Hair La Vie Reviews: Does Hair La Vie Really Work?

Hair La Vie Review 2023 | The Customers Results

Hair La Vie is one of the most talked-about hair vitamin brands out there. This post will look at what the company offers and provide Hair La Vie reviews from real customers to help you decide whether or not it suits your needs.

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A majority of these hair care products are completely useless to women and men. For many, the product works just fine for a while before the woman starts experiencing thinning or balding again. This is something even more alarming considering most of these products contain harsh chemicals that attack both the scalp and skin, leaving many victims in serious trouble.

What is Hair La Vie?

Hair La Vie is an innovative hair product company that has made a name for itself in recent years. Their unique formulas are capable of providing you with perfect and luxurious locks (hair growth) forever.

In addition to this, all of their products contain only natural ingredients, so you won’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals or artificial substances entering your body. On top of this, they offer a 90-day full refund policy – it doesn’t matter how long you’ve had them for – in which they’ll give back your money if you’re unsatisfied after the 3 months.

With such strong reassurance backing the company up, everyone who gives it a chance can feel at ease knowing that even if it didn’t work out for them, they still get their money back.

With all the hype around these products, I decided to purchase them. After researching and reading reviews from people who bought the products before me, I found that not every customer has had positive feedback. With a lot of satisfied customers, however, it’s no wonder that I’m writing my Hair La Vie review!

Hair La Vie Products

Hair La Vie has many hair products but only 4 of them are incredibly popular:

  1. Hair La Vie Clinical Formula For Hair Vitamins.
  2. Hair La Vie Revitalizing Blend For Hair Vitamins.
  3. Hair La Vie Shampoo.
  4. Hair La Vie Conditioner.

Hair La Vie Ingredients

Each of the Hair La Vie Formula’s products uses natural ingredients such as vitamins and minerals. These work together to promote healthier hair growth by supporting nails, skin, and cellular health; helping with dandruff management; preventing breakage from split ends, hair thinning, and shedding – because we want you feeling confident every day!

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is often used as an ingredient for hair growth due to its similarity with Minoxidil – it can prevent the production of DHT that can cause you to lose hair. When your scalp has been freed from these harmful DHTs, Saw Palmetto does one other important thing: stimulating blood flow towards the follicles.


Collagen is frequently found in hair and beauty products because it contains all the necessary nutrients to grow healthy strands of hair. Taking supplements, while beneficial for improving skin texture, also work wonders in keeping your hair healthy.

Vitamin B Complex (Biotin)

Vitamin Bs can play an essential role in the production of red blood cells, vital for delivering nutrients to your body. Supplements may also help you grow stronger and healthier hair from within.

Studies show that one form of vitamin B, biotin, has been proven to be an effective treatment for Alopecia. Biotin is often used in hair growth products because it’s such a powerful ingredient for stimulating scalp health.

EVNOL MAX – Vitamin E

Evnol Max is composed of Vitamins that are essential for healthy skin and hair. These antioxidants protect your scalp and locks from damage while helping them grow stronger.

Marine Herbs

Omega-3s found in marine plants have been proven time and time again to thicken hair. Not only does it make your hair grow faster, but because of its ability to increase the thickness of each strand, you can rest assured that even if your hair isn’t growing at an optimal rate due to balding or other conditions, Omega-3s can still make it grow much quicker than before.

Trace Minerals

Hair La Vie promotes healthy hair by adding various minerals such as zinc, selenium, iron, silica, and iodine to its natural supplement line. Though often times difficult to consume in adequate amounts through food alone – these minerals are essential for fighting free radicals and reducing inflammation.

Trace mineral supplements can provide many wellness benefits such as aiding weight loss, relieving stress, and increasing energy levels-not just for your hair but for your whole body!

Now that you’re knowledgeable about what goes into every Hair La Vie product, let’s discuss the benefits and features of each one.

Hair La Vie Vitamins

With Hair La Vie offering two types of Vitamins, it can be difficult to make a decision about which vitamin is best for you. Here we break down both clinical and hair la vie revitalizing hair blend vitamins so that you can make an informed decision on which hair vitamin will work best for your needs.

Hair La Vie Clinical Formula For Hair Vitamins

This clinically proven product is the best-selling item at Hair La Vie. Known as Hair La Vie Rescue Rejuvenate and Grow, this all-natural supplement includes 20 natural ingredients. The manufacturer claims multiple solid scientific studies are backing the effectiveness of each ingredient, but no links are provided to provide support for this claim.

