How Much Does Hair Restoration Cost

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How Much Does Hair Restoration Cost

With our reduced fees, special discounts, and *financing, price should no longer be an obstacle to New Hair Institute’s high-quality Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation Procedures. Come in for a free, private consultation today and see how easy and affordable hair restoration cost can be. Don’t accept anything less than NHI’s experience and quality. The Physicians of the New Hair Institute continue to give our patients the finest hair transplant technology available at the best possible price.

How Much Does Hair Restoration Cost


New Hair Institute prides itself on being competitively priced. Our objective has always been to provide the highest quality hair transplant cost procedure at the best possible price. We hope you will find our flat fee schedule simple, straightforward, and affordable.

Our Standard fee is $6.00/graft in our California, New York, and New Jersey offices. Our Standby Programs, offered only in our California offices, is just $5.00/graft. All procedures have a minimum fee of $3,000. If you choose to schedule surgery with Dr. William Rassman, his fee is $10 per graft. This is due to his very busy schedule and limited availability. Call NHI for hair transplant cost Procedure and pricing.

The New Hair Institute conducted a survey of our patients and potential candidates to better understand the obstacles they encounter in scheduling hair transplantation procedures. Although NHI has led the field in making the hair restoration process affordable, the cost of hair transplantation has still been beyond the reach of some candidates who desire to be treated. Whether your hair is just starting to thin or you have experienced major hair loss, the procedure is now more affordable than ever and extremely attractive financing is available.

Along with our new lower fees, the New Hair Institute has partnered with a financial institution to make financing your procedure easy and affordable. For individuals with excellent credit, up to 35% of the cost of the procedure can be financed. Financing plans offering 0% interest rates for the first six months are available on 12-month and 24-month loans. The interest rates for the remainder of the loan term range from 9.9% to 14.9%. We are also pleased to announce that there are no pre-payment penalties.

These plans make financing the highest quality hair transplant procedure truly affordable.

  • Financing is only available for surgeries performed at our California, New Jersey, New York, and Texas locations.
  • Fees and financing terms are subject to change without notice.

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  Fees and Financing FAQ

• Are there any additional costs?

    • There are a few laboratory/blood tests needed, that NHI can provide for a nominal fee,991 or that you may have performed by your regular doctor.

• What else do I need to know about fees?

  • A $1,000 deposit is required to secure your procedure date or Standby status. Deposits are refundable provided the request is made 7 days or more prior to your scheduled surgery date. Your balance is due and payable 14 days prior to your surgery date. There is a $3,000 minimum fee per procedure. If a patient is not able to receive the planned number of grafts, only the grafts actually received will be charged (over the $3,000 minimum).

• What if I don’t live near one of your offices?

  • If you are unable to travel to one of our offices for a consultation, we invite you to have a telephone Photo Consultations. For your convenience, you can call for a free NHI camera. After you photograph the balding/thinning areas of your scalp, return the camera to us. We will process the film and an NHI Physician will telephone you to personally discuss your hair restoration goals. You may also like to take advantage of the savings from our Travel Program once you decide to have a procedure.

• How do I begin?

  • Simply call 1-800-NEW-HAIR (1-800-639-4247) to schedule a consultation with one of our physicians, or to receive more information. You can also join us at one of our many Seminars and Open Houses around the country, where you can meet NHI Physicians, former patients, and view a live hair transplant procedure. At these events, you can also have a Hair Densitometer™ reading and receive an initial private consultation with one of our physicians.

 For more frequently asked questions, please see our FAQ.


NHI Standby Program

Patients are encouraged to schedule in advance, allowing them to choose their doctor and the date of their procedure, but if you have a flexible schedule and can react quickly, you can save even more money by choosing our Standby Programs.

Your name is placed on a waiting list, and when your name reaches the top of the list, we schedule you with the first available physician and date. Every other aspect of the procedure will be the same. If you cannot fill that opening, your name is moved to the bottom of the list, unless we have given you less than seven days’ notice. If we are unsuccessful in reaching you (within 24 hours), your name will be moved to the bottom of the list. Please call our office for a complete list of our Standby Programs requirements.


NHI Travel Program

If you live more than 150 miles from the office where your surgery is performed, you are eligible to participate in our travel program. NHI will reimburse you for up to 5% of your net procedure cost for reasonable transportation expenses incurred while travelling to one of our facilities for a seminar, consultation or procedure. If you drive to one of our facilities, you can choose to be reimbursed for either mileage or gasoline expenses. If you fly to one of our offices, please note that frequent flyer miles are not reimbursable. NHI can only reimburse you for your flight-related out-of-pocket expenses. In all cases, please remember to provide receipts. In addition, you will receive one night stay at a pre-selected area hotel at our expense. This program is based on a minimum procedure fee of $3,000.00.


 How much does hair restoration cost-special discounts

By attending an NHI Open House or Seminar, you can further reduce the cost of a procedure. All attendees receive a coupon worth $200 toward a paid procedure of $3,200 or more.

Value discounts do not include the FOX™ Procedure and can not be combined with group and 3rd procedure discounts.


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