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Provillus Hair Loss Treatment | Avoid Going Balding!

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If you’re losing your hair, then you know what hair loss does to your confidence. Dealing with hair loss can be difficult.

Thanks to a product called Provillus hair loss treatment, you may be able to regrow the hair that you have lost.

Provillus helps fight against male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. It’s a 2-part system, which makes it even more effective.

3 Advantages of Having Thicker Hair

  • You Will Be More Attractive To The Opposite Sex
  • Your Confidence Will Be Higher
  • Styling Your Hair Is Easier and It Looks Better

This product can be used by both men and women. Provillus gives you the option to choose between the men formula or the women’s formula because balding is treated a little differently depending on your gender.

The reason this product works is that it fights against hair loss from the inside out. It combines both an FDA approved ingredient for hair loss along with essential vitamins that help improve your hairs’ health.

Provillus does work, but you can’t expect results overnight. No hair loss product on the market can regrow all the hair you have lost overnight. Getting your hair to regrow will take time. You should start to see some results in 3-4 months.

Extensive research about hair loss has been done over the years on hair loss. Because of this, Provillus has come up with a solution that can actually help most men and women re-grow their own hair back again.

Provillus hair loss treatment is also a great choice because there is no prescription needed. Not having to go to the Doctor is great because it is both embarrassing and expensive.

Not only does Provillus offer a unique formula that helps stop further hair loss from occurring, but it also stimulates those weakening hair follicles, so they begin to grow again.

You may be thinking that although it sounds good, what if it doesn’t work for me. Well, Provillus gives you a 90-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked! This is great because although this product has worked for many, there is a slight chance that it won’t work for you. You really have nothing to lose by giving this product a try.

The Pros:

* 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked
* Free 2 Month Supply With Your Order (not sure how long this offer is available)
* Has an FDA Approved Ingredient to Regrow Hair
* Discrete Shipping & Billing

The Cons:

* Not available in stores


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Provillus Hair Loss Treatment and other options

Provillus hair treatment products have been around for some time now and there has been a lot of buzz in the American and European markets about its efficacy as compared to its strongest competitor, Procerin. In this article, we review the ingredients and characteristics of Provillus hair care products with the benefits of buying Procerin to see what is a better, healthier and safer bet for those looking for natural hair loss treatments.

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Provillus hair treatment products are available for both men and women suffering from the common problem of hair loss, receding hairline, falling and thinning hair but the formula for Men’s Provillus and Women’s Provillus differs in one essential ingredient: saw palmetto, which the formula for women lacks. This is mainly because research has found that saw palmetto reacts negatively with female hormones to produce undesirable side-effects, which can affect the health of the fetus in a pregnant woman.

Provillus hair treatment products, like Procerin, are filled with natural DHT blockers, such as Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root, which works aggressively to block DHT in the body. These two natural DHT blockers, Nettle Root and Saw Palmetto, make a powerful combination as they both inhibit 5-alpha-reductase – a major contributor to DHT production in the body, which causes hair loss and associated hair health problems.

Provillus hair loss cure products also contain Eleuthero and Muria Puama, which the company claims helps users get the nutrition they need to maintain healthy hair; however, if these ingredients are aggressive and potent activators of hair loss prevention and re-growth, then it also necessitates some thinking on the part of patients with regard to the products being absolutely natural and safe in the real sense, doesn’t it?

Side effects and drug interactions of Provillus hair treatment products are still not very openly known so that potential users may be in the dark, floundering for correct information on how exactly the use of Provillus hair products may affect their particular hair loss condition. While one side effect of using Provillus hair loss products is that the use of Saw Palmetto has reportedly caused difficulty urinating and sleepiness later on at night for many patients, the other drawback is that Provillus hair loss prevention solution also contains Nettle Root, which interacts negatively with blood pressure medications. Provillus hair loss treatment also takes as much as 6 months to actually start working while Procerin is a faster acting, all natural formulation that contains nettle root in controlled measures so as to ward off any potential side-effects of its potency affecting human health dangerously. Thus, we find that Provillus hair loss treatment formulation does have it’s problems and needs more proper documentation made available to customers with specific reservations about side-effects, perhaps with the addition of more trace minerals in the formula, much like Procerin has included, it too can look forward to supplementing the average western diets with a much-needed ingredient for healthy hair.

