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John Cena Bald

John Cena Bald | And New Hair Transplant May Shock You!

Is John Cena bald? Yes! Nearly every fan of (WWE) World Wrestling Entertainment has noticed that John Cena’s hairline has been receding at an alarming rate over the past year.

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John Cena has been one of the most successful wrestlers of all time and has made millions doing it (based on his net worth). Not many people know or notice John Cena’s bald spot when fighting, or at least partially bald! Contrary to popular belief, John Cena does have thin hair – or at least as much hair as he lets on! Here’s an in-depth look at John Cena’s hair loss.

John Cena bald

What? You might ask. John Cena is bald! According to Wikipedia and the incredible internet archive known as Google, it seems that John Cena has had long hair in the past and only cut it off this year to work for Vince McMahon’s big screen project, The Marine 3. However, if he wants to return to his earlier look, he has plenty of options available bald spot treatment or, should I say, growing new hair on his head–in the form of hair plugs or a complete hair transplant. Balding is the least of his worries if John Cena starts getting the follicle disease alopecia areata or male pattern baldness. That’s because he’ll need more than just a haircut-topical solution or a John Cena hair transplant for it.

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John Cena WWE

One of the better-known wrestlers in his occupation, John Cena, is a very successful WWE performer who has repeatedly used his talents to be a champion. Aside from his excellence in wrestling, however, Cena is also successful in other fields and life in general.

Before he became the star of the wrestling world he is today, John Cena was a terrific center for his college university. He played college football throughout his time on campus while maintaining his mindset of becoming a professional bodybuilder. Despite devoting time to all of those activities, Cena still found time to study enough to graduate with a degree in physiology.

Clear all along, however, was Cena�s future in wrestling. At the very beginning of his career, he was often pitted as the underdog and found himself on the losing end of many matches. By starting to rap rants about other wrestler�s shortcomings, however, he was soon able to gain himself a fan base and popularity. His rapping would come in handy a couple of years later when he released his first album featuring original hip-hop beats and raps with his cousin.

In the year 2004, before John Cena bald rumors started, he became really recognizable as he was able to win the US Championship on three different occasions, three short stints in which he lost the belt quickly. He also was able to film a movie, The Marine, during this year and had a very successful 2004.

The following month, John Cena finally became the WWE Champion by defeating JBL in a wrestling match. Although he was awarded the customary WWE Championship Belt, Cena chose to have his own belt built for the occasion. JBL managed to steal the actual Championship Belt in the process and forced a rematch out of Cena. This rematch would soon prove to be a bad idea for JBL, as Cena not only defended his title but also hit JBL with an exhaust pipe!

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The following year John Cena faced a change of scenery as he was drafted into the RAW league. After immediately forming rivalries with two wrestlers in RAW, Cena showed his dominance by defeating both of his rivals twice throughout the year in various matches. There were also many attempts to overthrow Cena�s reign as the champion, but all of them ultimately failed as Cena retained his belt throughout the year. He would finally lose his championship belt in early 2006 to Edge after defending it for 280 straight days! He would regain the title in only three weeks and still has it today.

As mentioned before, John Cena is the current WWE champion and is a symbol of excellence in the wrestling leagues today. When legend Eddie Guerrero passed away, he paid tribute to the fallen champion after a match by laying his championship belt on a shirt of Eddie�s. He is clearly one of the classiest, most talented wrestlers in the business, and it is very hard to imagine that changing anytime soon the way he is going currently!

Why do so many people think he’s bald?

John Cena has had a buzz cut and bald spot for years. In an interview with GQ, he said you need a zero-maintenance haircut. He also has less hair on his head than in the past, which makes people think he’s balding. But, John Cena’s bald spot, or not is always taking care of his hair.

Why is John Cena growing his hair?

While it might seem trivial, wrestling icon turned actor John Cena says he was afraid to grow out his short hair for a new movie role because he’s been very self-conscious about his thinning locks. Comedian Amy Schumer signed up to star alongside martial arts legend Jackie Chan in the summer’s new comedy/action film Project X-traction. She asked to have her signature crew cut altered for a different look in the movie.

John thought it was OK but admitted he didn’t like the idea. I’m very self-conscious about my hair, it’s very thin, and it’s beginning to develop a receding hairline (up at the top), but I’m like, ‘It’s OK, it’s fine. I’ll do it. Embrace the awkward.’ Recently, he had to fly to China for a photo shoot and immediately fly to Australia to compete in a WWE match. Fans in attendance at the event did not seem happy with his appearance.

I went to wrestle (in Australia) with this haircut, and the kids there looked at me like I ruined their childhood! he said. As pictures of John’s slicked-back hair began circulating online, the backlash intensified, and he was surprised by the number of insults he had received. “Man, I’ve been getting a lot of flak lately, it’s crazy!” he expressed on the Today show. “Everybody hates it.” He had planned to chop off the long locks as soon as filming wrapped, but now he is reconsidering since he wants to “stoke the fire” and show that his critics’ style opinions don’t bother him.

Experiencing backlash was a tremendous learning experience, he noted since it taught him how to deal with negativity. In honour of the start of his Elbow Grease promotional tour, John is particularly interested in using his hair criticism as a lesson for young fans struggling with cyberbullying. during the event, I’ll meet a lot of young readers, and they might have questions like, “Hey man, what do you think about bullying?” I can tell them, “Hey, I get bullied all the time!” John smiled.

John Cena hair transplant

John Cena has a bald spot, which made him decide to get a hair transplant, and now he’s back to his old self. Let’s take a look at this famous star’s story. John Cena is one of the most significant stars in WWE. The Cenation leader ruled the company for almost a decade until Brock Lesnar returned in 2014 and landed 16 suplexes on the Cenation leader.

Today, he is still an asset to WWE because his merchandise is in demand by his fans. His name is John. He was born on April 23rd, 1977, and is now 44 years old. Despite his age, he also maintains a great muscular body. Yet, like other male problems, John also started to suffer from hair loss problems. His frontal hairline is unchanged, but he began to thin his crown hairs due to hair loss. His bald spot was far less noticeable since he had short hair and wore a cap most of the time.

He returned in 2017 after a short break to promote his upcoming movie Bumblebee, but the length of his hair had grown, and the bald spot on the top of his head could be seen clearly.
The fame of his Hollywood career means that he must maintain his appearance. John Cena seems to have had a hair transplant to cover his hair loss in the crown area he underwent in 2017-2018.

It is also believed that John Cena grew his hair long to cover the patch mark of the donor area. This was seen in 2019 when he teamed up with Becky Lynch to take on Andrade and Zelina Vega.


Bald John Cena conclusion case, I know you are wondering how to find out more about John Cena’s baldness. I thought you would never ask. Well, let me break it down for you like this: 

John Cena’s new look: Searching on Google will probably be a helpful start. If they’ve changed his hair colour to brown or his hairstyle might adjust after his hair transplant, there may be articles discussing why and how. Reports about what he eats could be helpful, too, because he is health conscious, which could help prevent him from balding prematurely.

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