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Norelco 5200 vs 9800

Norelco 5200 vs 9800 | Which Norelco Shavers is Better in 2023

The Philips Norelco 5200 vs 9800 series 5 are some of the most popular iterations of Phillips’ product line – above all else, their multigroom shavers became very popular with people around the world. Perhaps not quite as renowned (though still high-quality) was the Philips Norelco 9 series released at around the same time, which garnered a considerable number of good reviews from its users.

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Philips-Norelco has created many good shavers. You can choose between the Philips Norelco 5200, 5570, or 5750 if you’re looking for an entry-level shaver. There are also many great options for high-end shavers including the Philips Norelco 8900 which has some of the newest innovations from Phillips-Norelco such as SmartPrecision blades and AquaTec technology to keep your skin hydrated while shaving.

If you’re looking for the most recent models, then these are unquestionably the ones for you. Having taken a closer look at them, I can confidently say that there isn’t anything quite like them out there- I’ll cover what they have to offer as opposed to the original versions. Just know, though, that Norelco is always updating their products and discontinuing models, so don’t wait too long before making your decision.

Norelco 5200

The Norelco shaver has been out for a few years now, and many people seem to have problems with it. For one thing, you cannot charge it while still using it- this bothers a lot of people who are unable to use their shaver while waiting for the battery to power up again. There are plenty of reviews about this issue on Amazon if you would like more information.

A Better Alternative – The Norelco 5570

Philips Norelco 5100 electric shaver can be used wet or dry. Features an inner blade system that moves around contours of the face for a clean shave and its turbo power will capture longer hairs. Comes with a nose trimmer attachment.

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 5100 Wet & Dry, S5210/81, with Precision Trimmer

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Get the fastest shave possible with these luxurious features:

  • Our blades cut long and short hair, so you won’t need to worry about stubble after one use.
  • Our five precision blade system adjusts to every curve of your face, cutting even the densest areas faster than ever before.
  • The shaver head glides smoothly over the skin while it moves in multiple directions.

This isn’t just a trimmer you use in the shower. The Norelco 5570 is powerful enough to cut hair even without water or foam. With its Aquatec Technology, it cuts through even the most stubborn hairs with ease- no matter what condition they’re in.

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A closer look at this foil razor will reveal some more benefits. First off, it has a turbo setting that boosts its power output by an additional 20%. If you happen to have coarse hair, then this feature is sure to come in handy as it can tackle even the toughest beard with ease.

But foil shavers aren’t only good for dealing with thick hairs – because of how well they conform to your jawline or neck area, there’s less chance of missing patches and nicking yourself during shaving. Ear & Nose Trimmers help us out in these areas too!

There’s really no limit when it comes to what trimming jobs this razor handles – while we’re focused on grooming down below right now, we’ll touch back up on the ears and nostrils later, but we’ll cover everything else right now; taking care of all surfaces of your body for all-over grooming, so you never have to go through those uncomfortable tasks again!

Norelco 9800 – Discontinued

The Norelco 9800 wasn’t a bad shaver either, but it was discontinued by Philips. Though, I would recommend going for the newer Norelco 8900 instead!

Philips Series 9000 Wet and Dry Men's Electric Shaver S9711/31 with SmartClean Plus System & Beard Trimmer

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Norelco 8900

The Philips Norelco Shaver 8900 with Smart Clean, Rechargeable Wet/Dry Electric Shaver with Beard Trimmer Attachment, is designed for a smooth shave and has a cleaning station.

  • Philips Norelco Shaver 8900 is designed to keep you looking your absolute best.
  • The cutting heads contour perfectly to your face so that no hair goes untouched. Plus, the SmartClean system will keep it running at full capacity for years!
  • Enjoy perfection in every shave.
  • Uniquely designed blades cut up to 30% closer than any other shaver brand out there, delivering a clean and comfortable shave each time.
  • Not only do you save time, but also experience less bumps and irritation after each use thanks to an 8-directional cutting head that follows the shape of your facial features flawlessly!

Norelco 8900 is an upgrade to the previous models – the 5 series. The two are almost identical at first glance, but there are some distinctions between them. For instance, Norelco 8900 uses V-Track Precision Blades that give you a less irritating shave.

However, this may just be a warning sign of lower quality blades – so if you’re concerned about how it performs on long-term use then it might be worth investing in a higher-end model instead.

So, you might be wondering just how many features does this sleek and portable shaver has? Well, it turns out that there are a whopping eighteen different tools! Eighteen different shaving heads allow you to shape your beard to perfection.

The thing I love most about these little guys is that they are built so sturdily and durable – thanks to the stainless steel design- so there are no worries about them breaking when dropped on accident! Best of all? They’re completely waterproof, so washing them off after using them in the shower or bathtub will never be an issue again!

This is one of the top models for shaving and trimming; it’s hard to find anything better than this model. It isn’t cheap, though, so you’ll need to take care of it if you decide to buy it.

Conclusion – Norelco 5200 vs 9800

Regardless of which shaver you choose from this list, there are many benefits that each one provides. For example, the Dual-Precision blades found on both the 5570 and 8900 allow users to shave long hairs as well as short stubble – so no matter what length of hair or stubble you have, these two products will work perfectly for you. And because they come with a power cord/charging stand included in the package – your device will always be fully charged!

There are plenty of other shaver brands out there that you might want to look into, especially if the whole idea of a multi-groomer does not appeal to you. Here are some of the top alternatives for these models.
Other options;

  • Norelco 7200 vs 7300—It’s up to you which beard trimmer works best for your needs.
  • Norelco 2100 vs 3100—Find the best foil shaver for your budget.
  • Norelco 4100 vs 4500—There are plenty of great foil shavers on the market, so find one that suits you.

Two types of shavers work best for shaving – the 8900 and the 5570. The 8900 is a better quality product because it can also be used on your body while the 5570 is limited to just one specific area of use. However, if you do not have enough money, then there are other less expensive options available too.

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