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My Finasteride Success Story

Finasteride Success Story: Is Propecia Results Legit

I’m sharing my own finasteride success story in the hopes that it will help someone else out there who is struggling with androgenetic alopecia and male pattern baldness, a majority problem with females and males suffering from hair loss. 

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So, when looking for hair loss solutions, you don’t make the same years of mistake I did taking finasteride on waiting for results after two years, after many trials of different hair loss products, my hair started to grow back. It’s been almost a year, and my hair is thicker and healthier than ever. 

If you’re thinking about taking finasteride, I urge you to do your research, and Don’t you dare buy another hair loss product until you Read my journey of hair loss success story! My two-year chronicle of hair loss products that failed… & succeeded!

Who Am I?

Top 5 hair loss treatments that I would recommend based on effectiveness and customer reviews

William Levy Bald.., Yes! I’m the balding Mexican guy who seems to be suffering from male pattern baldness in my early 20s, which is frustrated that I have more hair on my back than on my head. I stopped being carded at bars when I was 22 years old. I look ten years older than I am. I’ve tried to have a happy head; almost everything you can do that claims to add hair to one’s bald crown head.

You’re probably here because, like me, you’ve been searching for that *miracle product* that happy head reviews products will allow you to grow your hair back or at the very least keep you from losing more. Yeah, Keep dreaming.

What This Finasteride Success story is About & How It Will Help You & Your Hair

Is About My Happy Head Reviews Products of Success

So, You must keep reading if you want that gorilla-fur thick hair on your head. I’m going to go into great detail in this article about how the hairs on my head fell out and re-planted themselves on my shoulders, how I started my hair restoration process (on my head), what products I used, what worked, what didn’t, and where I am now. I will do my best to link to references and information on everything I talk about to keep this page manageable yet allow you to get as much information as possible. So feel free to click around.

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To Grow Hair or Not to Grow Hair? That is the Question

For many of us, stopping our hair from falling out isn’t enough – the damage is done, and we either need to find a solution to get the loss of hair back, or we do what most of us do, and that shaves it all off, grow a goat-tee, and try to look cool.

For me, that wasn’t an option. I look like a cancer patient when I shave all my hair off. To make matters worse, I have a huge flat spot on the back of my skull. I must have been dropped when I was a baby, at least that is what I am guessing because my folks won’t admit to it. To be blunt, I am one of those ugly bald head guys that’s to start with and even uglier without hair. Hey, I am just being brutally honest. Speaking of being honest, I cracked into the pressure and shaved my head, but I refuse to grow the obligatory goatee with it.

What Products Have I Used? Pros and Cons

However, let me save you a lot of time by showing you the things I have researched and the products I have used to give me happy head results. I’m starting from the beginning with something that didn’t work, to things that may have worked, to things that did work. You can make up your decision as to what’s best for you after this:

Happy Head Hair Loss Reviews Products 101

Hair Transplant Surgery – This was one of the first things I had looked into hair transplant. Plugs or terrible-looking hair replacement options were a thing of the past, and the new thing was hair transplant, that is, taking a strip of flesh from the back of your head just above your neck and cutting it out to harvest the hairs from there. These hairs are then surgically implanted into your bald spots. The premise is that this hair transplant puts new hair on your bald spot by using strands resistant to falling out because they are from an area of your head where hair loss doesn’t happen. The problem for me was that it was very costly and would involve multiple sessions (visits) to complete. That’s even more of a cost. I’m not rich, so this option was out for me.

But, I can recommend you to one of the best hair transplant agencies for a consultation if you want a schedule to appointment or have a question, sign-up here. There Page has some success with before and after photos of hair transplant client reviews and more.

Rogaine (Minoxidil) – This is a topical solution that you rub onto your bald spots. You can find out everything you want to know about Minoxidil by visiting the Rogaine website, but let me try to sum up my experience. First, I had to buy Minoxidil. Then I tried Minoxidil and did everything ideally the first month or so. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stick with the program. 

You must apply the Rogain (Minoxidil) cream every morning and every night. It would be best if you did it when your scalp is dry, so for me, every morning after a shower, I had to blow dry my hair, or my scalp would still be wet. Then I applied the Rogaine solution, and the hairs around the area were just a mess. It was a long process for me to do, twice daily, and messy too. If you’re thinking about having a girl run her fingers through your hair while using Rogaine, you better be prepared to explain what the hell is on your head because your hair will feel nasty to her.

So after a month of Rogaine, I just called it quits. I lost more hair than ever while on this. But that’s part of the process, and it seems — according to their FAQ, for the first two months, you can lose a lot of your hair. I didn’t give Rogaine a fair shot

 because you must stick with it for a long time. And you can’t miss applying Rogaine twice per day, every day. That didn’t work with my lifestyle.

Spironolactone – I learned about hair loss remedy compound from bodybuilders losing their hair from juicing too much and were looking for a way to keep from shedding their hair on their head while on the roids. Spironolactone proved to be an effective DHT blocker when rubbed on your scalp. In other words, your hair falls out because of high levels of DHT in your scalp, but applying Spiro to your scalp blocks the DHT from killing your hair follicles, and you’re golden. 

