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SeSDERMA SeS Kavel Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo is hair loss SeSDERMA shampoo growth that is said to work with all types of hair. The sesderma usa company claims that the product is safe like the other band names, sesderma azelac ru, sesderma azelac,  sesderma vitamina c, and sesderma nanocare intimate, are effective as well in both men and women regardless of age or race and is especially effective for those suffering from the hair loss affliction Alopecia. SeSDERMA SeS Kavel growth Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo is said to not only prevent hair loss from happening but also increase the blood flow in your scalp and make it the ideal place to grow hair. Where have you heard that line before?

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How Sesderma shampoo works

SeSDERMA SeS Kavel Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo is applied and used like any other run-of-the-mill standard shampoo. The product is said to nourish the existing hair you have and thus makes it healthier, stronger, and less likely to fall out. According to the company, the special ingredients in the product, such as Sabal extracts and Alpha Avocua not only helps your existing hair to grow but also stop the production of DHT. While DHT is the leading cause of hair loss, neither of those ingredients has been proven to effectively block it. Additionally, the product claims to stimulate the blood flow in your scalp and make it the ideal place to grow hair.

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The ideal place to grow hair

Whenever you see this claim, and you see it a lot in the hair loss product world, it is always based on cleanliness and stimulation. In the case of SeSDERMA SeS Kavel Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo, there is no difference. The company claims that the proteins and nutrients contained in the product will not only properly clean your hair, but will also clean and stimulate the scalp, promoting better blood flow. While being clean is certainly nice, for you and everyone around you, and good blood flow is vital for your health, neither factor plays into how much hair you will or won’t have. You can have the most stimulated scalp in the world, and it can still be balding.

Third party distributors

The only way to purchase SeSDERMA SeS Kavel growth Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo is through third-party distributors. Of the third-party distributors that could be found, only a couple of them had a complete list of ingredients and none of them offer a money-back guarantee. Knowing that the company does not stand behind its product does not really give you a vote of confidence now, does it?


SeSDERMA SeS Kavel Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo is yet another hair loss shampoo that claims to block DHT but contains nothing that will do so effectively. The biggest difference between this product and other hair loss shampoos is that this one is very expensive, but cheaper on Amazon. While the product does contain ingredients that will clean your hair and stimulate your scalp, it contains nothing to help you re-grow your hair, which is the whole reason you should be considering this product. For the price you will pay it is not very comforting that there is no guarantee offered, so if you insist on purchasing this product be sure you really want it, because you will be stuck with it, like it or not.


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