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Which Is Better Irestore vs Capillus

Irestore vs Capillus | Which Laser Device is Better 2023

Which is better Irestore vs Capillus  a comparison review for the best laser hair growth device.

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In the case of hair growth, various options available on the market can effectively treat hair loss. A fresh, innovative method of treating hair loss is laser cap treatments offered by companies such as Capillus or iRestore.

The best laser cap for hair growth rapidly increased since the 70s, with minoxidil gaining popularity, labeled as Rogaine, and many others that have come onto the market. They offer the exact product under different names; all they sell is minoxidil.

For a few months, this innovative method of treating hair loss has been available to users as an easy and effective method of hair growth from your own home and what appears to be a quick timeframe regularly.

Difference Between Capillus And iRestore Laser Cap


If you examine the style of these two items, the first appears to be an ordinary cap or hat, while the other seems more like a technological device. The Capillus cap has a design similar to every different hat, but it features laser technology from the inside. However, iRestore has a very sophisticated technique that appears much more like a medical device. It could cause more discomfort to be seen wearing it. However, the treatments should generally be carried out at home, not in the office.

irestore vs capillus


Capillus’s quality appears to be the best-in-market. Both are FDA-approved. Capillus caps are manufactured in the United States. In contrast, iRestore caps appear to be manufactured in China, giving the Capillus an additional layer of control and quality from China to the United States.


It is a significant distinction between the two. Capillus” uses a laser with no LED technology, whereas iRestore uses LED technology in its laser cap with about 21 lasers in its technology. Twenty-one lasers are because LED technology isn’t an established treatment method for losing hair. Capillus contains 82 laser bodies, making it the highest quality and, in our view, the best the only cap to treat hair loss and growth.[1]

Can I Use Capillus & iRestore Cap Together?

It is not recommended to apply these two products simultaneously. Whatever you choose should provide enough treatment to stimulate hair growth with laser regeneration.

laser hair therapy device
No matter how much hair is gone — it CAN come back.

Stimulate growth safely and comfortably with FDA-PROVEN (LLLT) LASER THERAPY CAP. Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Vikram Jayaprakash and Dermatologist, Dr. Russell Knudsen speak about how hair loss happens and why a laser cap is their preferred laser hair therapy device to help restore hair growth.


Which Hair Laser Cap Is More Popular? Capillus Or iRestore?

Both products hold the largest market share and have their names in the field. Capillus appears to have less of a percentage of the market (online) due to its price, because it’s around $400 more costly than iRestore however, based on our analysis and research, it’s superior in quality. It seems to offer excellent treatment for laser hair regrowth treatments.

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Capillus laser cap

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Before & After

  • Clinically Proven & FDA cleared as an effective and safe treatment for hair loss due to hereditary causes (identified through generalized thinning hair and a receding hairline or pattern of hair loss). It is now possible for anyone to develop hair at home or in the office using the same type of laser previously only available through doctors.
  • Just 6 minutes every Every day. Comfortably treat your scalp using the swivel-fitting Capillus Ultra when you drink your morning cup of coffee.
  • A DOCTOR-RECOMMENDED THERAPY to create fuller and thicker hair when employed as a stand-alone item or when used in combination with topical hair loss creams or prescription medicines as well as before and after hair transplant surgery. Hair loss doctors know that many different laser hair regrowth products are equal. Without any adverse effects are known, The Capillus Ultra cap features laser-only technology with no internal LED light source.
  • Produced in the USA to ensure quality, This device is simple to use, discrete, and comfortable. Also, each one is inspected individually before shipment to ensure safety. Our US-based customer service and support team are ready to help with any queries.

iRestore Overview

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

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  • iRestore laser Hair Growth System (also known as iRestore Essential ID 500) is an FDA-cleared hair loss therapy and medical gadget to treat receding hairline, alopecia, loss of hair, and thinning to encourage hair growth for both genders (note that this isn’t an iRestore Professional version)
  • 6-Month Cash Back Warranty – Clients will likely notice a noticeable improvement in their hair within 3 – 6 months (results could differ). If you don’t see results from these products after six months, send the product back for a full REFUND (NOTE You must get in touch with the seller of Freedom Laser Therapy directly for the return since Amazon’s system allows only the return of up to 30 days)
  • iRestore has been studied clinically by doctors and has been confirmed to increase hair growth for women and men in 2017. Research study. In this study, a staggering 100 percent of female and male users experienced visible hair growth, with an average of 43.23 percent of hair growth (Scroll into section “RELATED VIDEO SHORTS” section below to read more)
  • If you’re a male, either female or male, you can quickly have more significant, denser, and healthier hair by using iRestore’s lasers with clinical strength restoration technology. It can be used as a stand-alone treatment or mix it with other medicines to treat hair loss, and doctors believe that low-level therapy (LLLT) is a great option to boost the effects of different treatments for hair loss (such as supplements with biotin, growth shampoo foam, conditioner Rogaine, minoxidil Finasteride, Propecia and many other products for hair growth)
  • This home-based medical device is made in GMP-certified facilities and is strong, light, and comfortable. It is hands-free, comfortable, and simple to use, unlike a laser-based comb and brush, which provides much smaller coverage, and requires constant hand movement, which can be tiring and inconvenient and stops you from moving about your day.

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Conclusion to Which is Better Irestore vs Capillus

Based on the reviews and searches online, we’ve learned that when it comes to hair regrowth laser treatments, Capillus and iRestore are the two top brands and products on the market. If you’re forced to pick between them, it’s contingent on the high-end quality or a lower price. If you’re interested in determining whether hair laser treatments are the right choice but are not sure about spending $999, iRestore is a good option for you at around $545.

If you’re looking for a better high-end all laser hair regrowth treatment, we suggest Capillus. The Capillus product is available in 3 different models of their product, which you can purchase ranging from $999 up to $2,500.

Our research shows dermatologists have recommended the Capillus cap to treat hair loss laser treatment.

Read the best laser hair growth device review of  LLLT for hair loss below to get an in-depth analysis of both the Capillus cap and iRestore hair Regrowth Laser Cap. Additionally, a comprehensive review of HairMax and Low laser light therapy for hair loss treatment might be interesting to you too.

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