It sounds like the perfect cure, right? Wrong.

Here’s why. It’s a liquid solution you rub onto your scalp, like Rogaine. My version came in a long skinny tube like a roll-on deodorant. The roller would roll on my scalp and leave its magical juice behind. Because of this, it was the same pain in the ass that Rogaine was.

But Spironolactone was worse. Spiro comes with a particular smell. Yup, this little treasure has the odor of a striped feline we call the skunk. I swear, my head smelled like an armpit with B.O. It was terrible! I would ONLY use it at night because the smell was too embarrassing to wear to work. When I was using this, I was a single guy, and as single guys do, I would hunt for a lady friend whenever given a chance, and this smell wasn’t going to work with that objective in mind.

From my research, Spironolactone doesn’t grow hair back – it just keeps you from losing the inches you already have.

Propecia (Finasteride) This pill has shown promising results as a hair loss remedy in studies. But there’s a catch, and you must be a big man to handle it—more on that in a minute.

Buying Propecia sounded like the perfect thing for me. Pop a pill daily, and my hair loss would stop and possibly grow back. Studies have shown that 80% of men who take Propecia stop losing their hair. I was sold, so I had to get a Propecia prescription and try it out myself. One Propecia prescription later, I was on it.

I realized weeks into taking Propecia that my libido was just non-existent. Taking Propecia was a time when I did have a girlfriend, and having a libido was essential to her and me. There were times during sex when I couldn’t get a full erection, which was very embarrassing. I had no idea it was the Propecia and looked into why a young guy like me had erectile dysfunction issues. It was during this research that I realized Propecia could cause this.

Worse yet, there have been cases of Propecia-induced impotence. You read that right – guys that took Propecia, and when they came off of it, even 2 or 3 years after the fact, they were impotent and couldn’t get an erection. Lucky for me, my sex drive and issues returned to how they were within months of stopping usage. Propecia did not lead to Viagra, at least for me 😉 

Nizoral Shampoo – After fearing losing my boner forever, I decided to write off any ingestible pills. I read about Nizoral from a guy at work who swore by the stuff. While Nizoral isn’t for hair loss treatment, it does the job. At this time, you couldn’t get this shampoo anywhere in the states, and he was ordering a Mexican brand of shampoo that contained 2% Nizoral. Nizoral is a compound that is said to stop hair loss. It’s used for dandruff, but people use it to help prevent hair loss. 

It would be best if you only used it twice per week. Otherwise, you can dry up your scalp real bad. To this day, I still use Nizoral shampoo and recommend it as a small hair loss remedy, and since you can now pick it up at many local stores, it won’t grow your hair back. Use this with Profollica Hair Recovery System for good results. More on Profollica below.

Procerin – I found this one in an online ad. I was already using Nizoral shampoo and was looking for something inexpensive to try to regrow some of my hair. The Nizoral also needed help from something else to stop my shedding, so this looked promising.

The ingredients of Procerin were all natural when I ordered it, so the risk of impotence or libido obstruction seemed improbable. I ordered the Procerin tablets. Ninety days later, I stopped when I ran out. My girlfriend said she didn’t notice any difference in my hairline. I didn’t either. It was a waste.

Scalp Med – Before I finished my Procerin, I had seen the infomercial on Scalp Med, which looked promising. But it was a cream for the scalp again. Sheesh! I am starting to think this is the only way to go, even though I wouldn’t say I like it. I saw the commercial again a couple of months after I finished the Procerin and decided to order the product for four months.

First, it comes with a Cortex Enlarger, a hair spray that is supposed to penetrate your hair and give you instant fullness. Boo! Not valid, at least with me. I thought it wasn’t crucial.

The good news is that ScalpMed comes with two other bottles: Vitadil-5A and Vitadil-2A. I stuck with it for several months and was showing some actual progress! This stuff was working. The bad news is that I ran out of money, and it was either grow hair or pay rent. 

So I started researching ways to create my version of scalp med. Interestingly enough, the active ingredient in Scalp Med is Minoxidil. Yup, we’re back to square one. Remember that Minoxidil is the generic name for Rogaine. The difference between Scalp Med and Rogaine is that Scalp Med has a variety of ingredients in it, but more importantly, I used this for a handful of months until I ran out of cash. With Rogaine, I didn’t give it a chance. With this, I gave it a chance and ran out of money. 

Profollica – While researching Scalp Med, I found some chaps online talking about another product that hit the market called Profollica. There were great good testimonials and female pattern baldness success stories about the product, so I looked into it.

This product comes with both a topical solution and some tablets you take orally called the 2-step hair growth system. Interestingly enough, the ingredient list looks very similar to Scalp Med. The Profollica Plus and Profollica Activator Gel use all-natural ingredients to help combat DHT and promote hair growth. Since they are naturally made, they don’t cause the terrible ‘libido-killer’ side effects with Propecia. Thank you, Jesus! Click Here To See How It Works.

The active ingredient in the Profollica topical solution is Biotin, Maidenhead, and L-Cysteine! – the same stuff you get with Rogaine and Scalp Med. 

It also has another fascinating ingredient called amino acids, which help kill bacteria in the hair follicles, and regenerate the follicle lining and damaged skin cells.

