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Travis Kelce Haircuts

Travis Kelce’s Haircuts: From Dreadlocks To Buzz Cut Fade

Travis Kelce, a famous football player for the Kansas City Chiefs, is not just known for catching passes but also for his cool hairdos. From dreadlocks to buzz cuts and even fancy moustaches, his hair has had quite a journey.

In 2016, he said goodbye to his dreadlocks by cutting them off and giving them away to help others. Working with Patrick Regan, a very skilled barber, Kelce makes sure each style looks great on him.

Fans watch and often try to copy his hairstyles. They want to look as sharp as their favourite tight end on game day! Taylor Swift even shared a video of one of Travis’s haircuts online – it got lots of people talking! To have hair like Travis’s, you need the right products and maybe find an expert barber who knows about fades and facial hairs, from thin moustaches all the way up to big ones.

Kelce doesn’t stop there; he sometimes styles his moustache as a fun way to show respect for Coach Andy Reid. His changing looks are more than just fashion – they tell us something about confidence, too.

If you’re curious about how Travis switches up his look so well or thinking about trying something new with your own hair, keep reading! Let’s get into how this football star keeps everyone guessing what hairstyle comes next!

Key Takeaways

  • Travis Kelce has had many hairstyles, like dreadlocks and a buzz cut fade. He even gave up his dreads to help others.
  • Fans like Kelce’s hair because it is cool and easy to take care of. With the right barber and products, you can have hair like him too.
  • Taylor Swift showed one of Kelce’s game-day haircuts on Instagram. This helped make his hairstyles famous outside of football.
  • Using good tools and products will keep your haircut fresh. Scalp health is also essential when changing your look.
  • Changing your hairstyle can also change how you feel about yourself. It shows you are ready for something new!

Travis Kelce’s Iconic Hairstyles Through the Years

Travis Kelce Hairstyles

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Travis Kelce has sported a range of iconic hairstyles over the years, from his signature dreadlocks to buzz cuts, crew cuts, and fades. His ever-changing looks have become a crucial part of his style and image both on and off the field.


Dreadlocks once fell from Travis Kelce’s helmet, swaying as he dashed downfield. His thick locks were not just a style statement but also a trademark look early in his career. Fans grew to love his hairdo, and it became part of his on-field identity.

In 2016, he chose to cut off those dreads and gave them away for a good cause. This act showed off more than just a new haircut—it was about giving back and starting fresh.

Kelce’s decision to donate his dreadlocks marked an essential moment in his journey both on and off the field. It wasn’t only about changing up; it was about sharing with others who needed it more.

Even without the iconic dreadlocks, he kept making bold moves with his style choices, inspiring fans with each new haircut style he rocked under the stadium lights.

Buzz cut

Travis Kelce’s buzz cut is a big deal. It’s simple, sharp, and shows off his confident style. Fans love this look because it’s easy to care for and always looks neat. Regular trims are vital to keeping the buzz cut fresh.

Think about getting the sides faded with a Number 3 on top, just like Travis does.

For anyone wanting to rock this hairstyle, think about your own hair and what works best for you. Use some good scalp care products to keep your head healthy in the sun. And if you add a moustache like Travis Kelce, grab some moustache wax to make it look great, too!

Crew cut

Travis Kelce’s crew cut really showed off his sharp style. This haircut is short on the top and even shorter on the sides. It looks clean and neat, which made it an excellent choice for Travis when he wanted to look polished both on and off the field.

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Fans liked this look because it was easy to take care of and looked good all the time.

Kelce pairs his crew cut with fantastic facial hair, like a moustache or goatee, adding some extra flair. His barber, Patty Cuts, helps him keep everything looking just right. If you want your hair to be as stylish as Travis’s crew cut, find yourself a skilled barber who knows how to do tight fades and sharp lines.

It’s also essential to use quality products that keep your hair healthy and in place all day long.


Travis Kelce showcased an edgy and stylish fade haircut, adding a modern twist to his ever-changing hairstyles. The buzz cut fade complements his overall look, reflecting both confidence and a trendy fashion sense.

