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Keranew Reviews | Do Hair Supplements Work?

The realm of hair care and growth supplements is bustling with options, adding to consumer dilemma in selecting the best-suited product. Among these, Keranew has emerged as a product of interest. Advertised as a powerful hair growth supplement, Keranew is a product that piques curiosity due to its claim of revivifying hair health. This piece aims to demystify the enigma that surrounds Keranew, delving deep into the product description, its manufacturer’s claims, ingredients, user reviews, potential risks, comparative market analysis, and much more. In a world of glossy marketing and misleading information, it is vital to be armed with accurate knowledge about any product before deciding to incorporate it into one’s routine.

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Overview of Keranew

Keranew is a hair supplement that supports hair growth and strength in individuals experiencing hair thinning or loss issues. The product is manufactured by VitaBounty, a health and wellness manufacturing company that specializes in the production of dietary supplements to enhance general human health and wellbeing.

Keranew is made from a combination of ingredients that are designed to nurture and reinforce hair health. The active ingredients include biotin, collagen, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, C, D, and E. These ingredients are known for their beneficial properties in enhancing hair growth, strengthening hair, and promoting a healthy scalp.

VitaBounty, the manufacturer of Keranew, claims that this product can help nurture the scalp, stimulate new hair growth, and strengthen existing hair. It’s marketed towards both men and women who are experiencing hair thinning and loss issues, with the manufacturer claiming noticeable changes within a period of three months of consistent use.

Keranew Reviews

Based on various consumer reviews, Keranew exhibits a varying level of effectiveness. Some users reported that they noticed a significant growth of hair after using the product consistently for a period of three months. Some have also reported a reduction in hair fall and an increase in hair thickness and shiny appearance.

However, there have also been instances where the product did not totally meet the expectations of consumers. Some users have reported minor side effects such as nausea or breakouts, which might be due to the individual’s reaction to specific ingredients used in the product. It should be noted that dietary supplements react differently to different individuals, and the effectiveness of a product also depends largely on consistent use and lifestyle habits.

To attain the product’s max potential benefits, it is usually recommended to incorporate it into a healthy lifestyle with good nutritional habits, regular exercise, and sufficient rest. The manufacturer also recommends consultation with a professional healthcare provider before starting the use of the product, especially for those who have underlying health conditions or are taking other medications.

An Overview

Reviews of Keranew show a range of experiences and outcomes, indicating that the product’s effectiveness can vary from person to person and can be influenced by lifestyle factors. The supplement carries a blend of ingredients that are known to promote hair health, potentially making it beneficial for people experiencing hair loss or thinning. However, potential consumers should take into account its price and consider further research or consultation with a healthcare professional to determine whether it’s the best option for their specific needs.

Ingredients in Keranew

A bottle of Keranew hair supplement with a healthy, vibrant hair illustration.

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Diving Deeper: Analyzing Keranew’s Ingredients

Keranew’s formulation is a proprietary blend containing a range of key ingredients. The primary goal of these elements, as stated by the manufacturer, is to support healthy hair growth and aid repair.


Biotin stands out as one of the key ingredients in Keranew. Known as a member of the Vitamin B complex, Biotin has been backed by scientific studies hinting at its potency in favoring hair and nail health. Biotin deficiency has been linked to thinning hair and hair loss, hence Keranew capitalizes on the benefits of biotin by enhancing the keratin infrastructure – a protein that forms the structural basis of hair, skin, and nails.

Hydrolyzed Collagen

Hydrolyzed collagen is another main ingredient in Keranew. As a form of protein, it preserves the elasticity and strength of the hair. This ingredient is made from shortened chains of amino acids that the body can absorb easily. Once ingested, the hydrolyzed collagen can help revitalize hair strands from within, potentially enhancing hair thickness and growth.

Fo-Ti Root Powder

Fo-Ti root powder is a traditional Chinese medicine known for its anti-aging properties. Previous studies have suggested that Fo-Ti root can help to restore hair color and fight hair loss, although more research is needed to support these claims convincingly.

Saw Palmetto Berries

Keranew also contains Saw Palmetto Berries. This plant product has been used in various hair loss treatments due to its purported ability to prevent testosterone from converting into DHT – a hormone often linked to androgenic alopecia or pattern hair fall. While some research shows encouraging results for saw palmetto’s role in hair restoration, more comprehensive studies are necessary to solidify these findings.

Bamboo Stem and Leaf Extract

Bamboo Stem and Leaf Extract is part of Keranew’s formula due its high silica content. Silica is known to strengthen hair and improve its texture. Additionally, it can enhance the sheen and color of hair, making it a popular ingredient in various hair-related dietary supplements.

About Amla Fruit Extract

The Amla fruit extract, often derived from Indian Gooseberry, is rich in Vitamin C and potent antioxidants. Known for its high nutritive value, it is said to stimulate healthy hair growth while also preventing premature graying.

Keranew's Ingredients

User Experience and Reviews

An Introduction to KeraNew

In the realm of hair care, KeraNew is a well-reputed supplement, crafted to nurture thicker, stronger, and healthier hair. The product’s effectiveness comes from a blend of powerful ingredients like Biotin, Saw Palmetto, and Keratin. With regular usage, the brand promises noticeable improvements in the overall health of your hair and scalp.

