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Vitamins For Postpartum Hair Loss

Vitamins For Postpartum Hair Loss | Biotin Help After Pregnancy!

Vitamins for postpartum hair loss does help with preventing hair loss after pregnancy. Biotin with vitamins A, C, D, E, and zinc may not eliminate the problem but will help lessen the hair fall.

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You can always look for natural hair growth treatment contains Saw Palmetto to treat postpartum hair loss. It have shown to be more beneficial in stopping hair loss after pregnancy. Remember, it is just a matter of setting your mind that you look beautiful. The discipline and the persistence of taking good care of your self will greatly help in keeping a positive aura.

When does postpartum hair loss begin?

One of the most common changes in women when they are giving birth to a child is hair loss after pregnancy. It has been widely known and proven that women can suffer postpartum hair loss. These changes may begin after 6 or 7 months after the birth of the child.

Therefore, many women may feel it as a shock when it first occurs to them. You all know that they do not want to be bald or losing their hair as many men in the world are experiencing.

 vitamins to prevent postpartum hair loss

However, using vitamins for postpartum hair loss may limit the time of hair loss after pregnancy to the shortest time you suffer. And that is what I am going to show you which is how does biotin help with postpartum hair loss and shorten the amount of time the hair loss may occur.

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Vitamins for postpartum hair loss

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What causes postpartum hair loss?

The reason for hair loss after pregnancy is usually the deficiencies that are caused in the body during child birth and the energy that the baby takes from the mother results in the bad health of the mother. The bad health is normally indicated through the bad condition of the hair or the skin. Postpartum hair loss has also another reason that new mothers don’t get much time to take care of themselves as much as they could earlier.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes are one reason that causes hair loss. The woman has to bear a roller coaster ride when she goes through the procedure of childbirth which results in hair loss after pregnancy. Progesterone and estrogen are the hormones in a woman that are very high during pregnancy, these hormone levels drop suddenly after childbirth which affects the health of hair; as the hair follicle that is in the growing stage start falling out instead of growing which makes the hair look thinner and the new hair follicles take time to grow all over again.

This procedure does not start immediately after childbirth rather the hair loss starts about three and six months after delivery.

Oral contraceptives

Birth control pills are another reason for hair loss after pregnancy. Usually, women start using contraceptive pills which leave negative impacts on the skin and hair. The birth control pills are hormones that affect the body’s natural hormones. Similarly when the couple wants to have another baby and the woman leaves the pills the radical change in the hormones once again causes the same effect and the blame goes on to hair loss after pregnancy due to childbirth.

postpartum hair loss

Hair loss after pregnancy has many other aspects which are not really important because the hair that falls out during pregnancy has to come back. It is not due to any kind of disease rather the hair follicles start growing again as the previous ones fall out but hair takes some time to grow back. So hair loss after pregnancy is not a big issue and it is like a phase that almost 50% of women have to go through, the hair will comes back again and it should be treated, rather just given it time and proper oiling, massage and vitamins to prevent postpartum hair loss for better growth.

How to prevent postpartum hair loss

Usually, this will normalize within one year after they gave birth. Actually, there are heaps of things that women can do to prevent postpartum hair loss including:

  • Hairstyles for postpartum hair loss – Some women will resort to tying their hair in a ponytail and use a satin pillow when they go to bed. This type of pillow will prevent the friction of the hair while you sleep. Proper care of the hair will also prevent hair loss after pregnancy.
  • Biotin for postpartum hair loss – You should be aware that a proper diet food contain high amount of biotin can help you survive this change. Your nutrition and vitamins can greatly help postpartum hair loss in keeping your hair healthy. And this is not just good for the hair growth but as well as in other body parts.
  • Supplements for postpartum hair loss – Taking Nutrafol postpartum hair growth supplements can also be another form of postpartum hair loss prevention. This can promote hair growth. There are so many supplements that you can see in the market. You just have to go through their nutritional facts and its dosage.


Postpartum hair loss can be avoided simply by taking a full protein-rich diet and taking additional vitamins and minerals along with the diet. The use of hair strengthening shampoos and conditioners can prevent the breakage of weakened hair. In addition, mothers should avoid many hair styling products such as gels. Making curls and doing iron straightening may also cause hair loss. Combing on wet hair must not be done and wide-toothed combs to be used. Oiling of hair must be done more often. Mothers should take more fresh fruits and vegetables.

The above-mentioned measures can help prevent postpartum hair loss. As it is a normal phenomenon, mothers should not take this problem very seriously and rather take care of their hair. They should refrain from things that may be causing hair loss after pregnancy and breastfeeding and keep themselves away from any sort of social and emotional trauma.

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