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German Shampoo For Hair Loss | Alpecin Caffeine


Are you suffering from hair loss? Baldness running in the family?
According to the latest research, baldness could be reversed and prevented.
Alpecin Caffeine German Shampoo For Hair Loss is a patented hair activator, it’s the first caffeine based shampoo that was tested in many different trials, all showing positive effects on existing hair and growing new hairs – scientifically proven!
Caffeine is discovered to be of great value to hair loss sufferers
it is scientifically proven that caffeine acts as a stimulator for new hair growth,
and also works to reduce testosterone and DHT, which cause hair loss.
As it was demonstrated that adding caffeine to your battle against hair loss
could be extremely effective, Dr. Wolff (the man behind Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo) has formulated the most effective shampoo to fight hair loss and dandruff.
If you suffer from any kind of hair loss, you owe it to yourself to give
Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo a shot, the testimonials out there are truly amazing –
9 out of 10 people like it, and dermatologists in Germany recommend it for their patients!

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How Does Alpecin Works?

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Alpecin penetrates into the base of the hair shaft, delivering caffeine to the hair follicle root directly making it produce thicker hair, awaking resting follicles, removing dandruff and promoting regrowth by stimulating the hair root itself. Caffeine also makes the hair cycle or growth phase longer – So your existing hair and new regrowth stay longer before falling out!

The caffeine is absorbed even with a short topical use of alpecin caffeine shampoo, because it has a special delivery agent in the german shampoo for hair loss, assuring maximum exposure and delivery of the caffeine to the base of the hair.

Alpecin How To Use:

Use Alpecin C1 or Alpecin Double Effect Shampoo as your normal shampoo. Massage it vigorously into your hair and allow it to penetrate the scalp for a couple of minutes before washing off.

After washing your hair with alpecin caffeine shampoo, use Alpecin Liquid – Apply it all over your scalp, let it set in and style as you wish. Alpecin Liquid will enhance and maximize your results, and also help to make your hair thicker, healthier and stronger.

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