The Big 3 Hair Loss treatment

The Big 3 Hair Loss | Treatment For Stopping Norwood 3

To start, the big 3 hair loss treatments used to cure male pattern baldness which falls under stages 1-3 according to Norwood Scale. These major treatments work by stopping Norwood stage 3 and the factors responsible for most cases of hair loss; particularly in men and women alike.

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While genetics, age, and medical conditions may play a role in determining how quickly you lose your hair, it’s the big 3 hair loss that can often be managed if you know what level, signs, or stages of balding to look out for and what to do about it. Let’s go over the big 3 hair loss treatment one by one, so you know what’s at work in your head (no pun intended).

If you’re in the early beginning stages of losing your hair, it might seem difficult to find the causes of your problem. Luckily for you, there are many solutions available out there! But before getting those treatments done (or any other option), we’ll tell you about The big 3 for hair loss. They’re called the big 3 hair loss because these three treatments are highly recommended by doctors around the world.

The Big 3 Hair Loss

The Big 3 is a common phrase referring to three products that can help in the prevention of balding and stop Norwood 3. Minoxidil (Rogaine), Finasteride (Propecia) and Ketoconazole (Nizoral) are all important parts of male pattern baldness cure. By using these three products together, it’s possible to fight against hair loss – or at least slow down its progress from stage 4 to 7.

Do The Big 3 really work for Norwood 3 hair loss? 

big 3 hair loss before and after

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These three products really work to stop Norwood 3 because there have been studies and cases where people who used them noticed new hair growth treating early stages of male pattern baldness in females. Specifically, these two products in particular – finasteride and minoxidil – seem to show some promise when taken with hair loss vitamins supplements.

Minoxidil and finasteride have been shown to be effective at reducing hair loss, while ketoconazole is less known but still has promising results. With the Big three hair loss – minoxidil, finasteride, and ketoconazole- you can stop worrying about your receding hairline, balding crown, or excessive shedding because you’ll never have to cover up a bald spot again!

The Big 3 Hair Loss Mistakes You Might Be Making

What if I told you that there are 3 major mistakes people make in the early stages of balding? If you haven’t already guessed it, I’m talking about Norwood 1, Norwood 2 and, stage Norwood 3 hair loss (and any other early signs of balding that falls in that category)

  1. Stages of balding denial – Ignoring the facts that it’s normal to start balding at 18, so don’t denial the signs of crown balding because bald young is possible.
  2. Why am I balding – Causes of hair loss can affect just your scalp or the entirety of your body – this could be temporary or permanent. There are many causes for this, from ageing and heredity to hormones – there are even some who believe this is a part of nature. Men will typically experience more pattern baldness than women do, however, women still feel its effects too. By knowing the causes, signs, symptoms, and balding stages can help play a big role to prevent and treat hair loss.
  3. Not seeking early treatment – Early stages of female and male pattern treatment can help reverse early balding, however, it may become difficult to hide thinning hair on the crown and bald spot hair loss as time goes on; early diagnosis is encouraged so that you can do what needs to be done before the situation gets worse. Early treatment consists of the big 3 hair loss-approved products that are most likely prescribed by your doctor.

The Big 3 Hair Loss Products

It is worth taking all of these together. But taking one together with a vitamin supplement is much more effective they will stop early hair loss issues from being an issue when there are multiple aspects to consider and rely on. In addition, let me tell you about each product individually so that you know what could happen if things take a turn for the worse and what could happen if things turn out just right.


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Rogaine is often the first drug that doctors recommend to patients who are suffering from hair loss. It is one of the few drugs approved for hair regrowth.

It’s common to ask which is the best Minoxidil vs Finasteride, but there are no reasons why you can’t use both of these treatments at the same time – that would be considered The Big 3 approach.

Minoxidil was originally only used to treat high blood pressure, but when it became clear that the drug also caused excessive hair growth in certain patients when applied topically to the scalp. This happens because Minoxidil increases blood flow, and when used with hair loss vitamins supplements can help stimulates the growth of new hair follicles. The larger size of these hair follicles makes it much easier for new hairs to grow out.

There are many other options for those who wish to grow their hair, but one of the most popular is minoxidil. Minoxidil does not have too many side effects and can even help stimulate growth in some cases. One drawback of using this particular product is how often it needs to be applied – Rogaine once a day, twice a day or even. Not everyone can maintain such an intense routine, which means they don’t get to see results as they want; including me.


Finasteride 1mg

Out of the big three hair loss, Finasteride is probably the most famous in recent media. You’ll find countless tales about celebrities balding who use Propecia; even our own President (D. Trump) might have taken Propecia to help slow down his accelerating male pattern of baldness.

Finasteride is extremely effective at reducing hair loss, with 80% of people who tried it report their hair loss success story. Finasteride is also more affordable than a hair transplant because it only needs to be taken once per day rather than twice, like Minoxidil. One reason for its popularity lately is how easy to use it is; all you need to do is take a pill, and you’re done!

Unfortunately, there are some limitations with Finasteride. You may have heard about the side effects of taking this medicine, and it’s not a joking matter. However, these can only happen if it has a bad reaction with your body – but I’m just not sure if it’s worth risking anything when there are other options available to you instead.


Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Basic Fresh 7 Fl Oz

One of the Big 3 is ketoconazole – best known for its brand name Nizoral.

Nizoral can do double duty. In addition to fighting fungus on your scalp, it may also stop you from losing all of your hair. People who use Nizoral report that they often experience a number of positive side effects while using the shampoo.

Nizoral doesn’t always work best as a dandruff shampoo; but other forms are available. Doctors can’t agree which form of ketoconazole works the best. Some think it’s preferable to take it orally, while others argue that dropping on the scalp would do a better job of ridding you of your dandruff and hair loss problem.

Conclusion – the big 3 hair loss

If you’re losing hair, and it’s still in the early stages of in the process to have become stage 4, don’t wait around. Buy one of the big 3 essential products to slow the rate of your shedding. Understand that these come with some side effects, so weigh those against what it is you want before making a final decision about anything else.

Personally, I’ve just come to embrace my baldness, because feeling like that wasn’t worth it for me – taking the time every day applying Minoxidil and having to deal with the side effects forever just so I can look good. I’m never judging those who choose to do this either – it’s all about what you think is right for you.

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