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How To Grow Hair Without Biotin

How To Grow Hair Without Biotin | 4 Ways Proven You Can In 2023

The question never stops, how to grow hair without biotin? There are many vitamin supplements out there that can help improve your nails, skin, and hair growth. The majority have massive quantities of biotin. Finding a quality multivitamin supplement that doesn’t contain vast amounts of biotin is nearly impossible to grow long natural hair without biotin.

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Although it is safe in high doses, some people may be afflicted by biotin side effects like breakouts from acne, increased body hair, and head hair growth.

In this case, one of the biotin side effects is increased hair growth, which is good.

But, even though almost every multivitamin is free of biotin (without biotin), a handful has less than 30 milligrams (100 percent RDA). Multivitamin that excludes biotin is much lower than the numerous products for hair growth that can contain more than 5000 mg!

In addition to supplements, I would take the time to read “It Really Works Vitamins Reviews,” an article on how to boost hair growth.

The consumption of sufficient vitamins is essential to ensure good hair health.

Biotin is a must to stay healthy (it’s vital). I’ve found one multivitamin containing the minimum amount required for a healthy lifestyle. It’s even possible to take a small portion which will provide you with half of your daily recommended allowance. Sounds perfect, right!?

What’s the issue with biotin?

Biotin is well-known for causing acne cysts in a few people. That’s why some consider growing hair without biotin. The side effects will stop after continued use, but it’s painful to see acne, and no one would want to suffer through it.

It’s a good thing that supplementing with zinc is one alternative for hair growth without biotin, a method to avoid breakouts from acne. The topic has been discussed for a long time on forums for hair loss, but this isn’t very popular.

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Read about Kiier biotin gummies reviews in this article; no one complains about the struggle with acne and growing back natural hair without biotin.

Hair growth supplements without biotin

Below are a few of the best hair growth supplements and vitamins without biotin I recommend you try  these biotin hair growth alternatives. They can be taken together to achieve the best results.

#1. Naturelo one daily supplement for females –designed for hair skin and nails without biotin

hair vitamins without biotin

This Vitamin supplement was created specifically for women. It includes all the essential minerals and vitamins needed to support hair development, strong nails, and a radiant complexion.

Although it contains biotin, the amount is only 100 percent RDA. It is nothing more or less than the amount you require to stay healthy.

This is what differentiates it from nearly every other hair product available. It’s also why it’s more likely to not cause harmful side effects.

I highly recommend you give this one a go.

It’s well-balanced and has a decent amount of zinc. Zinc is highly effective in preventing acne breakouts caused by biotin, as well as hair loss due to zinc deficiencies.

The supplement also includes an organic mix of vegetables and fruits that provide vital phytonutrients that enhance health.

Read reviews and cost.

#2. Tocotrienol (vitamin E) for healthy skin and hair loss

hair growth pills without biotin

 Vitamin E, also known as (tocopherol or alpha-tocopherol) , is an essential nutrient that fights free radical damage that could destroy collagen and cause hair loss. Tocotrienols are 40 to 80 times more effective than normal tocopherols in many multivitamins.

Tocotrienol supplementation has been shown in studies conducted in clinical research to boost hair growth and reduce male pattern baldness caused by DHT. One study revealed that hair growth was increased by as much as 50% within just eight months after men began taking tocotrienols! [1].

This supplement is not exclusively for males. Women, too, can suffer from hair loss due to excessive androgens as they age, leading to general hair loss.

Tocotrienols are a distinct type of vitamin E that is very difficult to obtain from the diet.

Read reviews and the current cost.

#3. Vitamin D3 and vitamin B12 hair supplement

vitamins without biotin

If you’re vegetarian or vegan, consuming sufficient B12 is vital for maintaining healthy hair and skin.

The amount of vitamin D you consume is also vital. One of the primary reasons for hair loss for women and men is the deficiency in vitamin D.

Unfortunately, even those who reside in sunny parts of the world may experience it because of working in a cubicle or simply not getting enough sunlight to expose their skin.

This supplement made of vegan ingredients contains 1100 IU of Vitamin D3 extracted from lichens (plant-based) and 250 mg of vitamin B12.

Review and prices.

#4. Vegan CoQ10 for men as well as women

How To Grow Hair Without Biotin

 CoQ10 is a potent vitamin-like antioxidant that aids in reducing free radical damage. It is also a critical factor in the production of energy and metabolism.

As we age, the levels of testosterone decrease, and this may cause aging of the skin and hair follicles.

Research has shown that Q10 can not only help slow the signs of aging on the appearance of the skin, but it can also boost the expression of various keratins, especially in the ones less prominent due to age 22.

CoQ10 is also extensively used in formulations for hair and skin. Therefore, you may consider using an enriched Q10 hair care product with this supplement.

Read reviews and the current cost.

Essential nutrients for hair growth, skin, and nails

To look the best you can, You must provide your body the highest nutrition possible.

Your diet is the most important thing you consume.

Most nutrients are found in your diet, but we also consume supplements to improve our complexion, increase hair growth, improve shine, and strengthen hair.

What nutrients should we be taking?

The following nutrients have been found as necessary and those that are often lacking in their diets.

  • Vitamin A
  • B Vitamins
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Iodine
  • CoQ10

Specific individuals are vulnerable to multiple deficiencies that could cause brittle hair, dry skin, and slow growth of hair.

For instance, vegetarians or vegans are often deficient in iron, zinc, Iodine, and B vitamins like B12, B6, and Vitamin D. Deficiency in any of these could significantly slow hair growth. I have written an article on growing long hair following a vegan diet I would recommend that you go through (even non-vegans may be able to benefit from it!)

A lot of hair products contain these nutrients along with phytonutrients, probiotics, and omega-3 fats, which will provide you with a further increase.

Frequently asked questions

These are just a few of the frequent questions on forums and messages I’ve received about vitamin supplements for the skin and hair.

How long after taking supplements will I see results?

Improvements aren’t always instantaneous, but it could take weeks or even months before you can see an improvement.

Hair goes through cycles where it grows, stops, falls, and then increases again. Weak hair can often fall out and replace more robust hair in a few months. This is often observed in those suffering from hair loss.

Improvements to your skin will show quicker. Skin cells are rapidly divided, and you’ll see a change within one month.

How many supplements can you take a day?

The listed supplements can be combined, and there is no reason to avoid them. If you’re taking any other accessories, read the labels to ensure that you’re not taking too much of any vitamin.

If you’re vegan, B12 or vitamin D3 might not be needed.

What are the side effects of too much biotin?

They contain natural ingredients that you could find in your diet but in more significant amounts. A common side effect of multivitamins is that your urine can turn bright yellow.

It is not harmful and is due to the number of B vitamins they are in the urine.

Always study the ingredients if you are allergic to certain foods or common allergens.

How do you know if your multivitamin is working?

If you’re suffering from problems with your nails, skin, or hair issues that aren’t improving even after taking supplements, you need to talk with your physician to determine the possible reasons.

Make sure your diet is nutritious and supplement with supplements to make up for any deficiencies in your diet.


A beautiful appearance is something everyone wants. Vitamin supplements designed to enhance the condition of our skin and hair growth can have a significant impact when used in conjunction with a balanced diet.

If you are thinking about how to grow hair without biotin. I can tell you that finding vitamin supplements that don’t contain biotin is a challenge. However, multivitamins such as Naturelo offer only the daily recommended allowance, which makes it very unlikely to trigger the same issues high-dose biotin supplements could cause.

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