Products Polysorbate 80 is supposedly 100 percent Polysorbate 80. This is a popular ingredient in some eye drops, but there is nothing that links Polysorbate 80 to the blocking or removal of DHT. While the company gets the information right about what the main cause of hair loss is, they are using a chemical that has nothing to do with stopping it. The company does say that this ingredient is the main ingredient in many other high-priced hair loss products, but what they don’t tell you is that it is probably not the active ingredient in those products.


Sometimes the cost of something can say a lot about it. In the case of Vitamin Research Product’s Polysorbate 80 the price is very low, especially for a hair loss product, but that doesn’t mean it will work. If the product did what it said, why would the company be almost giving it away? With the number of those suffering from hair loss, a product that actually works is just about worth its weight in gold.


Simply taking one of the main ingredients out of something that works and making a product using 100 percent of that ingredient, doesn’t mean that the product will be the same. The main ingredient in Coke is water, but if you just took water and packaged it as ‘the same as Coke’ your efforts would fall flat. This is the exact same scenario for Vitamin Research Products Polysorbate 80. While they may have taken one of the main ingredients from a product that works, they did not take the others and therefore have an entirely different product, only this one won’t work. At least knowing that Polysorbate 80 is in a lot of eye drops will give you the comfort of not having to worry should some of the product accidentally make its way into your eyes. Aside of that, there isn’t much to gain from buying this product.

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