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The Future of Patrick Mahomes Haircut in 2023

Get the inside scoop on what to expect from Patrick Mahomes haircut in 2023 and how it will evolve.

Every football fan loves a good game-day look, and Patrick Mahomes’ haircut is no exception. Known for his unique taper fade mohawk, the quarterback’s hair has become almost as famous as his arm.

This article will guide you through the evolution of Mahomes’ signature style and what twists and turns it might take in 2023. Keep reading to see if this NFL icon’s hair is scoring a touchdown or gearing up for a Hail Mary makeover!

Key Takeaways

  • Patrick Mahomes’ haircut, the taper fade mohawk, has become famous like his football skills.
  • In 2023, he might change his hair and try a new style.
  • His Peso Pluma haircut is special because it’s not just cool but also means something to him.
  • Fans can style their hair like Mahomes by keeping it short on the sides and longer on top.
  • Keep watching to see if Mahomes keeps his famous look or does something new with his hair.

Patrick Mahomes’ Iconic Haircut

Patrick Mahomes is known for his classic taper fade mohawk look, which has become his signature hairstyle. This iconic haircut has its origins and played a role in his 2023 Super Bowl win.

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Classic Taper Fade Mohawk Look

The classic taper fade mohawk has become a signature hairstyle for many, including Patrick Mahomes. It mixes short hair on the sides with a strip of longer hair on top that stands out.

Barbers create this look by cutting the hair shorter at the bottom and gradually leaving more length as they move up.

His iconic haircut catches eyes and sets trends in grooming and fashion. People wanting to copy Mahomes’ famous haircut should find a skilled barber who knows how to blend the sides smoothly into that standout mohawk strip.

This style is all about sharp lines and keeping it neat, so regular touch-ups are key to maintain its fresh look.

Origin of His Hairstyle

Patrick Mahomes’ iconic hairstyle, a classic taper fade mohawk look, has gained immense attention. This distinctive haircut is not just a fashion statement for him; it holds sentimental value.

Originating from his father’s love for the 1970s rock band KISS, Mahomes pays homage to this by sporting a unique hairdo that reflects his bold and confident personality on and off the field.

The evolution of Patrick Mahomes’ haircut has become an integral part of his image, showcasing his individuality and fearless approach both in sports and style.

Role in 2023 Super Bowl Win

After establishing himself as a quarterback with exceptional skills, Patrick Mahomes’ iconic haircut became more than just a style statement; it played a role in boosting his confidence and setting him apart on the field.

His distinct hairstyle symbolized individuality, resilience, and fearlessness, which resonated with his team members during the 2023 Super Bowl win. The uniqueness of his hair created an aura around him that encouraged unity within the team and invoked admiration from fans worldwide.

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What to Expect in 2023

Possible haircut changes are on the horizon for Patrick Mahomes in 2023, and fans are eagerly anticipating what his next iconic hairstyle will be. Learn how to style your hair like Mahomes and uncover the secrets of his signature Peso Pluma haircut.

Possible Haircut Changes

Patrick Mahomes, known for his iconic taper fade mohawk, might surprise fans with a new haircut in 2023. Speculation is rife about the potential transformation of his signature hairstyle.

With his dynamic on-field presence and evolving fashion sense, Mahomes could be gearing up for an exciting hair makeover that would set new trends in men’s hairstyling. The anticipation around possible changes to his haircut has sparked discussions among fans and followers alike.

As Patrick Mahomes continues to captivate audiences both on and off the field, it raises questions about whether he will take a bold step towards redefining his famous haircut. A fresh look from the style icon can inspire many to experiment with their own hairstyles and keep up with the ever-changing world of grooming trends.

How to Style Your Hair Like Patrick Mahomes

To style your hair like Patrick Mahomes, start with a classic taper fade on the sides and back while keeping the top longer to achieve the iconic Mohawk look. Use a good quality pomade to add texture and hold to the hair.

Comb your hair upward and slightly towards the center to create subtle spikes at the top. This hairstyle reflects confidence and individuality, making it perfect for those who want to stand out.

While styling your hair like Patrick Mahomes, pay attention to detail by maintaining clean lines for a polished finish. Regular trimming is essential to keep this haircut looking sharp, so make sure you visit your barber every few weeks.

Secrets of the Peso Pluma Haircut

The Peso Pluma haircut, sported by Patrick Mahomes, features a subtle taper fade on the sides with longer hair on top. This creates a classic mohawk look that’s versatile and easy to style.

The key to achieving this hairstyle is maintaining the right balance of length and texture, ensuring that the top section is long enough to style while keeping the sides neatly faded.

To maintain this haircut, regular trims are essential to keep the shape and prevent it from looking unruly.

Looking ahead, fans wonder if Mahomes will stick with his signature Peso Pluma or surprise everyone with a new look in 2023. Whether he maintains his iconic hairstyle or goes for an unexpected change, one thing’s for sure – Patrick Mahomes’ hair evolution continues to captivate attention.

Is Patrick Mahomes Changing His Haircut?

Patrick Mahomes, known for his classic taper fade mohawk look, has been a style icon both on and off the field. His iconic hairstyle has not only set trends but also sparked conversations about hair care and styling.

With the 2023 season approaching, fans are buzzing with anticipation about possible changes to Mahomes’ famous haircut and eagerly seeking tips on how to achieve his signature look.

The evolution of Patrick Mahomes’ haircut has become a hot topic, with enthusiasts awaiting updates on the quarterback’s new hairdo.


In the upcoming 2023 season, fans eagerly anticipate what Patrick Mahomes’ hairstyle will look like. Haircare enthusiasts are excited to see if he maintains his classic taper fade mohawk or surprises everyone with a new look.

Whether it’s a subtle change or a drastic transformation, Mahomes’ hair evolution always garners attention and inspires others to experiment with their own styles. As anticipation builds for the next football season, all eyes will be on Mahomes’ evolving haircut and its impact on his signature style.


1. What kind of changes has Patrick Mahomes’ haircut gone through?

Patrick Mahomes’ haircut has evolved over time. He has tried different styles and his hair makeover is famous among fans.

2. Will we see a new hairstyle from Patrick Mahomes in 2023?

Yes, there might be a hairstyle change for Patrick Mahomes in 2023. People are expecting to see if he switches up his signature look.

3. Where did Patrick Mahomes’ famous haircut originate from?

Patrick’s original haircut started as a simple style, but it became popular and turned into his trademark hairdo.

4. Has Patrick Mahomes ever changed his hair because of a bet?

There’s no clear story about him changing his haircut due to a bet, but fans always watch out for updates on his hair transformations.

5. Can you give me some tips on how to care for my hair like Patrick Mahomes does with his?

To keep your hair looking great like Mahomes’, use quality products and get regular trims to maintain your desired hairstyle.

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