is norwood 2 balding

Is Norwood 2 Balding

So you’re concerned about is Norwood 2 balding because you’re losing hair from your front hairline and believe you’re in Norwooding stages of balding or have been diagnosed with male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness by your hair doctor.

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I will show you a Norwood scale real pictures, so you have an idea of everything you need to know about the Norwood 2 phases stages of balding in this article, including what you can do at early balding stage 2 to avoid further hair loss. 

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norwood scale real pictures

Is Norwood 2 regarded as Baldness?

No, doctors, clinicians, and surgeons don’t consider Norwood 2 as balding this is a small early sign of balding in which the hairline is fully mature (or adult).

Some men’s hairlines recede from temples front of the head on NW 2 in their early 20s. Common signs include M shape, triangular, and often symmetrical.

To better understand What is Norwood 2, here are examples of a real picture.


norwood 2 example

Causes of Norwood 2 Crown Balding

While there can be many reasons for hair loss, such as stress, disease, and pharmaceuticals, the Norwood scale focuses on male pattern baldness stages, which is one of the most prevalent.

Male-pattern baldness, also known as Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA), is a kind of hair loss that occurs over time.

Pattern hair loss is more prevalent in men, but it may also happen in women, but the pattern is somewhat different.

To treat hair loss effectively, you must first understand what causes it in the first place.

How to Treat a NW2 Hairline

The real news is that if you’re in stage 2, your hair loss hasn’t advanced to the point where it’s difficult to reverse its consequences.
Instead, you’re in an excellent position to halt hair loss and promote the growth of healthy hair.


Stimulating hair follicles and eliminating DHT from your scalp are the two most important aspects of this process.

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