Partnering with barber Patrick Regan has elevated Kelce’s fade game, as Regan is renowned for delivering next-level fades with precision and style. This hairstyle evolution not only reflects Kelce’s boldness but also influences fans looking to replicate his sharp and clean appearance through their own haircuts.

Kelce’s neat chevron moustache added another layer of flair to his game-day look, complementing the sleekness of the fade haircut. Taylor Swift even documented one of Kelce’s game-day fade haircuts on Instagram, showcasing how his evolving styles attract attention from various spheres beyond football.


After discussing Travis Kelce’s evolving hairstyles, let’s focus on his moustache. Recently, Kelce has paired a moustache with a buzz cut fade, showcasing the versatility of his grooming choices.

When exploring moustache styles, consider options ranging from pencil to handlebar and consult your barber for guidance on selecting the most suitable style for you. It’s essential to maintain proper care not only for your facial hair but also for your scalp health.

Proper scalp care routines, together with sun protection, are essential in maintaining both the buzz cut fade and the moustache.


Travis Kelce recently embraced a goatee, showcasing yet another style in his ever-evolving hairstyles. This facial hair addition came back during the Chiefs’ 2023 training camp, paying tribute to head coach Andy Reid’s legendary moustache.

Proper care for the scalp and sun protection are essential for maintaining a stylish goatee, making it an intriguing addition to Kelce’s iconic looks.

As we delve into the impact of Travis Kelce’s evolving hairstyles, it becomes clear that they extend beyond personal expression – influencing fans and partnering with barber Patrick Regan.

The Impact of kelce’s Ever-Changing Hairstyles

short travis kelce haircut

Kelce’s ever-changing hairstyles have had a significant impact on his confidence and style, as well as influencing fans who look up to him as a fashion icon. Partnering with skilled barbers like Patrick Regan has elevated Kelce’s image and inspired many to experiment with new looks.

Confidence and style

Travis Kelce’s confidence shines through with his ever-changing hairstyles, proving that he fearlessly embraces new looks and exudes self-assuredness. His bold style choices, from dreadlocks to a buzz cut fade with a moustache, reflect an unwavering confidence that resonates with fans and leaves a lasting impression on the fashion world.

Kelce’s ability to effortlessly pull off diverse hairstyles showcases his versatility and flair for making impactful style statements.

Kelce’s evolving haircuts not only highlight his individuality but also inspire fans to embrace their uniqueness. Partnering with barber Patrick Regan demonstrates Kelce’s dedication to maintaining his signature style while setting trends in the grooming industry.

Influence on fans

Kelce’s ever-changing hairstyles have a significant impact on his fans, influencing their interest in grooming and fashion trends. His bold hairstyle choices often draw attention and fascination from fans who seek to emulate his confident and stylish looks.

Kelce’s hairstyles not only showcase his individuality but also inspire fans to express themselves through their personal grooming choices, making him a trendsetter in the world of sports fashion.

As fans are captivated by Kelce’s evolving hairstyles, they become more interested in seeking practical tips and grooming options to achieve similar looks.

These evolving hairstyles have led many fans to pay closer attention to grooming products and haircuts that can help them achieve Kelce’s iconic styles, reflecting a broader influence on fashion trends among followers of the Kansas City Chiefs player.

Partnering with barber Patrick Regan

Kelce’s ever-changing hairstyles have caught the attention of many, and the man behind these iconic looks is none other than his barber, Patrick Regan. Known for his exceptional fades and work with NFL and UFC athletes, Regan has partnered with Babyliss Pro, solidifying his reputation as a top-tier professional in men’s grooming.

His collaboration with Kelce has not only elevated the player’s style game but also brought new trends to fans looking to replicate Kelce’s sophisticated looks.

Regan’s dedication to detail brings out the best in Kelce’s haircuts, providing insight into proper scalp care and product recommendations that maintain Travis’ buzz cut fade and moustache.

Taylor Swift’s Involvement in Kelce’s Haircuts

Documenting game-day haircuts and building a close relationship with Kelce, Taylor Swift has played a significant role in influencing his hairstyling choices. To learn more about the impact of their collaboration, continue reading.

