1. How old are you?

    Answers may range from 15-80 years of age.

    2. How many hairs are you losing now?

    3. How advanced is your hair loss already?

    4. Do you have dandruff?

    5. Do you wear any headgear, e.g. at work (as a chef, police officer, construction worker) or during your free time (motorbike helmet, baseball cap)?

    6. Are you often stressed?

    6. Are you often stressed?

    8. Do any of the men in your family already suffer from hair loss?

    9. We would like to know more about your hereditary predisposition to hair loss. Are you interested in taking part in a survey?

    According to the information you provided, it is very likely that you will be bald or have lost most of your hair at the age of 44.

    The Dr. Wolff research team has analysed the information you provided and has predicted your individual risk of hair loss. You can do something to counteract your hair loss. New findings by the Dr. Wolff research team prove that hereditary hair loss can be effectively counteracted.

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