With Procerin, you can take proactive measures to stop hair loss by natural formulation that works by blocking the formation of DHT in the system to aid subsequent re-growth. Try Procerin for hair health over Provillus hair to know the difference of hair health and total wellbeing!

Provillus Hair Loss Supplements – Is there a more affordable, safer and effective option?

Want hair that bounces with good health and shines without the sunlight falling on it? Try the all-natural, safe and affordable Procerin hair loss treatment and treat yourself to a brand, new look today! More on that at after we analyze some of the other so-called completely natural hair loss treatments in the market today; Provillus hair loss formulation is de-constructed for you in this segment – so you as the aware consumer can make informed decisions on which quality hair care herbal product is right for you.

The first and foremost question on everyone considering buying Provillus hair loss products is probably ‘How does Provillus work?’ We answer that for you: Provillus hair loss formulation works to prevent hair loss by blocking out DHT (Dihydrotestostrone), one of the major causes of hair loss and aggressively supplying essential nutrients to the user’s body that are specifically tailored to prevent hair loss and to help the hair re-growth occur as a natural process. These are claims made by the manufacturer and still need more documentation made readily available in the consumer market with hair loss being such a common problem for both men and women and the consumer’s right to information being an important issue as well; however, since these claims of Provillus hair loss solution are yet to be substantiated after the initial feedback by users came to light, there is still some doubt about the efficacy of Provillus hair loss. Besides, having inadequate documentation that detracts from the whole concept of good, natural and quality herbal products being able to give necessary information to consumers looking to re-grow hair naturally, especially those looking at Provillus hair loss supplements as a measure that will aid the body’s natural supply of nutrients and let the tiny follicles beneath the scalp receive exactly what they need to grow hair, the product has been around only for a few years. Therefore, as compared to Procerin, which has been in the market for a long time and has already established itself as a leading choice for stopping hair loss, with lab research reports, timely customer query resolution, money back guarantees and proper documentation as well as tips to use Procerin; Provillus for hair loss comes in as a less beneficial option.

The common factors between Provillus hair loss supplements and Procerin for hair loss treatment is that both use natural ingredients, which are taken orally and absorbed quickly, to promote new, healthy hair growth; however, the difference in the effectiveness of the products is where the issue of patient advantage lies. While consumers buying Provillus hair loss product have reported on forums and blogs that they have experienced various side-effects after using Provillus hair loss supplements, these range in seriousness from increased sleepiness, difficulty urinating to more dangerous contra-indications such as reacting adversely with blood pressure medications. With Procerin hair loss supplements, these fears are not only allayed due to extensive medical research and regular lab tests conducted on improving the product, but as compared to Provillus hair loss products, Procerin tablets and topical supplements don’t stop at preventing or stopping hair loss – Procerin is also effective in re-growth of hair.

Provillus Review

Provillus review covers the natural ingredients present in this special herbal formulation that is advertised as being a revolutionary breakthrough for preventing hair loss for both men and women. We take up the responsibility of going beneath the marketing jazz and unearthing the truth behind the serum for hair loss as claimed by Provillus reviews flooding the web – and thereby bring to you, the aware customer, an opportunity to judge for yourself whether this herbal hair loss supplement is for you? Or can there be another real, safe and natural hair loss treatment product that will benefit you?

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Let’s jump right in to the formulation of Provillus hair loss treatment before concluding with the Provillus review, so that it’s a fair analysis. The Provillus for Men is advertised a having a breakthrough formula that blocks dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone, which is responsible for hair fall in men and further acting to reach necessary nutritional supplements that re-grow your hair. Procerin is an all natural formulation that has proven its efficacy in promoting and maintaining strong, healthy hair while also educating the consumers about hair health beginning with the proper nutritional building blocks, but this herbal product for hair loss does not recommend you start using it before the onset of any symptoms of hair loss. So, it is natural for readers to have a few doubts about using a product before the problem occurs – we don’t deny that it can even seem absurd if we go by the premise, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ – a mantra for most people who like to leave well enough alone.