Positive Reviews and Experiences

Numerous users have claimed that KeraNew has significantly helped in curbing their hair loss issues. Users lauded the product for its effectiveness in promoting hair regrowth and thickening. Several testimonials cite an improvement in hair volume, texture, and overall hair health. Many users have reported witnessing visible changes within just a few weeks of taking the supplement. Furthermore, some users appreciated that KeraNew is infused with a host of vitamins and minerals that supports overall wellness and also helps to improve skin and nails in addition to hair.

Negative Reviews and Experiences

Nevertheless, KeraNew has not been immune to unfavorable reviews. Some users have reported little to no improvement even after consistent use over a period of months. These users complained of continued hair thinning and breakage, causing some to question the efficacy of the product. Moreover, side effects such as allergic reactions and gastrointestinal issues have also been reported following the use of the product. Additionally, some users raised concerns about the pricing of KeraNew, deeming it relatively high compared to other similar products on the market.

Conclusion From User Experiences

The majority of KeraNew users have reported a largely positive experience with the product; however, it is important to understand that results may vary depending on individual health, genetics, and lifestyle factors. Like any dietary supplement, the effectiveness of KeraNew depends largely on consistent use and giving the product sufficient time to work. However, considering the mixed reviews, potential users should conduct ample research and consult with a health professional before incorporating KeraNew or any new supplement into their routine.

General Market Perception of KeraNew

Consumers predominantly perceive KeraNew in a favorable light, despite some criticisms. Its clear transparency about the ingredients, positive testimonials aplenty, and impressive marketing strategy have gathered a substantial customer following. On the downside, the presence of dissatisfied reviews suggests room for improvements and the need to further address user issues in order to elevate full customer satisfaction.

An image depicting a person with healthy hair, representing the potential outcome of using KeraNew.

Side Effects and Risks

Possible Side Effects and Health Risks Linked to KeraNew

KeraNew, which is recognized as a nutritional supplement for promoting hair growth and strength, generally speaking, is safe to use among those experiencing hair loss or hair thinning. However, potential side effects and risks must always be noted when using any dietary supplement.

Spotlight on Biotin: The Main Ingredient

Biotin is one of the key ingredients in KeraNew. While it’s a crucial element for maintaining healthy skin, hair, and nails, overconsumption could result in side effects like skin rashes, digestive issues, insulin release disruptions, and kidney complications. Moreover, it can play havoc with the accuracy of specific lab tests, giving a false portrayal of results.

Collagen Allergy

Keranew also contains collagen, which can cause allergic reactions in some people. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include rash, itching, swelling, dizziness, or trouble breathing—if you experience any of these symptoms, discontinue use immediately.

Potential Side Effects

According to several reviews for Keranew, users reported potential side effects such as changes in bowel movements, sporadic headaches, and slight stomach discomfort. It should be emphasized that these side effects may not be the same for everyone as they often depend on how each individual’s body responds to the supplement.

Comparison to Similar Productskeranew review

How Keranew Stacks Up Against Other Hair Supplements

Understanding Keranew’s standing in the market involves comparing it to other hair growth supplements. Important factors to consider during this comparison include pricing, ingredient list, effectiveness, and customer feedback.

Price Comparison

Price is a major deciding factor for many customers. Compared to similar products, Keranew tends to be competitively priced. It falls in the mid-range of hair growth supplements pricing. However, the exact pricing can vary based on distributor.

Ingredient Analysis

A key component of any product’s effectiveness lies in its ingredients. Keranew is composed of nutrients like Biotin, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Vitamin C, and other proprietary blends. This combination is designed to help prevent hair loss and promote growth. The ingredient profile of Keranew is similar to some products, yet unique with the inclusion of Hydrolyzed Keratin. Other products often rely heavily on Biotin, which is also in Keranew, but may not offer the added benefit of Keratin.


In terms of effectiveness, Keranew has gathered mixed reviews. Some users report significant improvements in hair thickness and growth, while others are less certain about the visible changes. It’s essential to remember that effects can vary based on individual’s hair condition and biological differences. Compared to competitors, this mirrors general trends. Most hair growth supplements have varied results among different users.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews for Keranew range from praising the product for its success in helping regrow hair to others noting no substantial change. Overall, the product has a positive rating on many online platforms. The customer satisfaction rate is comparable to similar products on the market.


To sum up, Keranew holds its own against its competitors in price, ingredients, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. However, as with any other hair supplement, its effectiveness can vary greatly from person to person. It’s advised that potential users consult with a healthcare provider before initiating any new supplement regimen.

After exfoliating our way through layers of information on Keranew, we’ve managed to unearth significant elements – from its ingredients and their scientific relevance to candid customer reviews and potential side effects. Moreover, we have painted an insightful picture of how this product stands against its contemporaries in the fiercely competitive market of hair growth supplements. We hope this robust analysis of Keranew will guide you in making an informed decision, ensuring a product choice that aligns with your needs and health goals. After all, every strand of knowledge adds to the strength of the decision-making process, much like each strand of hair contributes to a fuller, healthier head of hair.

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