I found some evidence supporting that many of these ingredients – such as Indian Gooseberry or Amla – have amazing benefits for hair health. Together, these ingredients revive unhealthy hair follicles and make your hair thicker and fuller.

We want to emphasize that Hair La Vie’s Clinical Formula for hair vitamins is made of some unusual and hard-to-find ingredients. There’s no way for us or anyone else outside the company to learn what those ingredients are! Why would they keep them such a secret?

As a result, it’s difficult to tell whether or not there is enough of each ingredient to have a major impact. That said, if all the amazing reviews from users are anything to go by, then it’s more than fair to say that the formula for the Hair La Vie Rescue Rejuvenate and Grow is perfect.

Hair La Vie

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Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins Ingredients

This hair product from Hair La Vie contains:

These ingredients promote healthy hair, preventing the destruction of skin cells at the root.

  • Reishi Mushroom – Antimicrobial compounds present in this supplement prevent the destruction of skin cells located at the root area.
  • Omega 3s and 6s – Essential fatty acids found in flaxseed improve hair loss and make it healthier by nourishing its follicles.
  • Vitamin E – Helps build immunity which creates an environment where your air can flourish, thereby improving hair growth.
  • Amla – A powerful antioxidant that prevents grey hair and stimulates new cell production to make hairs thicker and shinier.
  •  Biotin (5,000 mcg) – Studies have shown that this ingredient helps to grow back hair for people suffering from Alopecia.
  • Bamboo Stem & Leaf – These ingredients provide the silica needed for strong and lustrous locks.
    plus Saw Palmetto – Stop DHT from thinning your hair.
  • Zinc – Keep hormones in check, helping to fight off and prevent hair loss.
  • Vitamin D3 – Boosting immunity while providing nourishment to skin and nails; vitamin D3 can help with bone strength too!
  • Selenium – This mineral is important in promoting the healthy growth of hair strands. Not only does selenium act as an antioxidant, but it protects against harmful free radicals as well!

Hair La Vie Clinical Formula For Hair Vitamins Side Effects

Some potential side effects can come from using the Clinical Formula such as itching or feelings of nausea. These symptoms are rare but do happen occasionally. Side effects may also include rapid heart rate, skin flushing, and dizziness which many times can be caused by niacin or mushroom extract (which are sometimes difficult for those who are allergic to tolerate).

One way to make sure there are no allergies is by reading the label and checking for ingredients that can trigger an allergic reaction.

How fast does Hair La Vie Clinical Formula work on my hair?

Results may vary depending on how long it has been since the start of treatment. Generally speaking, you’ll notice improvement after two months – less breakage occurring during these early stages. Full results usually take four months or more to be seen.

hair la vie products
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Hair La Vie Reviews – Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins

After struggling for years with brittle, thinning hair even after every possible remedy I could find – finally, something worked! And not only did it work wonders on my hair but also reduced how often I needed to wash and style it. By Doreen

My hair had always struggled to grow, but I never gave up hope and tried this product. When I finally found it after years of searching – I was overjoyed! After using it for just two weeks (and still using it), my hair has grown noticeably faster than usual. By Mary

I started using Hair La Vie/Rescue Rejuvenate & Grow back in February and I can already see a difference. My hair is longer and thicker than it has ever been before! It has become so clear to me now that I have been neglecting my locks for too long, but no more! Now, the only problem will be deciding which color to go with next. By Adrienne

Hair La Vie Revitalizing Blend For Hair Vitamins

With the Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins, you can expect not only increased hair volume but also a healthier scalp. Made with natural vitamins and minerals that penetrate through the thin skin of the scalp, these pills promote fuller strands while preventing future damage to already weakened follicles.

Like the other product mentioned above, Hair La Vie’s Revitalizing Hair Blend is packed with many natural ingredients and the most important ingredient of all-biotin! Not only does it do wonders for your hair but also your skin and nails.

Ingredients in Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins

What makes the Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins so special? It uses some of the same naturally sourced ingredients found in this product – such as saw palmetto, bamboo leaf and stem, zinc.