However, if a Provillus review is what brought you here, let’s continue with that: Provillus for men has one potent ingredient, Saw Palmetto, which is a powerful DHT blocker all right, but if contained in the formulation for treating women’s hair loss issues, this can backfire strongly, with side-effects like problems during child-birth. Fortunately, this problem has been discovered by lab results and scientific tests and Provillus reviews also mention this while excluding the saw palmetto in the formulation for women. Thus, Provillus for Women is bereft of saw palmetto and has other active herbal nutrients to rejuvenate the hair follicles and stimulate growth of new hair and these combine to provide optimal nutrition for healthy and growing hair.

The active ingredients in Provillus reviews state the formula for each 2 caplet serving to contain Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride – 5 mg), Biotin – 5 mg, Zinc (as Magnesium Oxide) – 15 mg, Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens fruit) 1500 mg, besides a proprietary blend of Nettle, Gotu Kola, Pumpkin, Eleuthero Root, Uva-Ursi and Muria Puama. The fact that no specific amounts (mg measures) are given for the latter ingredients, is a matter of concern for consumers taking blood pressure medications since scientific research reveals that Nettle can react negatively with these and saw palmetto can cause difficulty in urination.

Thus, with the little documentation available with Provillus, this non-prescription product being relatively new with its earliest mention found in November 2002, herbal health experts recommend patients suffering hair loss to buy Procerin, which has been around longer, has proven results in the efficacy department of providing many hair friendly nutrients that create an environment conducive to healthy hair growth besides listing tips, techniques and care for receiving best benefits of using Procerin supplements. Low cost and online availability of Procerin are other attractions for this holistic hair loss treatment: Click here to join the re-grow your hair revolution at

Provillus for Men and other safe, affordable and effective Hair Loss Treatments

Androgenetic alopecia is the most common reason for hair loss in men and the cause of them reaching for Provillus for men as an herbal, natural ingredient filled potent supplement to stop thinning hair. However, knowing the full effects of Provillus for men is very important for all those looking at the familiar receding hairline (or widow’s peak) effect in the mirror as the formulation contained in Provillus for men does seem mired in a bit of a controversy regarding side-effects and lack of proper documentation, besides being a relatively new hair loss prevention option that is yet to establish its worth in the market.

Provillus for Men

As most men suffering from androgenetic alopecia know that it is the elevated levels of a chemical called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in their scalp that causes the hair loss and this DHT is a by-product of the male hormone testosterone, which is responsible for masculine characteristics, they buy Provillus for men in the hope that the manufacturer’s claim for the formulation containing natural DHT blockers and actively, aggressively working nutrients for hair loss stoppage will act preventing their levels of testosterone getting converted to DHT; thus saving them from hair loss. In most cases, this false belief is the cause of further disappointment for users of Provillus for men, which though having the essential natural DHT blocker, saw palmetto and nettles combination, has both beneficial and undesirable side-effects associated with pro-longed and even midway discontinuance of the product.

Procerin for hair loss, on the other hand has all natural, gentle but effective active ingredient list that is specifically formulated to block the same transformation into DHT by the human body by blocking DHT without reacting with testosterone (as some prescription medications do) and thus is a safer way to treat hair loss in men as compared to the ill-effects suffered by patients using Provillus for men. Furthermore, Provillus for men has lesser instances of success as compared to Procerin, the leading hair loss treatment, which has recorded proven lab-test results out in the open for all potential and existing customers to verify doubts, an FAQ section that comprehensively and accurately answers all possible hair loss related queries as well as a dedicated customer service team that gives solutions and information on individual queries. This makes Procerin most successful in reducing, and even halting further loss of hair from the scalp, without causing the sexual side effects of prescription drugs like finasteride (Propecia) or sleepiness and urinary difficulties as faced by Provillus for men users.

Procerin is also better because all its ingredients besides being natural herbs, also have their active measures listed on the formulation for hair loss: with each tablet clearly stating Saw Palmetto 1500mg, Zinc Sulfate 15mg, Pyroxidine 5mg, Magnesium 150mg and a 30mg proprietary blend of Gotu Kola, Nettles, Pumpkin Seed, Siberian Ginseng, Muira Puma Root and Uwa Ursi – all of which are good for hair loss patients, all of which significantly help prevent hair loss and restore hair health. Provillus for men stops short of listing measures for all ingredients thereby putting a question mark on the safe levels of herbal ingredients that can cause undesirable side-effects. Procerin doesn’t stop short at this point or even at preventing hair loss: Procerin cures problems like full male pattern baldness as well.

