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Vacuum Wigs

Vacuum Wigs | For Total Hair Loss

Our signature custom vacuum wigs prosthesis is designed for adults and children who have experienced a total loss of scalp hair. This vacuum prosthesis features a hypoallergenic silicone base designed from a precise mould of your head. When in place, this base creates an airtight vacuum seal without the need for tape or glue. Our vacuum wigs provide the secure fit you need to lead a normal, active lifestyle.  

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 How is a Vacuum Prosthesis made?

To produce our vacuum wigs, a plaster mould is made of your head. Your natural hairline, crown and part are drawn directly on your bare scalp in transferable ink. This ink transfers to the inside of the custom plaster mould. A comfortable, non-irritating silicone base, tinted to match your individual skin colour, is created from this custom mould.

Non-processed European-quality hair, appropriately selected for colour, length and texture, is then implanted into the silicone base strand by strand. We pay careful consideration and attention to implanting this hair in the proper density, direction, and curl pattern to ensure a beautiful, natural-looking head of hair.

When Will I Receive My Human Hair Wig?

Custom-made wigs take approximately four months to produce.

How Are Vacuum Wigs Styled?

Upon arrival, your human hair wig is ready to be cut and styled in accordance with your desires. You can take your vacuum prosthesis to your personal hair stylist, or call us for a referral to a styling specialist in your area.

Vacuum Wigs

Where to Buy

A vacuum wigs cost at Amazon for deferent price ranges from 64 pounds up, and suction silicone wig cap also available.

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