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Emu Oil Shampoo | 100% Pure Emu Oil For Hair Growth


Emu oil shampoo for hair growth with Emu Oil is an all-natural, topical hair loss product that is said to be fortified with all the proper vitamins and other nutrients essential for hair growth. Not only does the company say that the hair that you have will grow stronger and faster, but the product will supposedly prep your scalp to become the ideal place for hair to grow. This is a claim not uncommonly heard but has still yet to be proven. The company says the product is safe and effective for men and women and is not limited by age or race, which is almost laughable because Emu oil shampoo is said to work best with a hair loss vitamin supplement geared towards ethnic individuals…huh?

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In all too common practice, the makers of Emu oil shampoo entice you to buy more of the product by way of giving you a discount if you do so. The question here is, if the Emu oil products were such a great revolution in the fight against balding, grey hair, and thinning. Why would the company offer to discount it? The likely answer is that the product emu oil shampoo and conditioner probably does little more than clean your hair, and therefore they want to sell you a greater amount so that by the time you realize the product is a dud, they have already zinged you for the most amount of money possible.

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Secret ‘blend’ of ingredients

Emu oil shampoo for hair growth and thinning with Emu Oil says that it has a special blend of fortified vitamins, minerals, and of course Emu oil unlike anything on the market today. In typical fashion, though, a closer look into the ‘special’ blend, reveals that it is anything but. The complete lists of ingredients are as follows:


 * Sodium Laureth Sulfate

 * Cocamide DEA

 * Betaine

 * Sodium Chloride

 * Glycol Stearate

 * Emu Oil

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 * Shou Wu extract

 * Silk Protein

 * Fragrance

 * Calcium

 * Vitamin E

 * Vitamin B12

 * Vitamin B6

 * Vitamin B2

 * Folic Acid

 * Biotin

 * Pantothenic Acid

 * Iodine

 * Zinc

 * Bromelain


 * Choline

 * L-Cysteine

 * Collagen

 * Propylene Glycol

 * Methylparaban

 * Propylparaban

 * Imidazolidiny Urea

 * Citric Acid

Aside of a few minerals and amino acids, there is nothing in this product that cannot be found in your favourite salon style shampoo. The only difference, besides the price, is that the shampoo from the salon will not claim to help your hair re-grow.


Time and time again, you read that a clean scalp makes for the perfect place for new hair to sprout. Great claim, but not accurate whatsoever. Hair loss has absolutely nothing to do with good hygiene and almost everything to do with genetics. The bottom line is that if a product does not contain anything to block DHT, which is the leading cause of hair loss, then it probably will have little to no effect on your receding hairline. Put that fact with the claim made by the company that Shampoo with Emu Oil is effective for everyone and then prompted to be taken with a hair loss vitamin supplement for ethnic individuals, and what you have is one confusing product that is better off left alone.

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