  • Organic Kelp – Chelated iodine builds up in hair follicles for stronger hairs.
  • Horsetail Herb – One of its minerals, Silica, aids to promote the growth of healthy and strong hair.
  • Collagen – Contains protein necessary for strong and beautiful tresses. It also helps improve skin conditions.
  • Borage Oil – Provides omega-6 fatty acids for stronger hairs. Boosts immunity with Vitamins A & D to prevent damage from free radicals.
  • Vitamin E – Antioxidant Vitamin that prevents dandruff caused by dry scalp; strengthens the roots; repairs damaged areas; moisturizes the scalp.
  • Iron – An element essential for healthy blood cells production; it also increases the intake of oxygen to the hair roots.

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How to Use It?

Our Revitalizing Hair Blend comes in capsule form so you can easily do what is instructed when you’re told, which includes taking two capsules per day. Can these be taken at the same time? No problem! Just take them with breakfast in the morning and dinner at night for the best possible results for your hair.

How fast does Hair La Vie revitalizing hair blend work?

After two months of using this hair product, you’ll start to see and feel some positive differences.

Reviews – Revitalizing Blend Hair La Vie Vitamins

After three weeks of using this product, I can proudly say that it has finally affected me. I do notice some changes in my hair – it is getting thicker and curlier than before- and what’s amazing is that the bald spot has also shrunk down quite a bit. It doesn’t happen quickly but it does work gradually overtime! By Kristine Christiansen

The first time I used this hair care product, my friends thought my hair looked really good. They asked what new beauty routine I had been using and were amazed when I told them it was only one product. They were so impressed that they even wanted to try it themselves! By LeCygneLady

Hair La Vie Clinical Formula vs Revitalizing Blend

Now that you are aware of Hair La Vie’s 2 potent hair growth formulas, which one should you try first?

Say YES to Hair La Vie clinical formula if you want thick and luscious hair.

Clinical Formula has shown effective results in its clinical trials including regrowing hair with Saw Palmetto, EvNol Max, Reishin Mushroom, and Amla among other clinically proven ingredients. If you are experiencing extreme hair loss, this is the supplement for you!

In addition to the Marine Formula, if you are allergic to fish or do not like its taste – take the Clinical Formula.

Take the Hair La Vie Revitalizing Blend If you are looking for an all-natural hair solution and want to give it a try.

In this blend, you’ll find the essence of both the ocean and clinically-proven ingredients. It’s perfect for helping you maintain your hair growth or if you want to promote healthy hair.

You’ll find this vitamin has more natural ingredients and tastes like fish due to that. The included natural marine ingredients have been shown to improve hair thickness and density – which I feel is something everyone can benefit from! What’s more, it has higher concentrations of oils – an ingredient most people don’t know can improve the quality of your hair.

So, if you’re looking for a high-quality supplement without worrying about losing any hair – we recommend taking our Revitalizing Blend Hair La Vie Vitamin!

Other Hair La Vie Products

Healthy hair starts from the inside out! Say goodbye to chemicals, toxins, and harsh treatments because it’s time for hair la vie products that are all 100% natural.

Hair La Vie Shampoo

Hair La Vie Shampoo for Growth, Volume & Scalp Health | Naturally-Derived with Tea Tree & Peppermint Oil plus Keratin & Saw Palmetto | SulfateLearn More

This shampoo has 19 natural ingredients that revitalize and restore the health of your hair. It provides benefits such as improving the look, feel, and smell of hair while providing you with a healthier scalp.

This shampoo has everything you could ever want in a product without any of the nasties. Unlike many other products, it doesn’t contain anything harmful such as dye, parabens, or SLS that would make your hair frizzy and damage it too. Low-lathering means you don’t need to worry about overdoing it when washing – it won’t harm your hair at all!

Hair La Vie Shampoo Ingredients

This shampoo is made up of all-natural ingredients and has no synthetic chemicals or other unidentifiable ingredients.

Haircare products are essential for an individual’s well-being, but that doesn’t mean that you need to purchase expensive brands from the mall. One way to save money while still giving your tresses the nutrients they need is by making simple home remedies from ingredients like:

  • Marula Oil – which helps maintain hair health without causing clogging of pores;
  • Silk Amino Acids – which strengthens and repairs damaged strands;
  • Coconut Oil – which moisturizes and softens hair regardless of what state it’s in; or even Keratin
  • Peppermint oil – which increases strength and fights frizziness respectively.

The shampoo also has Saw Palmetto and Vitamins D3, E, and B5.

The Effective Using Hair La Vie Shampoo?