Provillus for Women: Should you use it?

Provillus for women is being touted as the next best thing after sliced bread; well, perhaps, the advertisers may be pitching for that, but how does one determine whether Provillus for women is actually the practical treatment option for all or most women that feel cut off from their counterparts due to the problem of thinning, falling and weak hair? We attempt to answer that question along with a few other pertinent issues about women’s hair loss, its causes and how Provillus for women fares along side other natural hair loss for women options.

Provillus for Women

First of all, if you are a woman reading this article, please rest assured you are not alone in facing the problem of thinning hair; hair fall and thinning are common enough issues for the average woman as a result of natural aging, hormonal issues, underlying health factors etc. In fact, statistically, those looking for Provillus for women to treat hair loss and associated problems can be cheered by the prospect of more than 1 in 4 women inheriting the problem of thinning hair. There! Yet another problem you can squarely put on the shoulders of your parents!

Seriously though, while many women suffer the misery of blaming either parents for genetic causes of unhealthy or female pattern baldness or think it is the regular use of hair dryers and tongs that cause women to lose hair and look to buy Provillus for women to treat these and more problems, the actual solution is to look within – and consult with a doctor to determine the underlying cause behind individual hair health problems. The fact is that while there are a host of hair health issues that can be related to wrong styling techniques and hereditary hair loss, not all of these can be helped by using the best and most expensive natural or herbal hair care products, such as Provillus for women. The answer therefore, lies in finding out your particular condition leading to your hair problem, be it over-treating and coloring hair that has had an adverse effect, causing your hair to break off near the scalp or a hormonal change or use of some medication that has resulted in long-term hair loss. With the help of a qualified medical expert, women looking for permanent and safe solutions to natural hair growth or prevention of hair loss can get the best advice for their particular condition- much like a customized treatment option, which is advisable step towards proper diagnosis and treatment for hair loss as compared to buying Provillus for women or other such herbal products that are still in the nascent stage of being researched for side-effects.

Among the many common reasons women lose their hair are due to hereditary thinning or alopecia (this accounts for 95% of female hair loss), hormonal imbalances, child-birth, menopause, radiation therapy or using harmful medication.

But since the manufacturers of Provillus for women term it as the product that ‘aggressively seeds your scalp to create the optimum environment for new, healthy hairs,’ wouldn’t you think of wanting a softer, more gentler on the scalp treatment for supplying proper nutrition to bring damaged, dead hair follicles back to life? Then, try Sephren for happy hair!! Click now to buy Sephren online at

Does Provillus Work?

Is the moon made of green cheese?

If you’ve found your way here by looking for the answer to ‘does Provillus work?’ we are going to give you the latest facts on this revolutionary herbal hair loss supplement that many opting for Procerin, the longer standing and leading brand for natural hair growth have been mulling over. Provillus has been around for a relatively shorter time than Procerin, which is a true and tried herbal hair loss prevention and re-growth treatment product, available in both topical and pill form, which contains many of the natural ingredients that Provillus has also followed through with. However, therein ends the similarity since the efficacy and cost factor for both Procerin and Provillus are vastly different besides the fact that Procerin has already got a proven and loyal customer base, thanks in no small part due to the manufacturer’s concern with high quality, consistent checks on efficacy, giving a 90-day money back guarantee besides proper documentary evidence of how Procerin ingredients combine to work great results!

Those looking at the does Provillus work question may now well be taken up with the medically verified fact that not only has Procerin been around longer, costs less than most of its rivals, but is also a safer, more viable option for those seeking hair loss prevention and hair re-growth with natural DHT blockers working to their benefit.

Men of all ages have long been plagued with the association of hair loss being coupled with a loss of healthy self-regard about appearance as have women faced with the lesser known but very real female pattern baldness problem; however, their concern over does Provillus work seems justified when one considers all the consumer feedback on forums and the company not listing all the measures for ingredients used, besides resorting to gimmicks such as giving away free bottles of the product. Procerin, on the other hand, lives up to all its claims and is especially effective in treating male pattern baldness and women hair loss issues with re-growth nutrients actively working to help all levels of hair loss. Procerin works – 88 percent of success rates vouch for that as does the fact that the company does not need to take cover of giving away free bottles of the hair loss treatment product since the one bottle does the job for restoring hair health!

