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Lil Wayne Balding – What You Should Know

If you are like me, one of the first things you think about when seeing Lil Wayne balding on camera is WTF? Will he shave his dreadlocks off because of hair loss? The truth is that Lil Wayne has struggled with hair loss for quite some time now, and it has been reported that he has turned to hair replacement therapy to conceal it from the public eye. While I am not a fan of Lil Wayne dreads, I have put together some information below from various sources in order to try and provide some answers about Lil Wayne hair loss.

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Lil Wayne bald is a hot topic among celebrities balding and fans alike. Recently, Lil’ Wayne debuted his new hairstyle with a photo on Twitter showing off his dreadlocks that as seen to be falling out and a massive bag of what appears to be marijuana. The photo was quickly deleted, but that hasn’t stopped many people from discussing Lil’ Waynes new look.

Not only that! Last year, rap star Lil Wayne made headlines when he ripped out clumps of his hair during a live performance. Now we see that these clumps may not have been actually dreadlocks as they are just dangling from his scalp without any glue or anything whatsoever holding them in place.

Now that Lil Wayne has lost some of his hair, many people on Twitter are speculating he will be going bald just like Floyd Mayweather. See how much he has thinned out in this picture here?

Lil Wayne Balding

It is unclear why Lil Wayne lost all his hair, but there are some speculations. We know that he has been dealing with sickness and stress, so these could be the reasons for him losing hair. It could also be because he isn’t taking care of himself well enough and this causes premature balding. He might also have male pattern baldness since he is ageing. But one thing can be clear: no matter what caused it, he needs to do something about it before it gets worse.

Lil Wayne balding head seems to lack pattern, but actually, his hairs are merely falling out in patches. In spite of this fact, LeBron James – who has the worst hair problem in sports history – reportedly said Lil Wayne is faring much better than him when it comes to losing his hair and that says a lot about Lil Wayne at this point.

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