This shampoo will leave your hair feeling soft and smooth after just one month. And it gets even better after that, leaving you with silky-smooth locks by the fourth month!

How to Use It?

Start by getting your hair wet. Take the shampoo and rub it all over your head, allowing three minutes for full absorption. Rinse off the shampoo thoroughly in warm water when you’re done – warm water opens up the pores in your skin so that dirt will come out easier when you wash.

hair la vie shampoo reviews

My hair needed an urgent makeover – dull, brittle, and thin. But after trying Hair La Vie for the first time, my mane became more voluminous and the strands looked healthier!

The natural ingredients are what made all the difference – it smells amazing too! And most importantly? It didn’t leave any residue or make my scalp itch after like other products I’ve tried before!

The product also helped me control my rebellious locks from frizzing up! And best of all? My hair isn’t dry anymore because of how much moisture this product has provided to me over time! By Virginia Footlik

Hair La Vie Conditioner

Hair La Vie Hair Mask & Deep Conditioner with Coconut Oil, Argan Oil & Keratin for Curly, Straight, Dry or Heat DamagedLearn More

The Hair La Vie Conditioner helps you achieve a salon-quality feel without ever having to leave your home. With one simple application, this conditioner will leave your hair feeling soft and smooth without even making it look greasy or oily.

Hair La Vie Conditioner Ingredients

Using this shampoo and conditioner will provide hair with nutrients from natural ingredients such as coconut oil, horsetail extract, marula oil, keratin, peppermint oil, saw palmetto, and Vitamins D3, E, and B5.

How Quick Does It Work?

Your hair will look healthier and shinier after just one month of using this conditioner!
Don’t forget to use it consistently for the best results!

How to Use Hair La Vie Conditioner?

Rinse your hair before applying conditioner and massage the product from roots to tips. Allow product to set for 4 minutes. Rinse completely afterward.

Hair La Vie Dry Shampoo

Hair La Vie Dry Shampoo Hair La Vie Dry ShampooLearn More

Dry shampoo for busy women who don’t have time to cleanse their hair? Sounds perfect! Hair La Vie’s Dry Shampoo works hard at protecting your hair from damage – it has powerful ingredients such as Meadowfoam Seed Oil, an antioxidant-rich ingredient that will leave your locks feeling healthier than ever before. Plus, Black Clay and Bamboo are there to remove excess oil so you can go about the rest of your day with healthy-looking hair.

Hair La Vie Serum

Hair La Vie Serum Hair La Vie SerumLearn More

It is essential to keep moisture in your hair; this will make sure your hair stays healthy and strong. To do this, use an oil-based serum like my favorite product from Hair La Vie. Oil-based serums provide a shield against damage that can happen during styling or due to external factors such as pollution or sun exposure.

Hair La Vie Collagen

Hair La Vie CollagenLearn More

If you’re someone who loves drinking collagen every day, then Hair La Vie also offers a powder type. What’s so special about this one? Well first off, it contains different types of collagen; making it more appealing than the other ones on the market. But what sets this product apart from the rest is its grass-fed bovine collagen III and marine collagen. These are ingredients that work together to nourish your hair follicles for healthier hair growth!

In addition, it contains vitamin C which is needed for the production of collagen. This product also has spirulina and ginger which improve this supplement’s benefits even more.

Hair La Vie Organic Argan Oil

Hair La Vie Organic Argan OilLearn More

When I discovered this organic argan oil, I was blown away. Not only does it make my hair look shinier, but it also feels softer than ever before! It seals in the moisture and best of all there are no chemicals in this product whatsoever! This means that my hair won’t be damaged by something external like ultraviolet light or reactive oxygen species. There is nothing better than not having to worry about anything harming my beloved locks!

Hair La Vie Products – Where to Buy

So, where should you buy Hair La Vie products? Well, if you want to make sure you’re getting genuine products then go straight to the source – the manufacturer’s official website. For those of us who might be hesitant or afraid, there is an option of purchasing these hair care products through Amazon.

Hair La Vie Cost

Our only complaint about Hair La Vie is the expense. These products are overpriced – not even taking into account shipping fees! If you want free shipping, you’ll need to purchase three bottles of clinical formula hair vitamins for $51.99 each, or six bottles for $45.99 each.

The Revitalizing Blend starts at $47.99 for one bottle and goes down from there if you buy more than one. It’s so reasonable!
Shampoo and Conditioner are available starting at only $25.99 per bottle – enough to last the whole month!