Documenting game-day haircuts

Travis Kelce’s game-day haircuts have garnered attention, with pop star Taylor Swift even taking part in documenting one of his fresh cuts. The Instagram post featured a filter often used by Swift and showcased Kelce receiving a new haircut from the celebrity barber Patrick Regan.

This collaboration between Kelce, Swift, and Regan added an exciting element to the narrative of how Kelce maintains his ever-changing hairstyles, offering fans a glimpse into his pre-game grooming routine.

Additionally, this documentation on social media further solidified the impact of Kelce’s evolving haircuts on popular culture.

Relationship with Kelce

Taylor Swift documented Travis Kelce’s game-day haircut on Instagram, showcasing their close friendship and support for each other. Kelce received a fresh game-day cut from celebrity barber Patrick Regan while Taylor Swift cheered him on at his game against the Buffalo Bills.

This public display of camaraderie between the two famous figures further solidified Kelce’s standing as a trendsetter in sports and fashion, gaining attention beyond the football field.

The shared moments of camaraderie underscored the special relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, demonstrating how they support each other both on and off the field. Their collaboration also brought them into pop culture conversations, enhancing their presence among fans and followers alike.

Tips on Achieving kelce’s Hairstyles

For those looking to achieve Travis Kelce’s iconic hairstyles, using quality hair products and regularly visiting a skilled barber is essential. Learn more about the tools and techniques needed to recreate his signature looks by reading on.

Products to use

For Travis Kelce’s iconic hairstyles, using the right products is essential. Achieving his signature fade or buzz cut requires quality grooming tools like Babyliss Pro for precise fades and a polished look.

To maintain scalp health, use American Crew Detox Shampoo and The Inkey List Caffeine Stimulating Scalp Treatment, which are recommended. Protecting hair from sun damage can be achieved with Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil while ensuring scalp care with Nioxin Scalp Recovery.

For grooming needs, consider Shiseido Men Shaving Cream for a clean finish.

When aiming to replicate Travis Kelce’s ever-changing hairstyles, it’s crucial to use the right products, such as Babyliss Pro, for fades and grooming. Maintaining scalp health involves using American Crew Detox Shampoo and The Inkey List Caffeine Stimulating Scalp Treatment.

Haircut recommendations

To achieve Travis Kelce’s buzz cut fade, ask for a mid-skin fade with a Number 3 on top. This style gives the right balance of shortness and texture on the upper part of the head, creating a clean but still stylish look.

To maintain this haircut, ensure to use proper scalp care products and protect your scalp from the sun. Make sure to consult with your barber about maintaining this style and keeping it looking fresh.

Also, moustache wax is essential for grooming and styling any moustache to complete the entire look.


In conclusion, Travis Kelce’s evolving hairstyles showcase his boldness and versatility. The practical tips provided ensure that achieving similar looks is accessible to anyone. Moreover, these strategies can significantly impact confidence and style choices.

With the right products and barbers, embracing new styles becomes effortless. Finally, remember that making a change in your appearance can also translate to a positive shift in mindset and self-expression.


What kind of haircuts has Travis Kelce had over the years?

Travis Kelce has rocked many styles, from his earlier days with dreadlocks to a clean buzz cut fade, and even tried out being bald. He’s known for mixing it up with hairstyles like a sharp moustache or going smooth with no facial hair.

Does Travis Kelce have a signature haircut style in 2023?

Yes, in 2023, you’ll often see Travis Kelce sporting a buzz cut that’s fresh and trendy. It’s neat, easy to take care of and looks great whether he’s playing on the field or hanging out off-duty.

Who cuts Travis Kelce’s hair?

Travis trusts his barber to keep his look sharp – whether he’s maintaining his current buzz cut or shaping up that iconic moustache when he decides to grow it out again.

Has Andy Reid ever drawn a moustache on Travis Kelce?

There might not be pictures proving Andy Reid drew a ‘stache on him, but fans sure got laughs imagining the coach doodling on Travis’ face during team fun!

Can anyone get their haircut like Travis Kelce?

Sure! If someone wants a haircut like Travis’s, they can ask their barber for something similar to “Travis Kelce’s buzz cut” – don’t forget about your own hair type and what will work best for you!

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