Hair La Vie vs Viviscal

Viviscal Vs Hair La Vie | Which is Better? (Comparison 2023)

So today we are looking at the Hair La Vie vs Viviscal which one I think would work best for hair growth by comparing the two.

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Hair La Vie and Viviscal are both popular brands when it comes to hair loss – with Hair La Vie being one of the oldest and most established manufacturers in its industry. There is no question that Hair La Vie has been around longer than Viviscal, though you may not know which brand will work best for you.

Although they are relatively the same, there is one important difference to note; unlike Viviscal that does, Hair La Vie doesn’t use any artificial ingredients in its capsules. Although this might not seem like much of a big deal on paper, it does make for some major differences when you take a look at what goes into the capsule.

This is where my knowledge comes in handy. I know everything there is to know about these two products, and want to share it with you! First off, they’re both similar when it comes to how they work but if you take a closer look at the small details then it becomes clear that one’s much better than the other. With this being said – stay tuned for my Viviscal and Hair La Vie Reviews and  on what product has been working best for me lately!


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Viviscal – a leading vitamin supplement for hair loss and thickness, was recently bought out by another multinational company; it has yet to be seen if this will affect its popularity in the near future. Last year they were sold at an eye-popping price of $100 per bottle – proof enough that this product is doing something right.

Though Viviscal contains many other ingredients, the one that you’ll notice most prominently is AminoMar C. It is an extract of marine life – yes, this means, It is a specially formulated fish extract that contains properties resembling those of shark cartilage! Once ingested, it will start repairing damage to your bones and muscle tissue while also strengthening your hair follicles. Your whole being benefits from this product; so we are confident that you’ll see the difference soon enough!

We can say for sure that Viviscal and other supplements similar to it like Nourkrin will fill in any nutritional gaps you might have in your diet. It won’t make you grow hair instantly, but it will work wonders if you’re having problems with certain nutrients.

Hair La Vie

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Hair La Vie is less popular than Viviscal, but they’re still an infamous name among those who work with beauty and wellness. They offer a variety of different supplements for hair loss – there’s something for everyone!

Best Hair La Vie Products

hair la vie products

  • Hair La Vie Vitamins – are part of our essential haircare routine; one of their most renowned products is designed to help treat temporary hair loss and thinning.
  • Hair La Vie Shampoo – helps restore the balance in your hair, aiding it from becoming brittle and dry.
  • Hair La Vie Conditioner – helps to repair damage caused by stress, pollution, or over-processing – factors that contribute to hair thinning and breakage.
  • Hair La Vie Revitalizing Blend – Together with the vitamins and shampoo, these three make up a complete routine for healthy locks.

Hair La Vie is one of the best-known brands when it comes to hair loss, with their extensive range of supplements that have been met with great success so far. While they’re still working on refining and perfecting every single product, these people already know what works for everyone else – give them a try today!

Hair La Vie has a couple of key ingredients that can help anyone to deal with hair loss. Such as Saw Palmetto and Keratin – both very useful when it comes to eliminating this hair growth problem.

Conclusion – Hair La Vie vs Viviscal

Both of these products do great when it comes to treating hair loss. One of them might not be better than the other but I’d say go with Viviscal since they’re already established in this industry and are usually cheaper than their competitors. But don’t rule out Hair La Vie – their product might suit your specific needs better. You’ll have to try each product to find out what works best for you!

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