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Hair Transplant Success Stories | My Experiences Journey

If you want information about hair transplant options, please visit this website It contains valuable information, including before and after photos, hair transplant success stories, and qualified surgeon listings about hair loss and hair transplant procedures. 

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My hair transplant story and why I got one:

My balding started when I was 21. My hairline started to thin rapidly, as well as the crown area. It destroyed my self-confidence to the point that I never went out. It was totally devastating; I never looked in the mirror or went to clubs with my friends. My entire social life collapsed. 

Since I wanted my hairline back and knew that no products on the market would work in that area, I looked into hair transplants. I knew surgery could be effective, but I had to find a doctor with advanced skills and procedures to give me an excellent result. 

After months of researching a hair transplant in Turkey, European countries (UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy), and around the world, I made an appointment with HairPros. We discussed my options in great detail. I was really impressed with his knowledge about hair loss in general. 

I was happy that HairPros, offered the two most advanced hair transplants. His work is impeccable and uses the most advanced dense packing techniques available. HairPros gave me my life back! I am no longer bald, and Propecia has stopped the balding process in the crown.

I am now pursuing a university degree, something that would not have been possible when I was bald because I lacked confidence. Look at my results and see how happy I am. This was the best decision I ever made. I would not trust my hair to anyone else. Period!

Hair transplant surgery date: June 15, 2022

I arrived at his office promptly at 8:00 a.m. We talked about the frontal hairline and discussed the number of grafts needed. On the day of my surgery, HairPros agreed that I should receive 2200 grafts (4400 hairs). This would give me above-average density and coverage. 

The Dr. artistically showed me the outline of my new hairline and how he would close my temple angles. This would give me back my youthful look. He created the perfect “jagged” hairline, which is what naturally occurs in nature. Most doctors will place your hairline too high or give you a “u” shape, which I think looks horrible. HairPros, hairlines look natural. That’s why I choose them as my hair transplant surgeon. HairPros also specializes in temple angles, which is what I wanted done to frame my face. 

The surgeon froze the donor area in the operating room and started to remove the donor strip. Once this was complete, he passed the strip to his technicians for harvesting. The technicians then took the strip and dissected each hair one at a time using high-powered microscopes. Harvesting each hair using high-powered microscopes is the “gold” standard in hair transplant surgery. Unfortunately, not many clinics do it. 

The frontal hairline was then frozen, and HairPros made each recipient hole where the hairs would go. This is done with great precision and artistic skill. Under the supervision of the HairPros surgeon, the technicians then started inserting the grafts one at a time. HairPros uses the lateral slit method or fine needles (depending on the patient), ensuring that the grafts are at the correct angle. This entire process took well over seven hours. I was kept very comfortable by the staff and watched a few movies. 

Once the grafts were implanted and completed, it was time to look at my new hairline! I was totally thrilled! I could not stop looking in the mirror. The Dr. then talked to me about the post-up care and told me that I should see him in the morning for a follow-up visit. 

When I returned home, I could not stop looking at my new hairline. It was so amazing. I slept well, returned to the office the following day, and removed the bandages. Then, all I had to do was wait. It would take a full year to see my final hair transplant results. But in the end, it was worth it! 

What I experience after my hair transplant:

My hair transplant experiences I had from my doctor’s. It shows what you will experience after your FUSS procedure with HairPros (the procedure I had). 

Next day
2-6 days
1 Week
2 Weeks
2-8 Weeks
2-4 Months
3-6 Months
5-10 Months
8 Months
8-12 Months
1 Year
1-2 Years

You can visit HairPros‘s website for more hair transplant success stories and information.

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