Does Provillus work? Is the moon made of green cheese? You’ve got your answer, we are sure – so why not stop by and benefit real time from Procerin. Does Procerin work is a question you won’t need to of stopping hair loss before it becomes a problem, increasing your hair count and improving both hairline and thinning at the crown of the head.

Buy Provillus after learning about the product – a consumer awareness feature.

Buy Provillus says the marketing segment, but your brain may stop you from making an uninformed decision – or even your health care advisor, be it a medical expert or your best friend who may have been lured by the attraction of getting two bottles free if ordering the maximum result hair loss product. If you’ve been stopped for any of these reasons, please take the time to think it through rationally before hitting the mouse to buy Provillus – or for that matter any new herbal hair loss prevention product that claims to be a revolutionary formula. For, if the product is really good, why would the manufacturer need to resort to gimmicks such as giving away two bottles free? Anyhow, let us look at why so many consumers feel compelled to buy Provillus, and what are the main ingredients in the formula that can actually stop hair loss to promote hair growth.

Its makers say that those who buy Provillus can look forward to benefiting from the natural ingredients used in the formulation to prevent hair loss; however, the problem is foremost in the inadequate reporting of the exact quantities of the ingredients, which the label on the hair loss supplement fails to give. If you buy Provillus hoping for a miracle cure that sprouts hair on your crown in a matter of weeks, keep looking; because to buy Provillus is no magic cure for hereditary or long-term hair loss and stopping use after noticing a slight improving in hair fall has reportedly got feedback of the new hair falling out besides other side-effects.

Of course, those looking to buy Provillus as an experimental hair loss recovery treatment have the hope of it being a relatively safe product since it contains so many natural ingredients and DHT blockers (the hormone responsible for hair loss), but because it is a medically proven fact that at any given time, 90% of the scalp hairs are in the growth phase, it can be a dicey task to measure which of the new hair can be attributed to the buy Provillus decision. The manufacturers assert that patients suffering hair loss, be it men or women, have the advantage of being able to buy Provillus to suit their gender needs, which means that the formulation is different for both men and women, pre-determined by the way in which the active nutrients in the Provillus supplements are believed to work on the human hormones. Then, one finds the all-important question unanswered: why, despite all this extra care and research put into the Provillus hair loss supplement, does the product for both men and women keep getting so much negative feedback due to side-effects like causing breathlessness, sleepiness, difficulty in urination as well as adversely affecting those taking blood pressure medication?

The buy Provillus marketing team seems so keen on pitching the product that they even say ‘You don’t have to wait until there’s a problem to prevent it!’ But, then who would actually want to shell out hard-earned money or risk existing hair and overall health over a problem that hasn’t occurred, especially with a product that is relatively new and still needs proper documentation for ingredient listing and correct usage methods, including any clear contra-indications it may have?

For those looking to create beautiful, full-bodied hair, without the fear of side-effects or high costing herbal supplements, the true and tried natural hair loss treatment is Procerin. Click at to know healthy hair!

Side-Effects of Provillus

Hair loss in men and women can be due to a number of issues, such as natural aging, hereditary patterns, illness or inadequate hair care. While medical science reports that men often begin losing hair in their 20’s, it also says that this hair loss progresses more rapidly with aging – the primary reason that makes men want to try out herbal hair loss supplements like Procerin and Provillus. While there is nothing wrong with considering natural formulations of high quality herbs to prevent hair loss, the problem arises when the underlying cause of the hair loss is not determined and the user is not aware of the effects of Provillus and other new hair loss treatment options. With Procerin, these concerns do not stand as the product has necessary documentation, clear indications on label about ingredients used and their measures in the formulations, the website giving comprehensive information on the proper use of the hair loss supplement, Procerin and since it comes with an affordable price-tag, the effects of Provillus are rarely weighed against the true and tried, cost-effective Procerin.