Hair La Vie Results

Thousands of satisfied customers found success when they used Hair La Vie Vitamins and Hair Care Products.

  • Stronger Hair and Nails too
  • Faster Hair Growth
  • Healthy-Looking Hair

There are many different before and after pictures. You can go onto their Amazon product page or even visit their website for them. Just take a look at these few examples here

Hair La Vie Before and After Photos

Hair La Vie Before and After

Hair La Vie Reviews

Many people love the benefits they get from using Hair La Vie Products, such as this woman who said I use both shampoo and conditioner every day because my hair gets so oily. But when I use these products it doesn’t look oily at all.

I tried many hair treatments- biotin, shampoo and conditioner, scalp spray, and oils- but nothing seemed to work. Then I found Hair La Vie and it was life-changing! As an added bonus, the company has great customer service! By Play

I used this product and noticed that it made my hair grow faster. It also helped keep my nails from breaking so much. I really liked it because after using it for about 3 months, it has greatly helped me maintain my style in-between haircuts. No other product (e.g., Biotin) had been this effective before. By Cathy M

I’ve only been using this product for a few weeks, but I am seeing major improvements in my hair’s health. My strands feel less brittle than they did before and the breakage is gone! It feels really good to know that I’m actually growing new hairs again after such a long time of struggling with thinning hair. By Donna Abrams

Does Hair La Vie Really Work?

Based on reliable reviews, an influential mix of unique ingredients, proven research, and quality customer service, I find that Hair La Vie can really help you grow your hair. What varies for each person is how quickly it will happen – some people’s hair will only start growing after 3-4 months; however, others see a change much sooner. What also differs is diet, lifestyle, and general health – if they’re great they could expedite the effects or even cancel them out completely if you don’t give them enough time to work!

Your body needs good nutrition for it to heal properly, so make sure you are eating clean; avoid toxins like alcohol and cigarettes which will only create problems for your health. Once you stop stressing about work or any other issues, find the time to do some Yoga or Sauna – or if all else fails go for a long walk in the park.

Hair La Vie Side Effects

It has also been noticed that when people use this product there are some side effects. This could be due to the Niacin, Biotin, and Marine ingredients. Some of the most common ones I have seen are:

  • Itching, Allergies
  • Scalp Flushing/Burning
  • Acne
  • Headaches
  • Nausea

Hair La Vie FAQs

Is there a Hair La Vie for Men?

You don’t have to be a woman to take Hair La Vie Vitamins! There are plenty of guys out there who use them too – and they’re seeing success in all aspects of their lives. It’s because these vitamins work for both sexes, addressing all the needs that come with hair loss and thinning hair, including faster-growing facial hair.

Does Hair La Vie Help Thinning Hair?

Hair La Vie Vitamins can give you thicker hair from the inside out. That’s because it provides your body with all the nutrients needed to strengthen your locks and keep them healthy for life.

Is hair la vie legit

Hair La Vie is a high-quality haircare brand with an army of products to care for every type of hair imaginable. Utilizing this vast range, you’ll find solutions for whatever problem you’re experiencing– even if you don’t know what it is!

Hair La Vie vs Nutrafol: Which is Better?

Nutrafol and Hair La Vie are the top two brands for hair growth supplements. The main difference between these products is that Nutrafol has added nutrients to supplement their intake with vitamin B, C, D3, and E; which makes it more of a one-stop product that can provide solutions for every need.

While the price tag may look a little bit higher, you’ll be getting twice as many vitamins. It’s true – while two pills of Hair La Vie are enough to make your hair look healthy and shiny; you will need four Nutrafol Pills each day to see similar results. But this might not matter to you if you really don’t like taking supplements in pill form.

Is Hair La Vie FDA approved?

Indeed, Hair La Vie doesn’t require FDA approval before being distributed, but you can rest assured in knowing that the ingredients used are all safe and free of chemicals. They’re also natural, so you’ll never run into any adverse reactions from using them.


Should you buy the Hair La Vie Product, or should you stay away from it? The price is the only drawback. Expensive prices will limit the number of people who can utilize it as recommended daily – but if money isn’t an issue for you then go ahead and indulge!

One customer experienced anaphylaxis after coming into contact with this product, which means those with allergies must avoid this. Fortunately, there are many other things that you can do! For example, the use of Hair La Vie is beneficial through users’ feedback.

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