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Tim Pool Bald | Why Is Tim Pool Bald (2023)

Who is Tim Pool, and why is Tim Pool bald? Let’s explore these questions one at a time, starting with the easier of the two to answer. Yes, Tim Pool has no hair on his head and can be best seen with a bald head. Fans as witness seeing Tim pool without hat again. The reason why this happened seeing bald, according to him, was because of stress-related alopecia in his college years.

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They’re also photograph searching on social media with Tim pool without beanie exposing is bald head.

Is Tim Pool Bald?

As followers of Tim’s Facebook page and his Twitter account are well aware, yes he has a bald head when seeing without is hat. He’s discussed it in passing on various occasions including how he was bald by his mid 20s, but not before hundreds of thousands of viewers were asking is Tim pool bald? In fact, according to Google Trends there has been an increased interest in that exact question. The natural follow-up questions then became what caused him to be so bald at such a young age and why is Tim pool bald now?

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Who is Tim Pool?

Tim Pool is a journalist and news commentator who has been featured on channels like Al Jazeera and BBC. His work includes covering events in Ferguson and Baltimore for VICE News. He has also done coverage for many other conflicts including Occupy Wall Street and North Korea. Since late 2016 he has mainly been covering topics related to technology as an investigative journalist for Fusion TV. Tim is bald due to alopecia universals, a condition which causes hair loss all over his body, although it usually begins in his 20’s or 30’s.

My Conclusion on the Topic

If you’re a big Tim Pool fan, and you want to know why he went bald at such a young age, I can’t say for sure. But what I can say is that Tim appears to be ageing rapidly after losing his hair. And if you scroll through Twitter, it seems like Tim lost most of his hair fairly quickly.

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