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Patrick Stewart Hair

Patrick Stewart Hair | Star Trek Bald Actor Story

Patrick Stewart hair was perhaps the most famous thing about him, before been bald, but did you know that he shaved his head as an old man to hide is male pattern baldness? Bald celebrities like Patrick Stewart are much more common than you might think!

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The bald look has been fashionable since the dawn of time, and celebrities like Tom Hanks, Vin Diesel and bald Villains have made it cool in recent years. Whether you’re sick of your thinning crown, bald spot or just want to try something new, consider shaving your head bald and see how it feels! You might find it’s better than being thinning-haired!

Patrick Stewar

Patrick Stewart has been entertaining the masses since his breakout role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1987, appearing on television, stage, and the big screen ever since then. Throughout his long career, he’s garnered numerous awards including 2 BAFTA Awards, 2 Saturn Awards, 2 Golden Globe Awards, 1 Emmy Award, and of course an Academy Award (for Best Supporting Actor in 2007). One thing that you may not know about this accomplished actor though is that he started losing his hair in 1995

picture of patrick stewart with hair
picture of patrick stewart with hair

Patrick stewart with hair loss

When asked about male pattern baldness in an interview, Patrick Stewart shared his experience of suddenly hair loss through many difficulties going bald young at 19 of age and how he dealt with it. After struggling for years, he found peace once he accepted the new strands of hair coming in front of his forehead.

He talks about all the trouble he went through in the past, but also how difficult it is to find love, even when you’re not bald. However, he admits that his hair loss made it hard for him.

Patrick Stewart hairpiece

Stewart jokes about the trend of men shaving their heads when he said It was a nice thing for a while. But then I started seeing bald head people everywhere, and it really troubled me.

In an attempt to curb his insecurity about balding before he shaved it off, Patrick would wear a toupee to auditions and casting calls in the beginning of his career.

Patrick was convinced that his old toupee looked good, but he couldn’t back up his claim when the casting director at the National Theatre saw him auditioning in front of his idol — Lawrence Olivier.

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