Shapiro MD Shampoo Review

Shapiro MD Shampoo Review 2023 – Is this a SCAM?

Shapiro MD sells shampoo for hair loss, conditioner, foam, and shampoo. Prior to going out, buy Shapiro MD’s Hair Growth DHT Blockers from Shapiro MD.

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I suggest reading the Shapiro MD Review. This will allow you to determine whether they’ll be worth the cost.

In the following Shapiro MD review, I’ll go over the ingredients, my findings, other reviews from customers, side effects, and much more. Let’s dive into it.

Keep reading until the end to find my conclusion about Shapiro, MD.

What is Shapiro MD Hair Growth?

shapiro md shampoo and condtioner

Shapiro MD currently sells shampoos, conditioners, leave-in-foams, and along with finasteride supplements. On the website of Shapiro MD (November 2021), the whole “Regrowth Kit” is priced at $89.95. Their products are available on Amazon and are priced slightly higher.

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Shapiro MD shampoos, conditioners, and foams claim to reduce hair loss by blocking DHT hormones. DHT can cause hair loss in both men and women. I purchased “The Natural Kit” at $79.95, which includes shampoo and conditioner along with foam.

Shapiro MD Finasteride supplements are exclusively intended for men and are priced at $20 for one month’s supply. Even if I were male, I’d be too afraid to try Finasteride due to the list of potentially frightening side effects. (1) I am completely against letting my husband take Finasteride.


  • Caffeine, as well as saw palmetto, are legitimate DHT ingredients that block hair loss.
  • There is a money-back guarantee for Shapiro MD.
  • It works for both males and females.
  • Shapiro, MD, isn’t an untruth.
  • It is available for purchase at Amazon.


  • For hair loss that is not a result of the DHT hormone, it is ineffective.
  • Very expensive when compared to other products for hair loss. Loss products.
  • The Shaprio MD reviews on Amazon could be better.


triple action dht blocker

The challenge was to locate specific information about the ingredients of Shapiro MD. I don’t believe I’ve ever used Google Patents to find ingredients in a hair loss shampoo. This patent is from the founders, Steven D. Shapiro and Michael T. Borenstein. The three principal active ingredients that they use in their products are caffeine, saw palmetto, and EGCG.


Many people have had the opportunity to hear about caffeine for hair loss in a commercial by Alpecin. It is assumed that you have a television. There are studies that show caffeine is beneficial for things like androgenetic alopecia in men. (2)

Another fascinating study shows that it is able to stimulate hair follicle growth in men and women. (3)

Our scalps are amazingly able to absorb caffeine when applied topically. (4) Based on my own experiences, caffeine did make my hair thicker. However, once I removed the caffeine hair growth shampoo, my hair’s growth decreased.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto has become a prominent ingredient in the treatment of hair loss. (5) Saw palmetto is in most of the shampoos and supplements I’ve already reviewed on

There aren’t many research studies on saw palmetto for hair loss, and the reason why people began using this ingredient appears to be due to the fact that Native Americans used it hundreds of years ago for a variety of medical purposes. Saw palmetto increased hair count in men suffering from male pattern hair loss, according to one study. (6)


I’m going to be totally sincere with you today. Prior to writing this review, I had never heard of EGCG. I’ve used hair loss shampoos containing EGCG previously. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate appears to come from dried leaves of green tea and people started trying out EGCG for hair regrowth at some point.

One study was interesting, which showed that EGCG does boost hair growth in follicles. ( 7) Remember that this is not a study on humans; however, it was on hair follicles in a lab. HairScience also published an excellent, in-depth piece on green tea for hair growth. (8)

How do you use Shapiro MD?

4 month of shapiro md

Among all the hair loss shampoos I’ve tried, Shapiro MD definitely had the best instructions and packaging. I tried this Shapiro MD shampoo and conditioner after washing my hair in the shower.

Make sure you use your fingertips to rub the shampoo and conditioner into your scalp. After you’ve finished the massage, let the shampoo rest on your hair for at least 2 minutes before washing it off. Following that, the conditioner will be applied. Once again, you’ll need to follow the same steps previously mentioned.

If you purchased the Natural Kit as I did, you are now ready to apply the foam. Pump the bottle two times before applying the mousse to your dry hair. It is suggested to do this every day to get the most effective results in hair growth.

This may appear to be a pain, but there’s no need to clean it up. It’s easy to do it quickly at the beginning of the day. I noticed that there was no strong scent, and my husband told me it was impossible to notice anything on my hair. My colleagues needed to be made aware of everything. I was doing this every day for about a month.

My Results

I’ve been experiencing hair loss for more than a year. I began this blog in order to discover the most effective hair loss products for me. Through my research, I’ve discovered a few frauds. Is Shapiro a scam? Shapiro MD is not a scam, based on my personal experience.

