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TRX2 Reviews 2022

Trx2 Reviews (2023) | Hair Loss Rejuvenation

Trx2 reviews from scientifically developed and proven by various test subjects: TRX2 really helps with different types of hair loss.

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In Oxford, leading experts in hair growth research have dared to tackle a problem that sooner or later catches every man (and even women): the visible loss of scalp hair. The aim of the research was to develop a remedy that is easy to use, but after a short time shows visible success against hair loss.

In this TRX2 review, the focus is on does the TRX2 hair restorer work? A scientific test has shown: hair loss can be stopped in many cases!

Melaniq – A Food Supplement for Grey Hair

If you’re worried about greying hair, you’re not alone — but there are many things you can do to slow down or even prevent greying entirely! An exciting new food supplement called Melaniq (Oxford Biolabs) has become popular recently with people who are looking to slow down their natural graying process, and in some cases, even reverse the effects of gray hair. If you have questions about the food supplement Melaniq, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this product for treating grey hair with Melaniq Trx2.


How does Melaniq work?

Human hair colour is caused by melanin, a pigment found in dark and light hair. Melanin production slows with age, which causes grey hair. Studies have shown that an oxindole called TRX2 naturally suppresses melanin production in human cells. This means that a supplementation of TRX2 will result in less melanin production from melanocytes, or pigment-producing cells, resulting in slower greying of hair colour.

Why choose Melaniq?

Oxford Biolabs, a leading producer of supplements, is proud to introduce Melaniq. Melaniq is an all-natural supplement specifically formulated to help you get your youthful color back. Unlike other shampoos on the market that rely on coloring agents and chemicals, Melaniq uses trx2 technology to help restore natural pigment and make your hair color shine again. And since it’s made in Oxford Biolabs’ US laboratory, you can be sure it is safe and effective.


Melaniq is a patented natural food supplement made by Oxford Biolabs. It is a clinically proven and doctor recommended formula that may slow down or prevent grey hair, helping to keep you looking your best. Used in conjunction with other anti-grey hair supplements, it may help you achieve even better results. The suggested dosage is once per day, before breakfast. Melanin levels are highest during early morning so taking Melaniq at any other time of day may have less impact on slowing or stopping grey hair growth.


Research into trx2 has been conducted by Oxford Biolabs, an established medical research company. However, there have not been many peer-reviewed studies performed on human subjects as of yet.

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TRX2 science of hair rejuvenation 

By combining potassium, niacin and various amino acids and adding natural stimulants, the scientists were able to prove that hair loss was slowed down and in some cases even reversed. This hair restorer is particularly effective at a very early stage of hair loss – at the first signs, regular intake of 3 capsules a day could stop the loss of hair in men and women alike.

How does the TRX2 hair restorer work?

While many hair restorers use chemical additives and animal ingredients, TRX2 is 100% vegan and consists of purely natural substances whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven.

L-carnitine and L-tartrate (also known as canipure tartrate), selenium, potassium and niacin reactivate and stimulate the potassium channels on the scalp. How does TRX2 prevent hair loss, and can it help permanently?

These pore-shaped channels control the transport of important nutrients that are important for hair growth. If this transport to the hair follicle is disturbed or blocked, hair loss occurs. If the transport of nutrients to the hair root is not stimulated again, one gradually loses more and more scalp hair.

TRX2 solves this problem, by stimulating and restoring the supply of the hair roots with important nutrients in the potassium channels on a molecular level. The hair follicle can recover and start growing again. Conversely, healthy hair is also strengthened by the additional nutrients and protected against hair loss. As with other hair restorers, regular use / ingestion is also important with TRX2 so that the hair is continuously supplied with nutrients.

What is TRX2?

TRX2 Review

It is a natural remedy for hair loss in men and women. TRX2 is based on purely herbal ingredients and is a dietary supplement that should be taken 3 times a day in the form of capsules with meals. TRX2 is the test winner in the field of herbal hair restorer and stops hair loss after just a few weeks.

Thanks to minoxidil, biotin and selenium, it strengthens the hair, especially when it comes to diffuse and circular hair loss.

TRX2 – Ingredients and Nutritional Information

What’s in the TRX2 hair restorer?

Recommended intake: 3 capsules daily with a meal. Take all 3 capsules together or at separate times. TRX2 supplies the hair roots with micronutrients and promotes normal, healthy hair growth with natural ingredients. Zinc, selenium and biotin make a valuable contribution to the maintenance of normal scalp hair, which is characterized by healthy and even growth. The TRX2 growth agent stimulates hair growth on a molecular basis and gives the hair more volume. Each capsule is 100% vegetarian and contains 50g of highly effective ingredients. Each bottle contains enough capsules for a whole month.

