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Is Sarah Jakes Roberts’ Hair Truly Natural?

Is Sarah Jakes Roberts’ hair truly natural? Find out the secrets behind her gorgeous locks and uncover the truth in this article.

Sarah Jakes Roberts is known for inspiring many with her powerful talks. A big part of her image is the way she wears her hair. People often talk about whether Sarah’s beautiful curls and coils are her real hair.

She has shown on social media that, yes, her natural hair is all hers. Sarah also uses wigs to change up her look and keep her own hair healthy. By changing hairstyles, she sends a positive message: love who you are while taking good care of yourself.

Discover more about her inspiring journey and the significance of this choice in our detailed article on Sarah Jakes Roberts Wigs.

Her choice of hairstyles teaches us about self-love and confidence. These choices help others feel good about their own looks, too. This article will take a closer look at how Sarah rocks both natural locks and stylish wigs with ease.

Let’s uncover the story behind those gorgeous hairstyles!

Key Takeaways

  • Sarah Jakes Roberts is a public figure who has confirmed that her natural hair is real, showing off her curls and coils on social media.
  • She uses wigs to give her natural hair a break from styling, which also lets her try different looks without hurting her own hair’s health.
  • Her hairstyle choices showcase self-love and confidence, inspiring others to embrace their true selves while caring for their natural beauty.

Who is Sarah Jakes Roberts?

Sarah Jakes Roberts is the daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes and has made a name for herself as a media personality, author, and entrepreneur. She is also the founder of Women Evolve, an online community that encourages women to embrace their authentic selves.

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Her evolution with Women Evolve

Sarah Jakes Roberts started Women Evolve to help women break through challenges. This platform combines faith with personal growth and community support. It lets black women share stories, grow and heal together.

Her journey with Women Evolve shows she cares deeply about empowering others.

As the leader of this movement, her style has become a big part of her message. She uses her look to inspire women to find their own beauty and strength. Hair care is often discussed as a way for women to express themselves uniquely and authentically at Women Evolve events.

Overview of her hair

After experiencing an evolution with Women Evolve, Sarah Jakes Roberts has become known for her iconic natural hair look. Her hair is celebrated for its beautiful texture, rich color, and impressive length.

Through her platform on social media, Sarah has confirmed the authenticity of her natural hair, inspiring many to embrace their own unique beauty.

The versatility and styling options of wigs have also played a role in Sarah Jakes Roberts’ signature look. Not only do they provide a protective style that gives her natural hair a break from styling stress, but they also allow her to effortlessly change up her appearance without compromising the health of her own hair.

The Truth About Sarah Jakes Roberts’ Hair

Sarah Jakes Roberts’ natural hair texture, color, and length will be discussed in this section. Additionally, we will explore the iconic look that she is known for and confirm whether or not her hair is truly natural.

Her hair texture, color, and length

Sarah Jakes Roberts’ natural hair showcases beautiful coils and curls, emphasizing a rich, dark brown color that accentuates her elegance. With moderate length and volume, her hair exudes confidence effortlessly.

Iconic for its versatility, Sarah Jakes Roberts’ natural hair easily transitions into various styles with flair. Its effortless grace shines through in every Instagram post, leaving an indelible impression on many admirers worldwide.

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Her iconic hair look

Having embraced her natural hair texture and color, Sarah Jakes Roberts has become known for her iconic hair look. Her lengthy curls exude confidence and grace, showcasing the beauty of embracing one’s natural self.

Through her classic hairstyle, she has become an inspiration for many women seeking to celebrate their own unique beauty.

The style of Sarah Jakes Roberts’ hair speaks volumes about empowerment and authenticity while setting a positive example for those who admire her. It’s a visual representation of confidence in one’s natural appearance, an emblem of self-love and acceptance that resonates deeply with her audience.

Confirmation that her hair is natural

Sarah Jakes Roberts has confirmed that her hair is natural, dispelling any doubts about its authenticity. Her natural hair texture, color, and length have contributed to her iconic look as she fearlessly embraces and showcases her true self.

This revelation offers inspiration to many who appreciate the beauty of embracing one’s natural attributes while also utilizing wigs as a versatile tool for style expression.

Her confirmation reassures many individuals curious about the authenticity of her hair. Additionally, it serves as a reminder of the importance of celebrating our genuine attributes while also exploring various forms of self-expression through style choices.

The Role of Wigs in Sarah Jakes Roberts’ Style

Wigs play a significant role in Sarah Jakes Roberts’ style, providing versatility and allowing her natural hair to rest. Embracing change through wigs has become an integral part of her personal brand.

The versatility of wigs

Wigs offer Sarah Jakes Roberts the flexibility to switch up her style effortlessly. They allow her to experiment with different looks, whether she desires long flowing locks or a chic bob.

Wigs also provide an opportunity for her natural hair to rest and recover, promoting its overall health.

By embracing wigs, Sarah Jakes Roberts can confidently adapt to new trends without compromising her natural hair’s growth and integrity. This versatility enables her to express herself through ever-changing hairstyles while safeguarding the health of her own hair.

Giving her natural hair a break

To give her natural hair a break, Sarah Jakes Roberts often opts for wigs. The versatility of wigs allows her to protect her real hair while still maintaining various stylish looks.

Embracing change through wigs enables her to experiment with different colors, lengths, and styles without compromising the health and growth of her natural hair. This strategy also ensures that she can easily switch up her hairstyle for different events and appearances without causing damage or stress to her own hair follicles.

By using wigs strategically, Sarah Jakes Roberts effectively balances the desire for aesthetic variety with the need to protect and care for her natural hair.

Embracing change through wigs

Sarah Jakes Roberts embraces change through wigs, using them as a tool for versatility. Wigs allow her to switch up her style effortlessly and protect her natural hair from daily styling wear and tear.

By incorporating wigs into her look, Sarah gives herself the freedom to experiment with different hair colors, lengths, and textures without compromising the health of her own hair.

This approach also enables her to maintain the vibrancy of synthetic hair while allowing her natural hair time to grow and flourish in between styles.


In conclusion, Sarah Jakes Roberts’ natural hair journey is a testament to embracing one’s authentic self. Her iconic hairstyle reflects her confidence and individuality. By incorporating wigs as part of her style, she takes care of her natural hair while experimenting with different looks.

Overall, Sarah Jakes Roberts’ approach to her hair serves as an inspiration for others to celebrate their unique beauty.


Is Sarah Jakes Roberts’ hair real?

Yes, Sarah Jakes Roberts has real natural hair that she sometimes protects by wearing wigs.

How does Sarah take care of her natural hair?

Sarah takes care of her hair by following a good hair protection routine to keep it healthy and support its growth.

Can wearing wigs help with hair growth like Sarah’s?

Wearing wigs can help protect your own hair underneath, which might help it grow better when cared for properly.

Does Sarah have tips for wig maintenance?

While specific tips from Sarah may not be known, general wig maintenance includes keeping the wig clean and storing it correctly to keep its shape.

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