The effects of Provillus, claim the manufacturers, are aimed at those men and women who have a natural growth cycle that their hair cannot keep up with and they suffer hair loss as a result of this. Provillus also aims at preventing the problem before it occurs, which is looked upon as an unnecessary expenditure on hair care products by many potential users of natural hair loss supplements like Procerin, which is aimed at being most effective for those men whose hair is still growing, but who may have thinning hair or a receding hairline. This means that the effects of Provillus need to begin with men who have no previous history of hair loss, recommended for use even before the problem is diagnosed -as a preventive measure, but then how many men would it really occur to, to use a product without any natural cause to believe they may need it? Not many, we guarantee. Therefore, basing needs on real requirements, men and women with falling hair issues need to ascertain for themselves the need for investing in a formula, natural and non-prescription as it may be, on not only effects of Provillus but the actual requirement for it.

Procerin is a proprietary blend of herbal, mineral, and vitamin components and has a rich and varied 17-ingredient natural formula that includes Saw Palmetto Berries, Gotu Kola, Nettles, Magnesium, Zinc Sulfate, Siberian Ginseng, Vitamin B-6, Pumpkin Seed Meal, CJ-11 Factor, CJ-9 Factor and Mura Puma Root to provide fast acting, safe and effective hair loss treatment, while Provillus is a relatively new product manufactured by Ultra Herbal for those suffering from hair loss and is yet to receive the all-clear from all users about effects of Provillus as a supplement. So, in conclusion, wouldn’t you as the informed consumer find Procerin more effective than Provillus, still in nascent stages and riddled with side effects of sleepiness and adverse reactions with blood pressure medications, when it does none of this and is affordable, effective and safe in reversing hair loss in men caused by androgenetic alopecia, the most common cause of male hair loss?

We are sure you would! Visit and let the product speak for itself – with a head full of healthy hair!

ingredients us
Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin that exists in three major chemical forms: pyridoxine, pyridoxal, and pyridoxamine. It performs a wide variety of functions in your body and is essential for your good health and hair growth. For example, vitamin B6 is needed for more than 100 enzymes involved in protein metabolism. It is also essential for red blood cell metabolism. The nervous and immune systems need vitamin B6 to function efficiently, and it is also needed for the conversion of tryptophan to niacin.

Biotin is part of the Vitamin B complex and is a vitamin supplement necessary for healthy hair, scalp and nails. Biotin will help with the condition of the hair and the scalp as well. Simply put…Biotin is Hair Food.

Magnesium is an essential mineral and plays an important role in energy metabolism, protein synthesis, neuromuscular transmission bone structure and hair growth.

Zinc is necessary for a healthy immune system, and is also of use in fighting skin problems such as acne, boils and sore throats. It is further needed for cell division, and is needed by the tissue of the hair, nails and skin to be in top form. Zinc is further used in the growth and maintenance of muscles.

Saw Palmetto acts by lowering DHT in the body and by blocking 5 alpha-reductase. Saw palmetto blocks the receptor sites on cell membranes that are required for the absorption of DHT. Since Saw palmetto blocks the use of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is a similar causative factor in Androgenetic Alopecia, it is a powerful herb in this hair growth formulation.

Nettle root blocks 2 enzymes, 5a-reductase, which makes the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and aromatase enzyme, which makes estrogens. Studies showed that nettle root extract was effective in inhibiting these 2 enzymes which was a leading cause of hair loss.

Gotu Kola is related to the and supports the integrity of hair growth, collagen and skin. It can help heal minor wounds and skin irritations, help ensure blood vessel integrity, and promote circulation throughout the body, including to the brain. A long-standing tonic rejuvenator, it is said to help concentration and memory.

Pumpkin (Cucurbita Maxima) The oil extract from pumpkin seeds is also a natural hair loss remedy that is believed to affect levels of testosterone in the body. The beneficial effects of pumpkin seed extract as a hair loss solution are still under investigation. It is thought that the extract affects the androgen levels of diseases and therefore may have an influence on the androgens that are responsible for hair loss.

Eleuthero Formerly Siberian Ginseng, (Glandular) is a member of the ginseng family, though it is of a different genus than other popular ginsengs such as the Panax variety. Along with other ginsengs, it has a long history of being used to help restore concentration, increase energy and promote healthy hair and nail growth.

Uva-Ursi soothes, strengthens, and tightens irritated & inflamed tissues. The herb neutralizes acidity in the urine, increasing urine flow, therefore reducing bloating & water retention, making it beneficial for hair growth.

Muria Puama plays an important role in energy metabolism, protein synthesis, neuromuscular transmission bone structure and hair growth for both men and women. Also help with stress management, nervous system stimulation, virility, and overall health.


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