Amount per dosage
  • Carnipure Tartrate (L-Carnitine)

800 mg

  •  Potassium chloride

191 mg

  • L-leucine

150 mg

  • Isoleucine

75 mg

  • Valine

75 mg

  • Nicotinic acid

40 mg


  • zinc

15 mg


  • Biotin

150 µg


  • selenium

75 µg


Trx2 Reviews what customers say about the TRX2 hair restorer

Torsten M., 32 years old – Had hair loss on the back of my head, I saw a significant improvement after just 4 weeks. I had faced quite a bit of hair loss on the back of my head and had tried a few remedies. By taking TRX2, I now have significantly thicker hair in the affected area.


Heiko T., 47 years old – Had hair loss on the middle parting, I’ve experimented with all kinds of means for ages and nothing really worked. It had also taken some time with TRX2. Had read that it helped many other men after just a few weeks. It took me almost 3 months, but I’m glad I persevered. The result is really impressive – finally no more bald spots on the head.


Angelo, 29 years old – It started very early for me, at the age of 27 I had the first bald spots. I wanted to try everything right away and came across TRX2 early on – it was a recommendation from a friend. I have been taking it regularly for almost 2 years now, and I have hardly lost any hair since then.


Angela F, 34 years old – lost hair after pregnancy, struggled with circular hair loss, After my pregnancy, I lost hair almost every day. I really wanted to do something about it, but I definitely didn’t want to let chemicals on my scalp. After doing some research, I came across TRX2 and read that it is purely natural and 100% vegan – which, of course, as a vegan, I welcome. After 4 weeks, I hardly lost any hair. I took 3 capsules every day and the remedy worked really well for me!

Advantages of trx2

  • TRX2 helps to activate hair growth at the molecular level
  • Made only with the best natural ingredients
  • Can help you grow thick, thick hair
  • Formulated by experts in biology at Oxford University in Great Britain
  • TRX2 is suitable for vegetarians and does not contain any gluten-containing fillers, artificial additives or preservatives
  • Slow but stable hair regrowth in important areas including the frontal bone and temples. For the majority of customers using TRX2 molecular hair growth treatment, the first improvement was apparent in 3-5 months and the major cosmetic outcomes usually subsided in 8-10 months. Results and reaction times are different and are under the influence of individual metabolism.
  • No major side effects. No hormonal disturbance. No risk.

Disadvantages of TRX2

  • No effects witnessed yet
  • Overnight success. Taking TRX2 molecular hair growth treatment ® regularly and over a long period of time is essential to success
  • TRX2® is specially designed for men and women suffering from the early stages of hair loss. (Norwood 1 — 4). It has less effect on the more advanced stages of hair loss.

TRX2 Side Effects

All TRX2® molecular hair loss treatment capsules are narcotic-free-consisting of naturally occurring compounds or compounds that are synthesized as normal metabolites in the human body. The individual substances in this hair loss treatment have been tested for decades and, when taken in this amount, have few side effects. From time to time, customers report temporary gastrointestinal consequences such as upset stomach. Therefore, TRX2 molecular hair loss treatment is recommended to be taken with a meal. In rare cases, allergic reactions such as flushing of the skin have been reported. If this happens, consult a health professional.

Alternatives to TRX2 hair loss reviews

These Hair Growth Products Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Are you struggling with hair loss and have tried many remedies? What really helps against hair loss? Which hair restorer is the best? Many men and women ask themselves these questions at the latest when the hair on their heads is getting less. There are a variety of hair restorers for men and women that advertise with slogans such as “makes hair grow faster”, “helps with hereditary hair loss”, “accelerates hair growth” or “effective remedy against hair loss”.

However, many remedies are quite expensive and not every shampoo, powder or drop and capsule really helps when the hair is falling out. Based on reviews of other customers on Amazon, we have once the best hair restorer compiled. The products containing minoxidil in particular seem to be of great help for many sufferers. Hair restorer with natural and purely herbal ingredients are especially good for patients who have a sensitive scalp. By avoiding parabens and silicones, the hair is also spared, and the hair roots are not stressed. In this way, hair growth can be accelerated.

