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Have You Heard About John Travolta’s Hair transplant?

Is John Travolta bald? No, not anymore that’s history. John Travolta’s hair transplant is now a hot topic. No more history of John Travolta wearing wigs or toupees to cover up his bald head. Fans is loving John Travolta hair transplant.

For years celebrities with hair transplants are loving it and invested a lot in their new hair. John Travolta has been one of the most prominent names in Hollywood.

Since he made waves in iconic films such as Saturday Night Fever and Grease, Travolta has created a diverse portfolio exploring various styles.

He’s appeared in comedies, musicals, dramas, science fiction, and even action movies with high-octane such as Face/Off. However, as with many actors who appear on the screen, even at the age of Travolta has aged in the public eye.

Mainstream audiences have watched him progress from a young dancer to the mature man he is today.

John Travolta’s bald head is tough to bear in the face of media that exposes your weight gain, wrinkles and hair loss to examination at every turn.

The ever-changing hairstyles of Travolta were a constant cause of speculation. Hairstyles that were not ideal fueled rumor’s about him wearing a wig, while other hairstyles made people think that Travolta was undergoing an operation to repair his hair.

What year do you think John Travolta lose his hair?

It’s not a secret that John Travolta had been losing hair for many years.

A quick Google image search will yield hundreds of photos that show receding hairlines. It’s undoubtedly quite a radical change from the smooth hairstyle that was Danny Zuko in Grease.

This is, undoubtedly, John Travolta’s best-known part, and his long, flawless hair is a crucial element of his style.

The first indications of loss of male pattern hair were in the 1980s.

He kept his mouth shut about his hair loss, and candid photos showed his thin hairline and the front.

Did he wear a wig?

Travolta is known to wear a variety of hairpieces both on and off screen as he ages, and it’s difficult to track the rate of hair loss.

He was required to wear wigs with eye-catching designs to play the roles he played as a character in Hairspray and Battlefield Earth, just to mention a few.

And he’s not against having a wig on or a toupee in his appearances off-screen. He disguised his hair loss for years by wearing a wig, with various successes.

However, while certain styles caused him to be criticized for his hair’s condition, he preferred to opt for natural-looking looks and a more curly, higher hairline.

John Travolta as a bald man

Over the last three months, Travolta has been sporting an untidy head and a full beard.

The new look was announced on January 6th, 2019, and the news instantly hit the headlines and was an ongoing hot topic for the next few months.

Later, he credited rapper Pitbull as the reason he decided to accept his bald appearance, which proved to be an enormous success.

The actor himself said he “feels great” with the complete shave. And thanks to the support and love it received from his fans and family members, Travolta’s balding style seems to last for a time.

Did John Travolta have a hair transplant?

Like many men before and following this, the Hollywood actor is believed to be a significant investor in a variety of plastic surgery procedures like facelifts and the field of hair restoration surgery.

It’s also an effective method that can change the appearance of a patient thoroughly, and Travolta is an excellent illustration of the technique’s effectiveness.

John Travolta’s hair transplant procedure is believed to have occurred in 2016, and the results are believed to have taken years off his life.

As he approached the 63rd anniversary of his birthday, John Travolta looked younger than his age.

His hairline looked healthy and healthy, exactly like it did when he was in his 20s.

Travolta has likely decided to undergo a hair transplant with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) instead of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT).

FUE is the latest option that offers better results and more minor visible scars.

Steve Carell’s hair plugs are a crucial aspect for public figures. Media sources will scrutinize any scars or indications of surgery in depth.

Although it’s evident that Travolta has had a hair transplant surgery and seems happy to have had it done, It’s not a secret that the actor also enjoys some privacy.

In this context, the question is, what is FUE and what makes it the best alternative over FUT?

What is different between FUE and FUT?

Follicular Unit Extract and Follicular Unit Transplantation might seem similar, but they’re distinct. Let’s look closer at both.


Follicular Unit Extraction starts with eliminating healthy follicles from donor regions of the scalp, usually the sides and back (which are not affected).

They are extracted with a sophisticated, high-tech tool and treated with care and accuracy.

At HairPros, Our skilled surgeons utilize the FUE2 SafeScribe, an innovative device that has produced remarkable results (we’ll revisit this in the future).

After removal, the Follicles are then examined under a microscope and then prepared so that they can be transferred to the donor area.

The procedure’s physician starts by puncturing the scalp before putting in the grafts.

The follicles have been inserted in a manner that mimics average hair growth.

Fue produces accurate results that leave males ecstatic and with a more youthful appearance.


Follicular Unit Transplantation is a less popular choice for FUE.

This procedure is much less delicate as an entire section of tissue is removed from the donor region instead of the removal of follicles within individual units.

After removal, the flesh strip is cut into smaller pieces and is ready to be inserted into the areas intended for the scalp.

Small punctures are created in these areas before the grafts are placed.

The amount of skin removed from the scalp indicates that FUT is less distinct than FUE. Additionally, considerable scarring is more likely to be seen in the rear part of the scalp.

So, anyone undergoing FUT will need to maintain their hair at the length they prefer to cover the scars on the back of their hairline.

A solution for everyone

Men of all types of life and groups suffer from hair loss.

Balding could have a substantial adverse impact on people’s lives and leave them lacking the self-confidence they might have once had.

A hair transplant can alter their appearance and help make them look more attractive by restoring the hairline they used to have, which can lead to confidence and self-confidence.

But, certain men won’t be comfortable talking about their hair loss, especially with experts.

They might keep their feelings in the dark and avoid seeking medical attention, for instance, because they aren’t sure how effective it will be.

Suppose John Travolta and other celebrities undergo hair transplants or discuss their struggles with losing hair. In that case, it can inspire others to confront their hair loss and possibly explore hair transplant surgery.

Travolta’s beautiful hairline clearly shows how effective the treatment can be. It can inspire men who have suffered from hair loss to move on.

The preparations for your hair transplant procedure

At HairPros, Our surgeons utilize the FUE2 Secure Scribe tool. Hair restoration expert Doctor created the tool, which features an anti-depth blocker that stops the surgeon who handles the instrument from piercing skin on the scalp too profoundly.

In the end, using this method over other meth is quicker ds.

In addition, the hair follicles have a lower chance of harm when the transplantation process is carried out.

If John Travolta’s revolutionary hair transplant procedure may have inspired you to pursue hair restoration, do not hesitate to reach out to our helpful team.

Our procedures are conducted in Budapest by skilled surgeons using the latest instruments.

We’ll offer you a no-cost treatment plan, and you could save as much as 70 per cent on the regular hair transplant expenses across the UK. 

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