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Har Vokse Hair Growth | Buy 100% Natural Supplement

Har Vokse Hair Growth is a 100% natural hair restoration treatment which has been clinically proven to prevent hair loss and stimulate the growth of thicker, stronger hair. 

The product has just been launched in the UK and features a dual formula made up of a topical spray and a course of supplements. 

Scientifically backed formulation

Unlike other hair restoration products, Har Vokse has the benefit of being backed up by serious medical research and testing, which proves it can make a significant improvement to hair growth.

Dr Erling Thom, a doctor and leading hair restoration expert, published a study in 2001 in the Journal of International Medical Research, which looked at the effect that a natural substance could have on hair growth. 

In the double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, thirty people were treated with the formula, and 33% were found to have improved hair growth over a six-month period. This study and formula formed the basis of the Har Vokse treatment available today, which has had the benefit of further refinements and testing over subsequent years of research. 


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How does Har Vokse work?

Har Vokse features a dual formula consisting of an oral pill containing marine proteins which trigger re-growth in the hair follicles and a spray to be applied to the hair, which stimulates hair growth and thickens and strengthens the hair.  

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Har Vokse also has the added benefit of having positive side effects on skin, hair and nail growth as it contains vitamins C, E, B-complex, grape seed extract and Zinc Gluconate, which all combine to improve blood flow and healing and growth. 

The natural spray contains Centella Asiatica, green tea and coffee bean extract, a combination proven in a study by Glasgow University to increase hair growth considerably.

The product has only recently been launched in the UK, but already the science behind Har Vokse is supported by many positive online reviews, which indicate that this product is already a serious player in the hair loss industry.

Key Benefits of Har Vokse

  •  Natural, 100% safe product with no side effects
  •  Increases hair thickness and quality
  •  Prevents further hair loss in men & women
  •  Stimulates growth of weakened and damaged hair
  •  Clinically tested and endorsed
  •  No need for prescription
  •  Affordable ‘at home’ treatment, no need to visit a clinic

Why use Har Vokse?

Hair loss can be a debilitating condition leading to depression, stress, and self-confidence issues. Many ineffective products are available which feed off peoples’ desperation to find a cure, only to disappoint. 

Refreshingly, Har Vokse signifies the advent of a product which can be used privately to produce genuine, long-term results without the need for expensive and painful surgical treatment. 

Other hair restoration products only produce short-term effects which wear off over time, not only wasting the consumer’s money but shattering the hopes of those who have invested in them. 

With Har Vokse, the clinical endorsement shows that it gives significant, sustainable hair re-growth over six months, as the dual action formula actually stimulates the body into naturally producing hair growth. 

Har Vokse Hair Growth

What Are People Saying About Har Vokse?

The majority of people who have tried Har Vokse claim it works. While many people do experience at least some hair growth within just a couple of months, others find that while the product thickens and strengthens their existing hair and does prevent further hair loss, actual hair regrowth is somewhat slow.

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Of course, how fast you do see results using this product is going to depend a lot on the condition of your scalp before you begin using this product. The poorer your scalp condition is initially, the longer it will take to see results, as it will take some time to get your scalp healthy once more.

However, this product has no known side effects, and most users felt that it was more effective than most hair regrowth products on the market at both preventing further hair loss and stimulating normal hair growth.


While not everyone sees the same hair regrowth at the same time, Har Vokse works at stopping hair loss fairly quickly and then stimulating hair regrowth slowly but surely over time.

Read Har Vokse Review for more information on how Har Vokse product help regrowth hair for best results.

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