Together, based on the active ingredients, they are very similar to Scalp Med but are a fraction of the cost. For example, Scalp Med is priced at $318 for four months. Profollica is $149 for four months. Even a brain-damaged monkey can do that math – the Profollica is less than half the cost. 

Based on my decent results with Scalp Med and Profollica look similar and are much cheaper; I ordered the four-month supply. It’s been over a year since then, and I have since ordered their six-month supply – twice. Why? Because Profollica Hair Recovery System has been working better than anything else I have tried to date.

The most significant happy head results are in the back of my head (the bald spot up top), and I am getting what my girlfriend likes to call ‘scalp fuzz’ on my frontal hairline. Some of the older fuzz is now darker and turning into natural hair. I realize that part of my forehead where I used to have hair will probably never grow hair – it’s medically documented that nothing tends to grow in those areas once a follicle has been dormant too long. But the hairs along my hairline seem to be coming in slowly, and I feel like I am looking younger as time goes on, so that is very exciting.

And yes, I am back to using the liquid solution on my head with Profollica, but I have an understanding girlfriend. This solution mixture doesn’t seem to feel as ‘dirty’ in my hair as when I tried Rogaine. Perhaps I a just over the initial shock of it all – you can never get a first impression/experience back.

I guess “it goes without saying that” I recommend Profollica. I also recommend Nizoral Shampoo. I was taking Vitamin B6 and Biotin in my earlier days because a study suggested their use with amino acids was a DHT inhibitor. The ProFollica Daily Supplement now contains amino acids, Vitamin B6 and  Biotin, so I no longer need to take those separately. 

So What’s the Verdict on the Best Product?

Based on my experience, the alternative for Minoxidil that works is Profollica, and most other things are a scam if hair replacement is what you want. Minoxidil and Profollica is the only FDA-approved substance for doing so. 

You can get hair growth through the Profollica Plus With Millet Extract product, which I use. 

To get the oral support you need, use Profollica Plus. For an additional benefit, use the topical solution called Profollica Activator Gel, with herbal extracts proven to help stimulate hair follicles for growth. 

Using both seems to have worked well for thousands of people, including myself, and is well known in the hair loss talk forum. Combining the topical solution and the oral pill has a whammy effect on hair regrowth. It’s pretty amazing stuff, in my opinion.

Many people want to write off that any kind of oral support can be helpful, but check out the ingredients list and the available data. Click HERE to check it out.

Profollica is far cheaper than the alternatives, and it offers a two-month guarantee – that’s one of the reasons why I was willing to give Profollica a try. So you have nothing to lose. ** A little tip ** When you order, place a four-bottle package because you’ll get two free bottles for a total of 6 bottles that will last you six months. It’s well worth the money; you save a ton by doing this.

Also, pick up some Nizoral shampoo and start using that seven days after you begin the Profollica. Use it two times per day or every other day at the most.


My girlfriend decided she was fantastic with my shaved look, so I kept it. However, I still use Profollica, just in case I choose to grow it later (I want to be ready!) I do the pills daily, and it is much easier to just run the topical solution over my bald head without worrying about the hair. The roots need the solution, not the hair, so all is good. I read that it doesn’t matter whether the hair is shaved or extended to the follicle. If it were bad for the strand, hairs wouldn’t grow back thicker and more substantial on your body when you shave them, so I am not worried about that.

That’s about it. You know what works and what doesn’t and how a cheapskate like me is doing what he is doing. You must love the Internet and the money-back guarantees, so give the Profollica / Profollica Revive Shampoo a shot.

Recommended Product:

Profollica  –

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3 thoughts on “Finasteride Success Story: Is Propecia Results Legit”

  1. YF (funny name), you are more than welcomed to go blow your cash on ‘brand name’ products you are aware of. But it doesn’t take a big mind to look at the ingredients of something like Rogaine or other effective product and then take a look at the ingredients of Profollica, and see that they are fairly similar. Over half of the liquid in Rogaine is propylene glycol and nearly one third of it is alcohol, both inactive ingredients. In Profollica, you get the same 5% minoxidil as an active ingredient, plus you get the Biotin which has studies showing it can promote hair growth. Then you have the oral support with products also believed to help with hair loss — nettle root and saw palmetto are a good combo.

    I think you calling a product a scam because you haven’t done your research does a disservice to others looking for a hair loss remedy. No matter what product you search for, you will find people calling it a scam. But use your brain and look at the research data and the ingredient list and read the testimonials or comments of people who say its worked for them. It’s working for me, and you can choose to believe me or not.

  2. Well said Doc. Well said! I placed my order a couple days ago and am waiting for it to arrive. I actually have a friend I recently met up with in Cabo who told me to look it up online which is how I found this site, and we all noticed his hair growth after not seeing him for almost 2 years … it was crazy, and we thought he had a hair transplant surgery. He looked substantially different. I would post up some photos of us from last week and then one from a few years ago so you could see what I am talking about, but there’s no way to attach photos.

  3. I will vouch for the terrible smell of spiro. It smells like an arm pit. Good review William levy bald. I’ll give profollica a try

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