Jeff Bezos With Hair and Why is Jeff Bezos bald

Jeff Bezos With Hair | (Why is Jeff Bezos Bald?)

You’ve probably seen photos of Jeff Bezos with hair, the founder of Amazon, and lately without hair on the internet. If you’re like most people, you were curious to find out why is Jeff Bezos bald and decided to shave his head in the first place.

While there aren’t many solid answers to this question, we can guess that one of the main reasons was to make himself stand out more as an entrepreneur and businessperson.

Why is Jeff Bezos Bald?

To be sure, we don’t even know the causes of Jeff Bezos’s hair loss! It might be due to genetics, or it could be the result of a very stressful professional life running Amazon. But many people speculate that this is because he has alopecia- an autoimmune disorder that can cause permanent hair loss all over the body – though he does not show other symptoms associated with this disease. And either way, even if he suffers from alopecia, it doesn’t explain why his head is so pale in comparison to others who suffer from it.

Whatever the case, hair transplants didn’t really take off until the 1980s or 1990s, but it was too late for Jeff Bezos who had already begun losing his hair in those areas – which was also his donor area (generally, the back and sides of the head where most follicles are taken).
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Maybe Jeff Bezos bald looks great

There is nothing wrong with being bald, and many a bare head can be a great look (especially when worn with a tailored suit, an expensive watch, and to be honest – even an airplane!).
After all, his broadly smiling face and bald scalp are both familiar features of him and big reasons for him becoming well-known even before losing his hair.

In fact, if he showed up to the boardroom wearing Fonzie now people would find it really strange!
Another truth we need to take into consideration is that there is another billionaire who has lived just as much in the public eye who went bald yet now has some luxurious hair: Yes Elon Musk is balding.

Jeff Bezos with hair transplant would look like

Jeff Bezos With Hair and Why is Jeff Bezos bald

It’s not surprising why Jeff Bezos didn’t get a hair transplant when he needed one. The only problem is that he didn’t have enough hair in the first place. It would’ve been nearly impossible for any hair specialist to extract 3000 follicles from his scalp. There just wasn’t enough But, he does deserve credit for keeping his bald head shaven.

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