Abbey Hair Vital Intensive Treatment Abbey Hair Vital Intensive Treatment from 3.56 euros Zinc, biotin, pantothenic acid, B vitamins
Regaine for men 60ml Regaine for men 60ml 39.99 euros Minoxidil, ethanol, propylene glycol, water
Regaine for women 60ml Regaine for women 60ml 47.95 euros Minoxidil, ethanol, propylene glycol, water
Schwarzkopf [3D] MENSION - Hair Growth Activating Shampoo Schwarzkopf [3D] MENSION – Hair Growth Activating Shampoo 4.80 euros Panthenol, taurine, carnitine
Alpecin 21121 Caffeine Shampoo, 250ml Alpecin 21121 Caffeine Shampoo, 250ml 4.90 euros Water, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Glutamate, Zinc, Phenoxyethenal, Methyparabens
Capris® with Trichogen® 10% hair restorer solution Capris® with Trichogen® 10% hair restorer solution 39.99 Trichogen, aloe vera, panthenol, goat milk powder, birch, nettle
Alopexy 5% solution for use on the scalp Alopexy 5% solution for use on the scalp 51.00 Water, minoxidil
Priorin capsules 120 pieces against hair loss Priorin capsules 120 pieces against hair loss from 32.99 Millet extract, vitamin B5, cystine
Vital Fluid Forte - Strong hair restorer Vital Fluid Forte – Strong hair restorer 59.90 euros Water, Sodium Chloride, Rosmarinus, Hamamelis Virgiana, Glycerin, Alcohol, Sango Coral Powder, Lecithin
Schwarzkopf BC Hair Growth Activating Shampoo Schwartzkopf BC Hair Growth Activating Shampoo from 6.30 euros Taurine, carnitine tartrate, echinacea
Hair restorer for the beard - organic serum 10g Hair restorer for the beard – organic serum 10g 7.99 euros herbal ingredients
Doo Gro Oil Stimulating Growth Hair Restorer Doo Gro Oil Stimulating Growth Hair Restorer 8.99 euros Paraffinum Liquidum, Lanolin Oil, Prunus Serotina, Butyrospermum Parkii Shea Butter Extract
khadi Shikakai powder for more hair growth khadi Shikakai powder for more hair growth 6.95 euros Acacia Concinna
Vihado hair vitamins - intensive vital formula growth agen Vihado hair vitamins – intensive vital formula growth agent 14.95 Zinc sulfate, whey protein hydrolyzate, iron citrate, vitamin B6 Hcl, copper gluconate, vitamin A, silicon dioxide, gingko biloba extract
Pantovigar hard capsules for hair growth Pantovigar hard capsules for hair growth 32.99 euros Povidone, microcrystalline cellulose, talc, highly dispersed silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, gelatin, purified water, dyes
Pantovigar hard capsules for hair growth khadi Reetha powder for hair 6.95 euros Sapindus Mukurossi
FAST hair Shampoo & Conditioner Set - hair grows faste FAST hair Shampoo & Conditioner Set – hair grows faster 44.99 euros natural herbs, essential vitamins, amino acids
khadi Amla Shampoo for more hair growth khadi Amla Shampoo for more hair growth 9.90 euros Ylang Ylang, Coco Glucoside, Water, Aloe Vera, Linalool, Citric Acid, Zinc PCA, Sodium PCA, Farnesol
Testosterol 250 - hair growth is accelerated Testosterol 250 – hair growth is accelerated 6.60 euros Sterols, herbal steroids
Loreal Renaxil Active Hair Treatmen Loreal Renaxil Active Hair Treatment 27.99 euros Aminexil, Madecassoside complex, UVA filter Mexoryl
Hair growth tonic spray Hair growth tonic spray 9.99 euros Organic caffeine, biotin, vitamin E.
high-dose skin and hair vitamins 3 month treatment high-dose skin and hair vitamins 3 month treatment 19.99 euros Biotin, collagen, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, folic acid
Alpecin 21201 After Shampoo Liquid Alpecin 21201 After Shampoo Liquid 6.49 euros Caffeine, water, sodium, zinc, polyquaternium-7, propyl paraben


How is TRX2 funded?

TRX2 is a project run by Oxford BioLabs, Ltd. We are funded through a combination of private investments and public funds.

Where can I learn more about your recent activities?

Customers interested in becoming more involved with our movement can:

– Visit
– Become a member at stages of balding
– Sign up for our e-mail list!

How is TRX2 run?

Our team offers a unique combination of academic excellence and commercial prowess. TRX2 consists of a growing assortment of:

– World-class scientists
– Medical professionals and surgeons
– Experts on the commercialization of new technology
– Hair loss specialists
– Authors of hair loss related books and community bloggers

In a nutshell, what is TRX2?

TRX2 is a research project devoted to providing a new standard of care for the treatment of male and female hair loss. There is a desperate need for workable solutions in this area, and our company is committed to bringing affordable and efficacious treatments to market.

The name of our company has an interesting etymology. TRX2 is derived from the root-word “trichos,” which means “hair” in Ancient Greek. The “2” stands for your “2nd generation” of hair.

While our company is still young, our scientists are hardly inexperienced. The TRX2 team consists of world-class experts from around the world that are united in their desire to succeed in this important venture.

How long does it take to get results?

Depending on the individual, the first results will appear as early as 12 weeks. In some cases, you may not get results until 8-12 months after you start hair loss treatment. However, for the majority of customers, the first result will be apparent in about 5 months.

Can TRX2 improve the response of ® minoxidil lotion (eg Rogaine)? Is it safe to use combination therapy?

Yes. Both TRX2 and minokidil target the same small protein (potassium ion channel). TRX2 contains only natural components and is safe to use with this topical hair loss treatment.

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