So, does Shapiro MD regrow hair? After three years of using their product, I noticed that my hair was not becoming dense and that less hair fell out when I brushed it. The hair growth was slow, but the results increased as each month went by. In the end, Shapiro MD was too costly for me to continue using, and I needed to end my use of it. As with many other products, my hair loss returned after I stopped using Shapiro MD.

In the event that Shapiro MD was cheaper or offered bulk discounts similar to Folifort. I would absolutely consider it since it really works and isn’t a fraud. However, there are other, less expensive, DHT-blocking shampoos and conditioners that are effective. They have the same ingredients as Shapiro MD plus more.

In conclusion, I was able to achieve excellent results using Shapiro MD after about a month. My hair was longer and thicker. It was gorgeous. In the end, I was unable to keep using it, and my hair began becoming dry and brittle once more. It began to fall out in clumps, which was the initial state I had before applying to Shapiro MD.

Is it a scam? It’s not an enticement. I’m sure the product contained the ingredients that it claimed it would, and there weren’t any extra charges or auto-billing surprises. If the loss of your hair isn’t due to an accumulation of DHT, then you won’t see any hair growth outcomes with Shapiro MD.

There are many other causes for hair loss, like vitamin deficiency, the stress of pregnancy, and stress. I’d say that customers who have experienced hair loss due to other causes make the majority of fraud claims.

Shapiro MD Shampoo Side Effects

I personally didn’t have any adverse reactions when using Shapiro MD shampoo and conditioner. My scalp was tingly, and I did not experience any allergies.

If your scalp feels burned or you notice any other signs, you should stop right away and talk to a doctor.

As per Web MD, Saw palmetto is “likely safe,” but you must avoid it if you are nursing or pregnant. It is also recommended to take it only after any major operation. (9)

The information contained in this review is not medical advice. I am not a doctor.

Shapiro MD Customer Reviews

shapiro md hair loss reviews

One-star reviews for Shapiro MD Shampoo

Shapiro MD has recently listed their products on the Amazon marketplace. In retrospect, they could regret this, as customers have the option to express what they think of their reviews without restriction.

At present, 9% of critiques for Shapiro, MD, rank 1 star, which could be a better indicator. There are over 1000 reviews, and they have a 4.1/5 score (as of November 2021), which is okay; however, it could be better by any means.

 review for shapiro md

Replies that indicate this 5-star Shapiro MD review is fake

There’s a rumour you can receive a year’s worth of Shapiro MD for writing a glowing review, which is shocking. However, I don’t know if it’s true. A few of the less disturbing reviews say that the product is not working.

If this is the case, it could be a sign that the company is moving into fraudulent territory and is a warning sign. In the same way, as I stated earlier in this article, I do not believe Shapiro MD is a scam. Shapiro, MD, is a fraud.

Shapiro MD Reddit Reviews

shapiro md reddit review

This is the Only Reddit Discussion About Shapiro MD I Could Find

At present, there needs to be more discussion on Reddit about Shapiro MD shampoo. The product could be more well-known at the moment. I did discover a Reddit thread on Shapiro, MD, however.

The original poster just asked if anyone had ever used Shapiro MD prior to that. Somebody responded that they believed (in their own opinion) that the majority of Shapiro MD’s Amazon reviews were likely fake.


Shapiro Hair Loss Shampoo and Conditioner were invented by dermatologists Michael Borenstein, M.D., and Steven Shapiro, M.D. Both medical professionals know how the loss of hair affects men and women alike.

This inspired Shapiro, as well as Borenstein, to create an effective solution to losing hair that could increase the speed of the growth process. According to dermatologists, Shapiro MD hair growth shampoo has been tested clinically to ensure its efficacy and safety.

Shapiro, as well as Borenstein, affirm that their triple-action formula, which is patent-pending, can help you get longer, thicker hair. They use saw palmetto extract from berries (SPBE) and caffeine, as well as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), to accelerate the growth of hair.

I followed Shapiro MD’s advice and suggested using an ointment of moderate size and massaging gently on your scalp for a minimum of two minutes. Then follow up with a thorough rinse. Follow the same instructions when using Shapiro MD conditioner. Shapiro MD shampoo I used this method for 30 days, and I did notice some improvements in my hair loss.

The Bottom Line: Should You Buy It?

Unfortunately, Shapiro MD Hair Loss Shampoo did not provide me with long-term results. I would have liked to; however, I didn’t.The great news is that I have found an alternative that is more effective. I recommend Folifort supplements above all else. Folifort has helped me more than other alternatives, and I’m confident that it will be helpful to all of you too. It was much less expensive and also had large discounts, which made it a great deal if you were looking to get long-term hair growth.

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